Friday, August 25, 2017

The Newest Interactive Pets are Looking for a Home!

These new, cute, and interactive chubby pets, which you no longer have to feed, do certainly exist and are looking for a home. Spinmaster, the creator of famous interactive toys such as Hatchimals, Minecraft and Paw Patrol releases another classic, adorable piece, which is the Chubby Puppies! Babysitting your pet has never been this fun, easy and safe for your kids. Something is surely up for dog and animal lovers out there as Chubby Puppies have several dog breeds that you can choose from.

Having a hard time adopting and taking care of as much dogs as you want? Worry no more as you and your kid can now build your own little heaven of cute little chubby puppies together! These little chubby pets come in plenty of dog and even cat breed designs packaged in single packs and even play sets. From Chihuahua, Husky, Terrier, German Sheperd, Beagles, Persian cats and many more, these chubby pet toys can actually walk and wobble like actual pets.

Each single pack puppies already include their cute tiny treats such as a bone, a rubber ducky, bacon, and a lot more. You may also choose to expand your sweet little heaven of dogs by bringing home one of their play sets such as the Fun Center play set which includes a bathtub, mirrored-walls, a swing and even an elevator! Start collecting now and make sure to drop by at your nearest toy store and get yourself a new pet-friend with Chubby Puppies.

Chubby Puppies are exclusively distributed by Europlay Distributor Co., and are available in leading toy stores nationwide. To learn more about our products, visit our Official Facebook Page @RichwellClub and website at



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