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Monday, October 1, 2012

Lovin My Bags

In 2006, Lovin My Bags was created to meet the need for leather care specifically designed for handbag leathers. It is the first ever system that specializes in cleaning and restoration of luxury handbags in the world.

Barbara Crouthamel in collaboration with her husband, Gary, a leatherologist with 35 years of experience in leather restoration, repair and conservation, developed leather restoration systems and products specifically for luxury handbags

Lovin My Bags is the only Company in the world that creates leather care products and services exclusively for luxury handbags.

Lovin My Bags Philippines provides the following services: cleaning, full restoration, restoration of handles and corners, oil and waterproofing, oil extraction, edging work.


Lovin My Bags launched its proprietary leather care products for the maintenance of leather designer handbags. These were created with natural and organic ingredients that are safe for most delicate leathers, including unfinished leathers and exotics. The products are backed by professional leather restoration services, which Lovin My Bags Philippines provide.

The products come as a convenient “Handbag Care Kit” which includes three essential products for complete maintenance and care. This includes: 1. A cleanser that works to remove stains and stubborn dyes before they seep deep inside the leather. 2. A moisturizer to maintain the delicate and soft finish of the leather. 3. A protection that acts as a repellent against oil and water and also prevents dyes from entering the leather.

Products are available for retail at Lovin My Bags Philippines at # 20-21 Greenhills Towncenter, #2 Granada Street, Brgy. Valencia, Quezon City.

Last week, I sent my Hermes Haute a Courroie and Sac Kelly Relax to Lovin My Bags for some tender love and care. Let me share some of the before and after photos with you:

Before Photos                                       After Photos

Price Guide for Services:
Louis Vuitton
Cleaning (Small to Medium bags) – Prices start at P2,200
Cleaning (Large bags or Bigger) – Prices start at P2,500
Cleaning with Restoration (Small to Medium bags) – Prices start at P2,800
Cleaning with Restoration (Large bags or Bigger) – Prices start at P3,200

Other Designer Bags
Cleaning (Small to Medium bags) – Prices start at P1,200
Cleaning (Large bags or Bigger) – Prices start at P1,500
Cleaning with Restoration (Small to Medium bags) – Prices start at P4,200
Cleaning with Restoration (Large bags or Bigger) – Prices start at P5,500
Handles and Corners – Prices start at P3,600

Price Guide for LMB Products:
Handbag Care Kit (set of 3) – P4,250
So Natural Cleanser – P1,650
So Natural Moisturizer – P1,650
So Natural Protection – P1,650
Beauty & Shine Cleanser – P1,650
Beauty & Shine Moisturizer – P1,650
Beauty & Shine Protection – P1,650
Most Delicate Cleanser – P1,650
Most Delicate Moisturizer – P1,650
Most Delicate Protection – P1,650
Vachetta Kit (set of 3) – P3,250
Bye Bye Dye – P1,050
Miracle Sheild – P1,050
Patent Leather Polish & Cleaner – P1,050
Shine Restore – P1,050
For Handles Only – P1,050 


  1. this is very helpful, you are tops FP in everything, love your blog :)

  2. wow thanks fp this is a big help!

  3. thanks fp for posting this. especiall the prices :)

  4. Thank you fp!! Dis is very helpful:)

  5. Thank you fp! Brought my bags there after i read this :)

  6. nagrerepair kaya sila ng sirang hawk bags? i'm lovin my hawk bag kasi eh.

  7. Thanks FP.. How about chanel kaya? meron din? many thanks :) .. God Bless

  8. Meron din clang chanel restoration...lalo for lambskin....although sa vachetta kasi, nakakatulong din na bumili ng razoplast by works for my speedy....
    -parloristang tomboy

  9. Thanks for the informative post!

  10. Can u give me the nearest landmark/location of loving bags.. Tnx

  11. how much pa-repair ng secosana bags??? LOL!!!

  12. Good idea,i like it very much, i am also having 20 years old leather bag,but i can't use because its color dry.



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