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Friday, February 25, 2011

Rhett Eala: Putting the Philippine Map in the World of Fashion

To celebrate the Silver Anniversary of the Edsa Revolution, the The Ayala Malls stages an exhibit at the Greenbelt 5 (2nd floor area beside Adora). Included in the exhibit are the latest designs of Rhett Eala for Collezione. 

Collezione is an all Filipino brand that brags of its high quality items that are 100 percent produced in the Philippines. In 2007, the brand was searching for a unique Philippine symbol. Under the leadership of its creative director Rhett Eala, the brand came up with a metallic map on a black shirt. The shirt looked very smart and sold very well in the market. The positive response of the market inspired Rhett to create more designs featuring the Philippine map.

It was impossible for Collezione to prevent its competitors from using the Philippine map in their designs. This is why nowadays, we see other brands featuring the Philippine map in their designs as well. Imitation is after all the best form of flattery.

Nowadays, we see the Philippine map on many other fashion pieces. On Edsa's 25th Anniversary, it is just fitting that we credit Rhett Eala for introducing this simple yet brilliant concept of "wearing your nationalism". These chic items are very popular not only locally but also overseas. Collezione is now a must shopping stop for every "balikbayan" who needs to buy "pasalubongs".

If you have time, please drop by Greenbelt 5 and visit the exhibit. It also features other brands like Bayo, Swatch and Philip Stein.

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  1. Jonathan AligadaMarch 4, 2011 at 2:35 AM

    Bravo Rhett!!

  2. Sige kung bravo, bibili ka ba? baduy at oa lang ang fashion



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