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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Materialistic Change

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Circumstances do change people and very few remain how they were before they became rich. When Returning Talent (RT) had hard luck during her days of struggle, a Booking Agent (BA) kept her in mind when he had provincial shows. BA would make RT the opening act to ensure that she can earn a little for her family. As a single parent, RT was trying to make both ends meet and BA wanted to do what he could to help.

Although RT was talented, she did not have much appeal then and was often dismissed as a wannabee starlet. BA did not mind such tags and booked RT for his shows but she was not much of an attraction and the crowd did not materialize as they had hoped.

Years later, RT found herself blessed with opportunities and her finances boomed. She’s living comfortably and financially secured. Her persistence paid off and her confidence led to various shows that endeared her to the local audience. By contrast, BA had grown older and had health issues. Thus, BA sought RT for help and she extended her hand. BA was much grateful.

Time passed and BA found out he was very sick and needed aid for his treatment. However, he was too embarrassed to ask financial help from RT again. BA thought of staging a show that would topbill RT at her province. He was also thinking of asking RT to bring with her a famous relative who could bring in the audience. BA spoke with RT on his proposal and was surprised at the reaction of RT. First, RT wanted the venue to be an enclosed area, like a convention center, not an open field. Second, BA proposed a 70/30 division of profit but BA wanted 50/50.

The demands of RT made Ba think twice. He wanted to stage a show to raise funds for his cancer treatment. However, the overhead production would be too high if he agrees to the demands of RT. He realized his stress over organizing the show would not be worth the profit and thus, he opted not to continue anymore. When RT realized too late the goal of BA for staging the said show, she handed him money, which could cover the cost of a medium-end mobile phone. However, BA already knew that her present status has changed RT and her image on screen is just that – an image. She was no longer the young woman who had to do all sorts of things just to fend her young kids. This time, she has become shrewd with money, even if she has so much, and everything she does ought to have monetary equivalent. Thus, BA returned the money and just thanked his former talent.

‘Success comes to those who dedicate everything to their passion in life. To be successful, it is also very important to be humble and never let fame or money travel to your head.’ – A. R. Rahman

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Repost: Carlo Aquino on Angelica Panganiban and Mystery Woman In Photos with Him

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For the first time since their apparent falling out, Carlo Aquino has spoken up about his status with former girlfriend and co-star Angelica Panganiban, admitting they lacked communication amid romantic expectations from fans.

Speaking with ABS-CBN News’ MJ Felipe, Aquino finally addressed speculation as to his current relationship with Panganiban, a month after the actress declared she would distance herself from her fellow “Playhouse” cast member.

At the time, Panganiban said their relationship was “ruined” by the negativity of some fans who had expected them to get back together. In particular, one follower who blamed Panganiban’s cryptic posts about self-love for the supposed unfair judgment against Aquino appeared to trigger her decision.

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Since then, Panganiban and Aquino have not posted personal photos together, apart from promotional clips and images related to their shared endorsement deals and the daytime series “Playhouse.”

Coinciding with the perceived rift between the two was the circulation of photos showing Aquino on vacation with a woman, which fans took as a signal that the actor was romantically involved with someone else, despite his affectionate behavior with Panganiban in media appearances shortly before.

When asked whether he wanted to make a statement following the intrigues, Aquino said: “As long as okay naman kami ni Angge, speaking terms naman kami, okay na ako doon. Kung anuman ang sinasabi ng mga tao, I don’t feel the need to explain anything.”

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“Basta ‘yung mga taong nagmamahal sa akin, ‘yung kilala ako, iyon lang ang importante. Naiintindihan nila ako,” he added.

Aquino, who enjoyed a notable career resurgence in 2018, admitted he was initially hurt by some comments “in the first few weeks” after the issue erupted.

“First time na mangyari sa akin ‘to, e. Malaking blessing, pero never kong inaakala na ganito pala,” he said.

A former child star, Aquino courted a new generation of fans when he and Panganiban reunited in the 2018 blockbuster “Exes Baggage,” which revived their ‘90s tandem dubbed “CarGel.”

The onscreen reunion, and the childhood sweethearts’ romantic photos together, spurred hopes among loyal fans that they would get back together for a third time — that is, until the events of January 2019.

“Anong gagawin natin? Opinyon nila ‘yon, e ‘di tatanggapin ko na lang kung ano ‘yung mga sinasabi nila sa akin,” Aquino said, when asked whether he felt offended that photos of him with a different woman circulated online.

He confirmed that the photos are real — “oo, totoo,” he said — but did not share further details as to the identity of the woman, or their relationship.

Amid the trying episode, Aquino said his family and friends have helped him move on. “Ever since naman, iyon ang kinakapitan ko, e,” he said.

“Naniniwala kasi ako na may ibang mga bagay na kailan mong kini-keep private, para kaya mong tumayo in private. Ganun na lang ‘yung ginagawa ko,” he added.

When asked for his reaction to perception that both Panganiban and CarGel fans were led on, or “napaasa,” into believing there was a chance for a real-life romance anew, Aquino brought up their onscreen chemistry.

“Hindi maiiwasan talaga kasi on- and offscreen, maganda kami tingnan, e. Ang nagkulang lang siguro ‘yung pag-uusap,” he said.

Aquino went on to clarify that, no, he and Panganiban did not approach a point where they were close to rekindling their relationship.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Make Sure You Behave

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No one would suspect that Blooming Talent (BT) has tendencies toward the same side when it comes to preference. Unlike her contemporaries, BT does not have a steady reel partner, which makes her versatile in terms of being paired with the boys of her network. BT, however, might not really be interested in them after all.

Among the young talents being groomed by this network, BT has the edge in terms of talent. She might not be as beautiful as some female talents, although she does have the appeal. What she lacks in looks, she compensates with her acting and performing talent. She has proven her acting skills in various roles she has tackled in her network projects. Then, she surprised followers with her talent in singing and in playing musical instruments. Such combination is rare among young talents these days. Hence, the network is giving her opportunities to increase her fanbase.

Everything seemed to go well and BT was feeling confident that she would be in the graces of management. However, while at a bar with her supposed Best Friend (BF) and other friends, BT might have forgotten that she is already recognizable. Someone connected to a Network Executive (NE) saw BT and BF behaving oddly at the restroom. The two were touchy and soon were kissing each other. The upper garment of BF was allegedly unbuttoned and BT’s hand were on BF’s breast.

The alleged witness immediately reported to the NE about the scene. Soon, BT was called for serious talk and NE asked BT about the incident. BT said that the kiss was just a friendly one. Then, NE asked about the hand on the boobs and BT kept quiet. Predictably, NE reprimanded BT to behave in public, as she is next in line to be promoted by the network. Either BT keeps herself in the closet and lie low with BF or lose her career.

You just need to put yourself in someone else's shoes and then see how they feel and then you will understand why they are reacting or why they are behaving the way that they are behaving. We need to be fair. – Navid Negahban

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