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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Insta Scoop: Dennis Trillo Proud of Drumming Skills of Son

A post shared by Dennis Trillo (@dennistrillo) on
Image and Video courtesy of Instagram: dennistrillo


  1. Hala ang laki na ni Calix binatilyo na. Pwede na sya magbest man sa kasal nila ni Jen.

  2. If I were the parent, I would have commented "Well done" or "You did great" or "Good job" imbes na "Not bad". Doesn't sound right to me.

    1. Ang kaso hindi ikaw ang magulang.

    2. How to raise millennials 101. Haha. There's nothing wrong with calling "not bad" if not bad and "spectacular" if indeed spectacular. Kids should grow up recognizing things as is. They should not be used to hearing exaggerated praises by parents because they will only grow up to be entitled brats.

    3. not bad means need p improvement pag sinabi mo good job hanggang doon na lang and you are painting a false success on child's mind. ikaw siguro ganun you like cherries pero sa iba mas maganda motivation un totoong feedback. nasa level of relationships yan if you always feign affection it means no trust.



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