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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Secret Tryst

One of the controversial activities that attractive female celebrities allegedly get involved in is accompanying wealthy men in their dealings, be it for pleasure or for business. The escort service can have various connotations. On the one hand, female celebrities can be with clients just for companionship in events and the like. On the other hand, female celebrities give physical services if the price is right.

Nonetheless, no female celebrity would admit to being into the escort service blatantly. Usually, denials will be given not just to protect the career of the female celebrity, but also that of the client. Most of the clients are married and wealthy. Thus, hints of scandal can definitely ruin their reputation.

These days, Appealing Actress (AA) is between jobs. After her last project did not exactly do as expected, not much was heard from her. When AA was discovered in a top show of a network, she showed promise and seems to be headed to becoming famous. However, things did not turn out that way, as new talents were given priority.

So what is AA up to these days? Rumors have it that Wealthy Politician (WP) has been smitten by the looks and charm of AA. WP approached an Industry Expert (IE) to find a way to get close to AA. IE, who is fond of WP, did everything to “book” AA. However, the meeting did not take place locally. Allegedly, WP arranged for a private trip to favorite tourist destination with AA privately.

As no one would suspect that AA would be involved in such activity, sources indicate that WP and AA were indeed in the same destination at the same time. No photo of the two could be found, as that would be the smoke for a fiery scandal. Will this meeting lead to a relationship between the two? If indeed AA becomes a constant companion of WP, then she would not have much need for the income coming from her career, which has not really taken off.

‘In all secrets there is a kind of guilt, however beautiful or joyful they may be, or for what good end they may be set to serve. Secrecy means evasion, and evasion means a problem to the moral mind.’ - Gilbert Parker

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  1. Replies
    1. Bilis mo nmn baks clue nmn jan?

    2. what top show of the network did A come from?

    3. eh di ung katatapos lang from KaH.

    4. A was not discovered in a top show.

  2. This is J. The nega airhead starlet.

  3. Replies
    1. what was the top show of the network where she was discovered and what was her last project (meaning it already ended) that did not exactly do as expected?

  4. No idea who, but go lang ng go used ur face and body and then wait for the karma kasi may pamilya ka sinasaktan.

  5. A of KaH. I wish good things for her. She is supporting her family. She is also a good person

  6. AA = Y, kaF WP = A IE = L, kaH

  7. but A is not from a top show. Hindi kilalang show ang pinanggalingan nya

  8. cheesy... Hmmm clues pa



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