Monday, March 5, 2012

Clearly Not Abandoning

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When her contract expired, the press played up the story that this actress (A1), who's the daughter of a once popular dramatic actor, will be signing up with a rival network. Kibitzers were saying that A1 would follow the others who made the move. Yet, other comments said this ploy was a way to entice the old network to offer a bigger contract. The other press releases said A1 felt she was given less priority as the network favors the actress who often fails in manner-testing incidents (A2), a teeny-bopper whose recent movie will be shown abroad (A3), and another teeny-bopper who started as a finalist in the talent show for kids of the network (A4). Then, here’s the niece (A5) who always gets good projects.

The recent press release said A1 would be moving. Wait a minute!

After negotiations, A1 will stay after all. Her staying also means not leaving her boyfriend all alone in the old network. Within the next few days, A1 will be signing a multi-million deal spread out in a number of years with her old network. The old network’s offer is bigger than the offer of the other station. Incidentally, could the resignation of some executives of the network be another reason why A1 decided to stay? Who do you think are A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, and the boyfriend?


  1. Ah... The girl with a rose on her ear--Pinay version. :)
    Oo nga, akala ko talaga lilipat siya.

    --The B

  2. A1 -Rosalinda
    A2 -Marimar
    A3 -Tweenhearts DOLL
    A4 -Bungisngis
    A5 -Di ko knows.
    Boyprend - From the family of stars.

    1. A5-My kontrabida girl..hehehe..kumpletuhin na natin..

    2. A5 is the babaeng kontrabida

    3. Galing mo teh! Swak lahat. Yes, A5 is Kontrabidagirl. :)

    4. galing mo teh, di ko na kailangang magisip. Next BI pls...

  3. A1 - Yung dating nagpost ng comment dito LOL
    A2 - Si Marimar! Basta manner-testing incident, alam na.
    A3 - Yung tweenie na may ka-loveteam at laging napapabalitang maldita
    A4 - Si BB na ka-tweenie ni A3
    A5 - Si Kontrabida Girl

    Boyfriend - Anak ng 2 famous celebs (actress-director as his mom and a dramatic actor from a well-known clan as the dad)

    Daming cast of characters, gosh. Kapagod! Haha!

    1. galing mo! certified kapuso! :)

    2. PAK! Ikaw na!

    3. At 8:14pm, hindi naman, certified chismosa lang ako! Hahaha! :)

  4. ay si ano ito, nasa my neighbors wife! (A1)
    eto naman si silent scream (A5)
    teka wait pa ko ng ibang comments, hehehe!


  5. A2 - one of the most beautiful actress around the globe but palengkera raw
    A4 - i think ito yung magaling sa wushu
    A5 - of course none other the "favorite pamangkin"
    eto palang ang kaya kong hulaan...

  6. is this the girl wearing a rose in her hair?

  7. Halatang kapuso sila. Dahil jan di ko sila kilala sa name... Labanan to ng mga jejemon

    1. Correct!!! Bwahahahaha!

    2. ikaw na sosyal!!

    3. wagas ang tawa ko dito

    4. Got me there! Really funny!

  8. ang hirap nman fp

  9. si A3 eh ang dyowa ni Doorbell !


  10. kung aagawin mo ang langit

  11. my guesses are :

    A1- Leading lady ni Asyong
    A2- Amaya
    A3- young Jodi ( Stairway to heaven)
    A4- Alice Bungisngis
    A5- Silent Scream
    Boyfriend - son of Dian Lamitan

  12. C.A is A1
    Palengkera A2
    kotrabida girl A5
    A3 & A4 the two bagets jejeteens

  13. A1-Rosalinda
    A5-Scandal girl
    A3 & A4- no idea coz we only got TFC
    BF-frm a known showbiz clan
    :) good nite!

  14. A1 - si calendar girl ng isang alak brand at nagbida sa magic palayok
    A2 - si palengkera
    A3 - ?
    A4- ?
    A5 - ang babae nagpa abs
    Boyfriend - kapartner ni A1 sa magic palayok


  15. i think A1 is "ay, amor!" siya lang naman ang lilipat ng ibang network na may maiiwang boyfriend. if ever.

  16. A1 - Ellery Martinez
    A2 - My Beloved
    A3 - Every girl's favorite doll
    A4 - Nakaka-turn off ang bungisngis
    A5 - Silent Scream
    Boyfriend - Josh Ledesma

  17. a1 is pee-j.a2 is doorbell's gf.a3 n a4 malabo.a5 is kg!!n the bf is gwaping mestizo!!

  18. rosalinda ay amor. i think her showbiz bf is gay though.

  19. eto po ba ung may movie na black and white last year? si A1

  20. A1- Court of Appeals
    A2- Maryang Ilog
    A3-Doll Forte
    A4-Babaeng Nene
    bf- Guy Angkanman
    *may tama naman di ba FP?*

  21. A1-Cash Advance
    A2-standing oblation
    A3-sikat na manyika
    BF-General Elctric

  22. A1 - ay amor!
    A2 -
    A3 -
    A4 -
    A5 - the niece! alam na!
    BF - anak ng dating aktor at aktres/direktor

  23. Hindi naagaw ni A1 ang langit.

  24. a1 is rosalinda
    a2 is marimar
    dunno a3 nd a4

  25. Isa sa pinaka magandang mukha ng GMA

  26. this is easy as 123....

    A1 - rosalinda
    A2 - marimar
    A3 - doll, partner ni Ken
    A4 - BB, bungisngis
    A5 - the niece of I H....also the ex of twister fries
    BF - G... joshua of Lega

    --- popsicle ---

  27. Lol, it's so difficult to guess when it's from the heart network. Never was a fan of their shows, haha.

  28. A2 ang taga-dagat na lumunok ng bato,A3 si manyika, A4 ang bumubungisngis na may walis, A5 kamag-anak noong kareresign pa lang. Si BF, yung kamag-anak niya may show na ilo-launch mamaya sa same station din.

  29. A1- rosalinda
    A2- psychology
    A3& A4-i dont know
    A5- kontrabida niece

  30. Wild guess, is this Ellery?

  31. A1- C daughter of P
    A2- M
    A3- B
    A4- B2
    A5- R

  32. Rosalinda...
    Other people involved are Amaya,Alice,and that Barbie girl. I don't know who is the bf though.

  33. A1 - babae ng hari ng tondo
    A2 - babae sa tagna, may kapid ahas?
    A3 - brand ng manika
    A4 - beh...nene pa talaga sya kaya teeny bopper!
    A5 - silent scream!
    si VJ sa dating network haha

    ang dali naman :)

  34. A1 - Rosalinda, A2 miss psychology, A3 no idea, A4 namamasko po (not sure though), A5 kontrabida girl. The
    Boyfriend is Fernando Jose.

  35. A1 - c Rosalinda
    A2 - c Marimar
    A3 - c Nita Negrita
    A4 - c Alice Bungisngis
    A5 - c Lalola
    at ang bf - c Josh...

    1. eto ang pinaka da best na clue

  36. Easy! All are from the coheart stn

    A1 - C who peddled roses in her launching remake teleserye. Gf of g and daughter of R

    A2 - M, the epic failure in manners Gf of doorbell

    A3 - B the namesake of a famous doll. The chinita favored tween actress

    A4 - B another favorite tween actress who was a finalist in a dream believe survive reality contest.

    A5 - R the kontrabata girl

    Bravo to A1 and her manager's successful negotiating tactics. They got what they wanted, moneywise atleast. 

  37. Super wild guess!

    A1: Rosalinda
    A2: Meynteyned Darna
    A3: Bambi
    A4: Magic broom girl
    A5: Kontrabida Girl
    Boyfriend: Fernando Jose

    Am I right? Not sure kasi I'm a Kapamilya, lol!

  38. A1, is C.A. d daughter of pj a, a2 -barbie doll, a3 s Alice b., a3 Is d kontrabida g.

  39. ayyy si BF nalimutan ko anak sya ni LAMITAN :))

  40. Si tanduay calendar model?

  41. A1 - Rosalinda
    A2 - Dyesebel
    A3 - Manyika
    A4 - Double B? (I'm not sure)
    A5 - The girl involvng a video scandal with M
    The bofriend of A1- Josh

  42. A1 - ROSALINDA
    A2 - DARNA
    A3 - GF NI KEN
    A4 - DA WHO?
    A5 - DA WHO?
    BOYFRIEND - MACHETE? Not sure. ;) Weeee!

  43. Ang kilala ko lang ay si A1 at A5. Si A1, ay yung "binigyan ng time sarili nya para makapgisip ng maayos if lilipat b or hindi". Sya rin ay gf ng anak ng super sikat n actress- director. Si A5 ay ex ng isang "emo dj". Guys, sinu-sino sina A2 A3 at A4?

  44. A1 - Cake Amiss A2 - Amaya, A3 - KB, A4- Starstruck kid,A5 - ung may - lahi ng mga Magagaling umarte..

  45. forgot to post the BF.:))
    BF- G son of G

  46. ito po ba ay gf na dating kafamily na leading lady ng isang black and white movie last year

  47. Ka heart itong mga to. Si A1 yong actress nag nagsasabi na may offer nga siya from others and may naka encounter na press di ba. Yong bf niya yong Legacy fiancee. Tama ba? A2 is the Queen of roost these days. Siya yong magaling mag English A3 yong nasa the road na international na nga daw. A4 di ko siya kilala..AT si A5 yong scandal ridden pamangkin yong MIA these days kahit sa presscon ng movie niya. TAMA BA?

  48. A1 - Careful Answers
    A2 - Manner's Rude
    A3 - Baby Fort
    A4 - Just Another Singing Joy
    A5 - Rested for being Raunchy
    BF - Good-Faced

  49. A1 - huge legs
    A2 - pretty but tamed version of acid - tonqued Miriam
    A3 & A4 - no idea
    A5 - Silent Scream
    Bf of A1 - the only member in showbiz' acting royalty who do not know how to act - to this day!

    1. utang na loob, wag mo compare si Miriam kay M na reyna ng kamuning! very intelligent si Miriam! war freak nga lang, ung reyna ng kamuning war freak lang, maganda naman sya in fairness...daanin na lang sa ganda, wag na magsalita...

  50. A1 - nag-appear sa shake, rattle & roll punerarya.
    A2 - byutipul! psychology!
    A3 - ka-namesung niya yung doll na may sexy body.
    A4 - ka-name ng character niya sa isang show si alice in wonderland.
    A5 - ang girl sa silent scream.
    boyfriend - galing sa isang prominenteng angkan sa industriya ng showbiz.

  51. A1- nag-appear sa shake, rattle and roll punerarya.
    A2- byutipul!
    A3- ka-name nung sexy doll.
    A4- ka-name ng character niya sa kanyang show si alice in wonderland!
    A5 -silent scream girl.
    boyfriend - galing sa isang prominenteng angkan sa larangan ng showbiz

  52. A2 - gf of doorbell
    A3 - ex of twister fries
    A4 - bungisngis sya!
    A5 - racisism eke ek

    now who is a1?

  53. Kaheart

    A1: ROSArosal ni anitaLINDA (ala Thalia) na jows ni mahirap i-spell na jop eiGerman sausage.
    A2: Mari ni doorbell na wa breeding
    A3&4: di ko pa knows. Clueless
    A5: niece of recently resigned TV exec Idaho na kontrabida sa buhay ni MoBagyong DJ.

    May tama ba ako FP?

  54. A1- nag-appear sa shake, rattle and roll punerarya.
    A2- byutipul!
    A3- ka-name nung sexy doll.
    A4- ka-name ng character niya sa kanyang show si alice in wonderland!
    A5 -silent scream girl.
    boyfriend - galing sa isang prominenteng angkan sa larangan ng showbiz

  55. now i know. si miss no-proportional-body-features itey

  56. a1= rosalinda
    a2= ang better half ni doorbell
    a3= no idea
    a4= no idea pa rin
    a5= the one with the villain movie lol
    bf= dating kafamily at kasama sa series ni na lol

  57. A1 - neighbor's wife
    A1's bf - From a huge showbiz family
    A2 - psychology
    A3 - tween
    A4 - bungisngis
    A5 - eraser

  58. A1 = recent commercial of a rum product
    A2 = no idea
    A3 = famous mattel doll
    A4 = with a current afternoon walis soap
    A5 = controversial subject a youtube video

  59. Wag Mong Agawin ang Langit My Neighbour's Wife kundi lagot ka kay Asiong Salonga!

  60. no idea at all!!

    more clues please!

  61. A1: Rosalinda
    A2: My Beloved Marimar
    A3: Nita Negrita or Alakdana
    A4: Alice Bungisngis
    A5: My Kontrabida Girl
    The Boyfriend: Pinag-aagawan ni Natasha at Diana

  62. A1-partner ni asiong
    A2-ah! maya ko na lang kaya isipin
    A3-kapangalan ng doll?
    A4-yung super feel pag trending sya sa
    A5-silent scream
    BF-bday 2 or 3 days ago

  63. Rosalinda, ikaw ba yan? Initials ng actress nasa Title.

  64. uy baka magspecial comment ulit si aktres dito. abangan natin. :)

  65. A1- Initials on Title
    A2- psychology ako
    A3- popular toy for girls
    A4- partner of tickle me...
    A5- Ang kontrabida...
    Yun lang!

  66. A1-My Neighbors Wife
    A4-B. Nene
    Boyfriend- Anak ng Artista

  67. A1 - Si Rosalinda
    BF - pinsan ni Agua Bendita
    A2 - palengkera queen (hihihi)
    A3 - ?
    A4 - ?
    A5 - Silent Scream!

  68. After a thorough research i finally figured out who are the characters in this BI:
    A1- ang babaeng my bulaklak sa tenga
    A2- ang pinakamakapangyarihang babae sa kanyang panahon..epic!
    A3- ang babaeng pinangalan sa manika
    A4- ang babaeng humihiram ng isang ina
    A5- ang babaeng ayaw maging ina
    Boyfriend- ang prince charming ni grazilda..kun getz nyo si a1 given n to no need to explain...

  69. A1- my neighbors wife
    A2-my beloved
    A5- pamangkin ng nag resign
    BF- Fernando Jose

  70. This is the girl who has a new tvc these days. She likes drinkinv in the "dark". Rhum pa.

  71. "Im her dad's wife, practically her second mother" ba ito? sino yung iba? kilala ko si A5

  72. A1-rosalinda

  73. Lumelevel up na si FP! 5 na ang pinahuhulaan. So far, si Niece lang ang kilala ko. Mga chismosa, gising na! :))

  74. All the starlets of the Ka-heart network. Poor Rosalinda.

  75. A1-gf ng anak ng award winning actress/director
    A2-i am psychology
    A3-partner ni ken
    A4-knamesung ni betty lafea
    A5-op cors the pamangkin,kasama ni A3 sa movie

  76. probable answers
    A1-C who is in a new liquor ad
    A2-M who is in a prime time teleserye about sundo
    A3-L (not sure)who is with A2 in prime time
    A4-J a good singer and always paired with a son of a good rapper
    A5-R (silent scream)
    boyfriend- G - who is in another prime time teleserye about 3 grand daughters

  77. Isang character ni Thalia... Magaling sya umarte....

  78. kalorqui! ako ang una.. mga mars hindi ko knows..jupiter

  79. A1 nsa title ang initials,
    A2 Palengkera
    A3&A4 ?
    A5 Kontrabida Girl
    BF; Bulol

  80. A1 = Rosalinda Ay Amor! Ay Amor!
    A2 = Si Psychology
    A3 = si B, Ang priority sa JejeTweens
    A4 = si J. Si Super Bass
    A5 = Silent Scream

    sana naman maka-uno ako sa hula ko hahaha

  81. A1 = MMFF Best Actress
    A2 = Marimar, aw!
    A3 = The famous doll
    A4 = #inConcert
    A5 = My Antagonist Girl
    BF = Eigenvalues

  82. All are from KaHEART!
    A3-doll girlfriend ni Ken
    A4-si bungisngis
    A5-Kontrabida girl

  83. ang anak ng ibong pipit :) i remember her dad's old
    movies , as for her reasons, kailangan palaging isali gf ni doorbell? can't they negotiate without dragging other people's name? in fairness kay taray she's very hardworking, we only hear about her katarayan but never heard her being unprofessional, never talked abt her salary, she has a good manager, maybe A1 should have thought of changing manager not network :)

  84. si jojo ito! hehehe.....

  85. yay! di naman big deal kung di sya natuloy lumipat sa kafamily, kalerqui.

  86. aha!this is C whose bf is G. the initials are on the title. ROSALINDA!

  87. A1: Court of Appeals
    BF: General Electric
    A2: Mary Rivers

  88. I know A1 is C for sure na ex ng bball player who's dating a tv host sa kafamily network. Her current bf ay may family "legacy" sa showbiz who's also in the ka heart station. A2 of course is the pambansang palengkera who never learns to act with class in public. A5 is the controversial ex gf of twisted fries who is favored by the network due to nepotism. But the dynamics have changed when the executive aunt just recently resigned. As for the teenyboppers I'm not really sure who they are.

  89. A1 - Rosalinda
    A2 - Marimar
    A3 - No idea
    A4 - No idea
    A5 - Niece of "Tita"

    - Puchungchung

  90. Asawa ng kapitbahay? ang ibig sabihin ng pangalan ng girlalu sa old german origin "free man" Yung father's name dalawang initials lang ...please justify

  91. Yung bf niya pala may dugong artista din... diba gorgeous?

  92. A1 - Rosalinda

    A2 - MEYNTEYN!!!

    A3 - Partner of KEN doll

    A4 - loveteam of a sesame street char.

    A5 - Kontrabida Girl

    ---car :) morning FP

  93. try ko..
    A1- Mrs. Salonga
    A2- girlfriend ni plastic Ken
    A3- the one who snickers a lot
    A4- miss Silent Scream
    A5- palenkerang may pet na bibe
    Boyfriend - Bulol handsome guy from a clan of stars

    peg ba?

  94. So easy nasa title yung name nya.. just dont include the middle.. so give away... pero FP sinabi na nya noon na mag eexpire na yung kontrata niya...wait and see lang daw.. kung magtransfer siya.. pero bago yung info mo regarding her reasons for staying...

  95. Name of actress in the initials. Very pretty with dimples

  96. A1- Rosalinda
    A2- palingkera gf of doorbell
    A-5 un may scandal

  97. A1- Rosalinda
    A2- palingkera gf of doorbell
    A-5 un may scandal

  98. Gosh ang alam ko lang ay sya yung may bulaklak sa tenga at kaaway din ng palengkerang jologs.

  99. A2 - Marimar
    A5 - Silent Scream, Twister Fries' Ex gf
    Sino yung iba???? :(

  100. Naku baka mag-comment na naman dito yan :P

  101. A1 - the latest calendar girl
    A2 - sharina
    A3 - ex ni twister fries(?)
    A4 and A5 - no idea
    boyfriend - G

  102. A1 - Rosalinda? Si dimpled C; Boyfriend - G
    A2 - Marimar
    A3 - First name is a world famous playline doll?
    A4 -
    A5 - Silent Scream

    Dalawa nalang FP! Tama kaya to..Help..

  103. A1's boyfriend is a product of a well known family in the show biz, right?

  104. si rosalinda nga! a2 marimar a3 niita negrita, a4 si bungisngis a5 kontrabidagerlash and si boyplend nasa primetime legasheee

  105. A1- Rosalinda
    A2- My Beloved
    A3- The Doll
    A4- Bungisngis
    A5- Silent Scream

    Boyfriend- Fernando Jose

    Just a guess

  106. Wifey ng kapitbahay?

  107. rosalinda ay amor....

  108. a1 = Ay amor..
    a2 = Beautiful
    a3 = life is plastic, it's fantastic
    a4 = Ahihihihihi!!!!
    a5 = Silent Screamer
    BF = a mann(?)

    This network needs some serious punch in their faces. I liked their news/documentaries etc kaso pagdating sa primetime jologs na. Mahina sila when it comes to building up their actors/actresses, lalo na sa pag cover up ng mga scandals and negative issues. Minsan okay sana palabas nila kaso hanggang umpisa lang, after that jejejejeje na.

  109. A1--- My neighbor's wife
    A2--- My Beloved
    A3--- Tween Hearts
    A4--- ???
    A5--- kontrabida girl...

  110. A1= Rosalinda
    A2= Aking Minamahal
    A3= Barbie Girl (Ang Daan)
    A4= Bungisngis
    A5= Kontrabida Girl

    Happy Monday morning FP! =)))

  111. Di na kelangan ng clue hahah

  112. A1 - she likes ROSES diba? mi amorrrr!

    A2 - AWWWWWWWWWWWW! ang amo ni fulgoso
    A3 - name sounds like a DOLL! :) the movie's genre is HORROR and it is on it's way na to hollywood!
    A4 - Trending din siya lagi sa twitter along w/ his loveteam, the Next Big thing nga daw acdg to fans..
    A5 - A girl....

    my take on this BI,
    a1 is not a huge loss to the network naman. it's obvious na she's just making up stories about the kafamily's offer..since kafamily denied it na noon pa.... talagang mautak lang sila ng manager niya siguro :)

    my opinion sa mga A2-A5
    *They deserve naman the breaks given to them lalo na si A4(TALENTED EH!)
    *A2 is a major star naman na, I think a2 has the rights naman to demand special treatment she saved the network thru her breakthrough role!
    *Si a3 naman, no need for her ot bei nsecure since iba naman ang target market nila dba!
    *Si A5 lang tlga ang dpat kainisan niya siguro since A5 was given all the privileges ng network niya (shows,endorsements,movies, etc.) but still she blew it with her recent controversy...:(

  113. A1 - Rosalinda
    A2 - Marimar
    A3 - nag-iisang nabuhay sa The Road Movie =D
    A4 - nagin Youtube sensation sa pagcover ng SUPER BASS
    A5 - KontraBIDA Girl
    BF - pinag-aagawan nila Natasha and Diana ng LEGACY =D

  114. A1 - ROSALINDAAAAA mi amorrr!!!!

    A2 - aMAYA maya na lang! AWWWWWW! MEYNTEYN!
    A3 - "I'm a _______ girl, in a ________ world" the daan to hollywood!
    A4 - Bestseller sila ng kaloveteam niya sa isang musical variety show every sunday
    A5 - the silent scream

    OBVIOUS lang na nagpapapresyo sila ng manager niya sa network.
    I remember kase yung isa pang alaga ng manager niya which is an actress/vj/model/singer na tgakafamily, they also had some press releases na that the girl will be transferring na to kaheart pero after a month ata, ayun the vj got new shows from her network.. :) share lang!

  115. ang galing mo anon 5:02PM, korak!

  116. I agree with Anonymous 4:49pm. The reason why pangit mga storyline ng mga serye is because the network relies on the creativity of the daughter of one of its high officials. She may be competent in other fields but not where the network has placed her.

  117. A1 has it all.....the looks, marunong den naman umarte..., pero bakit di cya sumikat sikat tulad ng gf ni doorbell? seems like may kulang pa.....yung bf naman niya, super gwapo talaga, pero di naman marunong umarte saka di ko like boses niya.....

  118. A1 - thalia who loves rose
    A2 - thalia who owns a dog
    A3 - voodoo doll
    A4 - girl with magic broom
    A5 - the antagonist girl
    BF - from a showbiz clan

  119. nag-iilusyon lang naman daw 'to..wala naman daw talagang offer ang kafamily..di interesado ang kafamily network sa kanya..hahahaha!

    1. hahahaha, korek ka jan teh...lahat sila, kapag malapit nang mag-expire ang contract, biglang magpapa-interview sa press at sasabihin ang balak. in other words, magpapaimportante at magpaparinig sa station nila para mag-counter-offer.

      naku, tigilan kami ng mga artistang yan! asikasuhin nila ang pag-hone ng craft nila at bigyan kami ng makabuluhang movies or TV shows noh. kakasuka na kasi eh.

  120. Tama! Dapat na siyang lumipat at kulang na kulang ang babaeng artista sa kabilang network. Kung tama ang C na initials siya na nga un. Last movie na napanuod ko s kanya ay ung sa isang long -running horror franchise at nagiimprove naman acting niya! go lang para naman magkachix ulet dun! :D

  121. Sana lumipat na siya. Yung beauty niya pang kafamily!

  122. A1 - yung may rose nga sa ear
    A2 - si Psychology
    A3 - tweener, ang younger version don sa "Hagdanan Puntang Langit"
    A4 - hit na hit sa youtube ang version nya ng Super Bass at Price Tag, binibuild up sila ng anak ni late master rapper
    A5 - famous pamangkin
    BF - partner ni girl na may rose sa tenga sa teleseryeng yun mismo, from one of the most famous clans in showbizlandia

  123. yung A2-A4...kilala naman...yung A1.....hay nakooo!!! A1 ko...anak lang kasi ng former actor..kaya napa showbiz...pero sikat???? OO sikat siKATCHUPOY!...hahahaha!

  124. A1 - Rosalinda
    A2 - Marimar
    A3 - Famous doll
    A4 - Bungisngis witch
    A5 - NaRiyan lang yan
    BF - Lyt ang iniinom niya with his bro


    - pretzel

  125. the network should have let her go! di naman sya kawalan. yung inoffer sa kanya, sana dinagdag na lang sa offer kay One. nag-stay pa siguro sya. hayz!

  126. A1 - Rosalinda
    A2 - Gf ni doorbell
    A3 - B doll
    A4 - the superbass girl na may upcoming album na daw! she really has huge fans, almost every week e hindi mawawala sa trending topic ang name with or w/o her luvteam's name..
    A5 - silent scream
    BF - kapatid ni agua

  127. naku mga teh, at least napatunayan nyang magaling siyang umarte. nagkaron ng best actress award from the critics. at horror movie pa yon ha. kaya nyo yon?

  128. e kung lalayas pa sya, sino na natira sa network na to??? hahaha!

  129. A1 - Rosalinda
    A2 - Amaya
    A3 - kasama ni A5 sa Road
    A4 - newest BUM girl
    A5 - My Kontrabida Girl
    BF - Mr. Hanford

  130. A1- initials are in the title
    A2- ang BELOVED sister ni Ding ang Bato!
    A3- ang ex ni Ken
    A4- Batang Bungisngis
    A5- ex ni "ipo-ipo"

  131. I like her pa naman. Very classy. I hope she stays.

  132. lipat na lang cia..mas tataas pa ang kalibre nya and ma eenhance pa acting skills nya pag lumipat cia.... super like ko cia yun last soap nya s kapuso lng ang pinapanood ko s kapuso...sayang pinapabayaan naman ng ka-heart binibigyan ng projects un mga jologs na starlet....hmmmpt! lipat na dear!♥

  133. di na nga aalisand asawa ni Asiong Salonga.. she created too much of a hype...


  135. certified kaheart ako...sana wag sya lumipat,sayang magaling na sya mag act ngayon...hindi tulad nung AY AMOR pa sya...g<3

  136. Multi-million deal? Is she deserving? Is she in the same league as The Songbird (who's the Queen of Kapuso) or Marimar (the Princess of Kapuso; she should ONLY & ALWAYS be 2nd to the Songbird, except if the Songbird leaves the network)? I don't think so. Obvious namang nagpataas presyo itong babaitang to para pigilan ng network. Hay hija, goodluck sayo!

    1. hehehe. baka naman, 2M in five years. multimillion din yun : )

  137. very easy. alam na agad! pakakak!

    a1: ang dimples!
    a2: spanish bread!
    a3: ang manikang pambata na mahal!
    a4: dixon!
    a5: si scandal princess with french fries!
    BF: ang buyoy na galing sa family ng mga stars!



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