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Friday, May 31, 2013

Knocking Off His Abominable Acts

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No one ever thought that attractive ham actor HA is a “kiss and tell” type of a guy – what a let down!

For quite a time, HA was quietly dating pretty star PS regularly. Most people believe they were really into a relationship which they keep denying for a long time. PS is sugar and sweet kind of girl - qualities that guys like HA often tend to abuse. Allegedly, HA took it upon himself that he could take advantage of PS big crush on him.

The gullible PS took the bait, and not long after, the two were secretly dating…until now. Allegedly, it is PS who goes to HA’s place at least once a week to do their thing. Everything would have looked okay and natural – but not when the other half squeals about things that should have been private.

Reportedly, HA goes telling his friends and peers in detail how wild PS is in the bedroom, and everything intimate that goes in there. HA even badmouths the young-looking PS saying obscenities about her “privates.” What can be more cruel that that?

If this is true, is HA’s heart really made of hard stone? He has to remember that acts like this can easily boomerang on him fast. On the other hand, how can he do these things with impunity when he is committed to someone else?

Let us wish AH can get his act together – literally and figuratively. As for PS, you are matured enough to know. You don’t jump into the fire and not get burned, do you?

“Smart girls open their minds, easy girls open their legs, and foolish girls open their hearts.” ~ The Notebook of Love

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Kris Aquino May Still Appeal Court Decision on Bimby


MANILA – The camp of television host Kris Aquino may file an appeal on the denial of the permanent protection order (PPO) against James Yap for their son James “Bimby” Yap Jr.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News on Thursday, Aquino’s lawyer Frank Chavez said they are seeking to get copies of the reports made by the social worker and the child psychologist, which supposedly became the basis of the rejection of the PPO for Bimby.

“Noong Martes, nag-file kami ng motion asking the court to provide us with copies of the reports made by the social worker and the child psychiatrist at ito ay didinigin ng husgado bukas, Biyernes. Depende kung ano ang nakalagay sa reports, then we will gauge our future actions and decisions kung ano ang nakalagay doon,” he said.

If the reports state safeguards for the eventual resumption of Yap’s visitation rights over Bimby, Chavez said then they will respect the court’s decision.

“If the report says that there is basis for us to [appeal the PPO for Bimby], we will do that. We will be remiss in our duty as counsel if we will just let these things pass by. Kapag may sinabi sa report that the visitation of the father will cause more harm than good, then we will call the attention of our client and let her decide,” he said.

While Yap’s lawyer Lorna Kapunan said the denial of the PPO for Bimby means Yap can now see his son, Chavez said he doesn’t see the reunion of father and son happening in the near future.

“It is not going to happen tomorrow, more so on Sunday because they prefer to see him on Sunday. That would be a modification without basis of the visitation rights, which only speak of Wednesdays and Fridays, never Sundays. Sunday is family day and James is out of the family,” he said.

Chavez said they have to know the “safeguards” first, which will be the topic of the hearing this Friday.

According to Chavez, Yap will see Bimby “in the fullness of time” but it should be done the right way. He added it was never Aquino’s intention to keep Bimby away from his father.

“Kapag ini-rollback mo ang time, from the beginning, hindi ipinagdadamot ni Kris ang pagkikita ng ama at anak. Medyo napuno lang siya, nagalit lang siya na 'yung sa sanctity ng kanyang private room, pati iyon ay sinugod ni Mr. James Yap. Doon na siya nagalit, sobra na iyon. Wala na namang romantic illusion na mangyayari, why force the issue?” he said.

He said the particular incident was witnessed by Bimby and thus, “the issue regarding whether or not he can visit his son is not yet resolved with finality.”

Chavez said Aquino was satisfied that the court granted the PPO she filed for her self because it means the court believed her testimony.

“Nagkaroon ng vindication si Kris dahil hindi ni-reject ng court ang kanyang testimony. Pinaniwalaan siya ng husgado kaya siya nabigyan ng PPO. It is as simple as ABC. I don’t know why some people don’t understand,” he said.

Separated at Birth: Gretchen Barretto and Inno Sotto

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Face Off: Daniel Padilla vs Paul Artadi

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Fairest of Them All: Erich Gonzales, Maja Salvador, Angelica Panganiban and Desiree Del valle

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Oishi: Kaleidoscope World Forever More

Uniqlo Now Open at SM Aura Premier in Taguig City

Katsumi Kubota, COO Uniqlo Philippines; Mayor Lani Cayetano of Taguig City; Geraldine Sia, General Manager of Fast Retailing Philippines Inc.

Mike Lim aka Fashion PULIS with Katsumi Kubota, COO Uniqlo Philippines

Enjoy 40% Off at WAFU Japanese Restaurant in Greenhills

Congratulations to the #FP Gluta-C Summer Raffle Promo Winner


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Look for Joan Quejada, Marketing Dept.

Please bring two (2) valid IDs.

If an authorized representative will claim on your behalf, please bring the following:
· Letter of Authorization
· Photocopy of two (2) valid IDs of the winner
· One (1) valid ID of the representative

Anne Curtis in #SmartFlexibundles TVC


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Willie Revillame Charged With Child Abuse Over Dancing Boy


MANILA, Philippines - Television host Willie Revillame was charged with violating the anti-child abuse law, Republic Act 7610, before a Quezon City court this week over a six-year-old boy’s sexually suggestive dance on his defunct show, Willing-Willie, two years ago.

The case was raffled off Monday to the Regional Trial Court Branch 86, a family court under the sala of Judge Roberto Buenaventura.

It was filed following the resolution issued by Assistant City Prosecutor Benjamin Samson, who found merit in the complaint filed by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and the Council for the Welfare of Children.

Reports said the separate cases filed by private individuals were dismissed as they do not have the authority to file a complaint under the law.

Section 27 of RA 7610 said that cases of unlawful acts against children can only be filed by the offended party; parents or guardians; ascendant or collateral relative; a representative of a licensed child caring institution; an officer of the DSWD; a village chief; or at least three citizens where the violation occurred.

In an interview with The STAR, blogger Noemi Lardizabal-Dado – one of the private complainants – said they have yet to receive a copy of the resolution involving the case.

Nation ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1

The case was filed after Revillame allegedly cajoled the six-year-old boy into doing a sexually suggestive dance on the March 12, 2011 episode of his show on TV5.

The show, which was ordered suspended for 30 days by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board, received flak after a clip of the incident went viral on the Internet.

Revillame earlier denied abusing the child, saying that there was nothing obscene about his performance.

More Spring Cleaning

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It has been said and proven that we will get hurt the most by the person/s who was/were once closest to us. We shared so much for so long with these people, thus, intentionally or not, they have the power to crash our spirits in a big way.

This is precisely what’s happening between two former professional partners: pretty celebrity PC and her mentor HM. For many years, the two were inseparables, treating each other as more than family. Each was each other’s defender against any bad intruder in their lives.They have shared so many things together, including private secrets.

But as everyone knows, too much of everything is poison, and that ,”too much familiarity breeds contempt.” Indeed.

Soon PC felt that HM was not doing enough to advance her career. She began complaining to HM that she needed to become productive, and not stay stagnant like it was. PC also questioned HM why he had to set many limitations on her, including joining the colorful world of media networking where many celebrities were into.

PC believes that social media is a powerful tool for everyone, most especially for celebrities like her. On the other hand, HM had a very valid point why he felt such antipathy towards social media for PC. He believed that PC’s personality was not cut out for it.

On top of that, both HM and PC couldn’t seem to agree on many issues, big and small. With so many disagreements and negativity between them, and after carefully weighting out things, PC made the big decision to sever ties with HM.

And now that they had finally and officially cut ties with each other, PC decided to make another major decision. She ordered and made a stern warning to her new staff NS that no one among them should communicate in any way with HM and all his friends.

Apparently PC walks the talk. At a showbiz event one day, PC with NS were walking and would definitely meet halfway with HM and friends. Yes, you’re right, it was a collective snub that the surprised HM and friends got from PC and her group.

Is PC’s reaction coming from someone who has so much axe to grind against HM. Will she not be burned at the end by her decision to burn bridges this early?

“ You only have so much room in your life save it for people who deserve it. Chances are if someone’s in the past, they deserve to stay there. “ ~ unknown

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Insta Scoop: To Whom is Kim Chiu Addressing this Message?

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Hot or Not: Enrique Gil

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Fab or Drab: Julia Montes in Pepsi Herrera

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Caption This: Gerald Anderson and Maja Salvador

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Like or Dislike: Jennylyn Mercado for FHM

Jessica Soho on Vice Ganda Apology: I Hope His Intentions Are Pure



In response to the public apology made by comedian Vice Ganda on Wednesday regarding the "gang rape" joke he made at her expense, GMA News anchor Jessica Soho issued the following statement:

"I acknowledge the public apology given by Vice Ganda, by way of his TV program.

I sincerely hope and pray that this was done with the purest intentions and determination to put this issue behind us.

Just to clarify certain points about my phone conversation with him – his call came without warning as his number was not programmed in my phone directory. I told him I wasn't feeling well and I wasn't sure I was ready to talk to him. But I clearly remember thanking him for his call.

As I've said, this is not about me, but about the issue of rape not being an appropriate subject matter for comedy. Rape transcends age, economic class, gender -- and even one's weight.

Once again, I thank everyone who gave their support."

– GMA News

Vice Ganda Says Sorry to Jessica Soho

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Peeking at Love in Disguise

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It is sometimes baffling how some people are led to do the things they do, most especially if it is out of their character. Bigshot Director BD is well-known for being a loving husband, a visionary director-- a perfectionist in his craft. His is the image that fits the cookie-cutter of a successful person in the industry perfectly. But as they say, everyone has two sides, one good and one -- well, one that leaves much to be desired.

We can say the same thing for Stunning Actor SA. Most people, especially the ladies (including the ladies at heart), are drawn to him for his irresistible charm, the surprising humility on and off screen, same for his undeniable talent, having won multiple awards and gaining a huge following in the course of his career as a thespian.

Now, you may ask, "What did these fascinating men, who seemingly have no immoral fiber in their system, do?"

Well, Unfortunately, BD's wife has had suspicions of his husband's infidelity towards her, as such that she has now started to secretly follow him around to figure out for herself what really is, going on. One fateful day of tailing her husband in and around the set, she saw SA enter the OB van her husband was taking his break in. A few minutes later, she followed him, and upon entering the van, saw with her own eyes the intimacy that BD and SA shared that's usually reserved for lovers. She fled the scene, absolutely horrified of what she had just witnessed.

Here we are left to speculate as to what kind of star BD really is in search for. But we hope that, someday he makes up his mind so as not to break anyone's heart, for all parties to come out in the end as the real winner.

"Being different is a gift you are born with. Don't misuse it by trying to fit in." ~ Unknown

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Question: Is This Jessica Soho's Reaction to Vice Ganda's Rape Joke?

Hot or Not: John Lloyd Cruz

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Fairest of Them All: Toni Gonzaga, Angel Locsin, Bea Alonzo and Shaina Magdayao

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Face Off: Julia Montes vs Julia Barretto

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Fab or Drab: Maja Salvador in Pablo Cabahug

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Caption This: Sunshine Cruz

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Vice Ganda Bashes Jessica Soho

Vice Ganda during his I-Vice Ganda Moko sa concert Araneta on May 17, 2013 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum tried too much to entertain his audience at the expense of Ms. Jessica Soho by making fun of her person bordering on uncalled for and tasteless jokes that were not meant to be uttered in public in general, and to Ms. Soho in particular.

Jessica Soho is a multi-awarded broadcast journalist, an industry veteran who has worked for GMA network for the last three decades. She received a George Foster Peabody Award and was the first Filipino to win the British Fleet Journalism Award in 1998.[ Ms. Soho’s excellent body of work and the causes she has championed have earned her the respect of colleagues here and abroad.

Sources said that GMA’s plan to file charges versus Vice Ganda was set many days ago yet. But it was thwarted when a close and powerful friend of Vice tried to intervene and appeased the other party. But when the video went viral, GMA had no recourse but to continue with the charges in order to protect the interest and reputation of Ms. Jessica Soho, its valued talent and currently its Vice-President for News and Public Affairs. 

Jessica Soho to Vice Ganda: Rape Is Not A Joke


GMA News anchor Jessica Soho has reacted to a joke made by comedian Vice Ganda about the popular media personality and an imagined rape scenario, which has drawn criticism from many sectors.

In his concert last May 17, Vice Ganda joked that if Soho were a bold star in a movie, the scene would have to involve a "gang rape." The comedian made fun of Soho's physique for a full two minutes before moving on to other celebrities.

In a statement sent to GMA News Online on Tuesday, Soho said: "Rape is not a joke and should never be material for a comedy concert."

She added: "I thank all those who shared my hurt and expressed their support, but this should not be about me but about rape victims who suffer tremendously from this terrible crime. The horrors they go through are unspeakable and should never be taken lightly, especially by way of a cruel joke."

Soho is the host of the evening news program State of the Nation on GMA News TV and of Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho on GMA. The latter is the network's top-rated program. She is also the Vice President for News Programs of GMA Network.

She has won numerous accolades, including the prestigious Peabody Award, in her career as a broadcast journalist for more than two decades. Soho has also repeatedly ranked as among the most trusted news personalities in the country. – YA, GMA News

Claudine Barretto Thanks Mom in Letter

Image courtesy of Instagram: claudinebarretto

MANILA – Actress Claudine Barretto thanked her mom Inday, who has consistently defended her against bashers and even against her own sisters Gretchen and Marjorie.

In a letter she sent her mom last May 8, a copy of which was published in the June 2013 issue of Yes magazine, Claudine noted that her mom was always there for her.

“I don’t know where to start. I have so many things I want to thank you for & say. I am so blessed to have you as a mother. Thank you Mom for loving me and taking good care of me all these years. Thank you for being there when we need you & being my strength apart from God,” she said.

Claudine said that even if she were to live another life, she would still choose Mrs. Barretto to be her mother.

The actress also took the opportunity to apologize for the "many times" she hurt her mother.

“Thank you for holding my hand when I’m scared or hurt. Thanks for being a friend. I love you so much Mom. I thank you and Dad for giving me such a great childhood. I’m so sorry again for the many times I have hurt you,” she said.

Before ending the letter, Claudine said she will always try to live up to her promise of making her parents proud of her.

In April, Mrs. Barretto released a statement saying she had disowned her 43-year-old daughter Gretchen in favor of Claudine.

The feud between the Barretto sisters stemmed partly from allegations that Claudine was set out to "block" the showbiz career of Marjorie's daughter, Julia, although this was denied by Mrs. Barretto.

Subsequent statements made by two other Barretto siblings, Joaquin and Gia, brought up previous family issues, including one about Gretchen being the breadwinner of the family when she was just a teen.

While Gretchen refused to fight back despite the accusations made against her by her own mother and older sister Gia, Marjorie, for her part, said she doesn’t see their family feud ending soon.

Claudine has yet to break her silence about the controversy.

Poll: What can You Say about Charice Pempengco's Coming Out Statement?


MANILA, Philippines - When international singing phenom Charice celebrated her 21st birthday last May 10, she intimated to me that her party was her “coming out” of sorts. That night, she was ecstatic, elated and electrified because finally she was having her “birthday debut,” something that she did not experience when she turned 18 because of her hectic singing engagements abroad.

Instead of wearing a pink gown as she walked down the spiral staircase, she wore a pair of black pants, a pink long-sleeved shirt with a fuchsia bow tie on the night of her celebration. Instead of long locks stubbornly gathered in a bun, she wore a short do that was slightly licked with hair wax, the emphasis was given on her sideburns. Shod in a pair of Sperry, she dashed to the makeshift stage of Cool Breeze, a rented pool resort in Calamba City to regale her 67 guests with a mini concert. Most of the guests were her childhood friends from Gulod, a barrio in Cabuyao, Laguna. Charice was only seven when she, her mother Raquel and brother Carl transferred to this seemingly quiet, bucolic community.

For an hour or so, Charice was singing her heart out, as if telling her audience, if not the entire public, to hear her loud and clear. In her powerful voice, as she sang 15 songs that night, was a message of newfound independence, a clear shout out to the world that she was free, uninhibited, without apologies.

“I feel free as a bird, Ninong Büm,” she told me with a big smile crisscrossing her face before she began her performance. We were at her dressing room, which was filled with a few more pairs of pants, pastel-colored long-sleeved shirts and bow ties. That night, she was to have, as she put it, “three costume changes.”

“Where is this feeling of freedom coming from, hija?” I asked her as I tried to help her fix her suspenders.

“I’m able to express myself better now. I have come to accept the real me. I have come to love the real me. I now celebrate the real me,” she said, expressing her thoughts in one breath, in straight English without her acquired American twang.

“Even if you have earned a sizeable amount of bashers?” I probed.

“Noong bata pa po ako na wala kami halos makain, may nangungutya na sa akin. Ngayon, kahit i-bash nila ako nang i-bash, nakakakain na po ako at ang pamilya ko,” she meekly explained, adding that her financial status now “is still very, very good.” (In fact, just last Saturday, Charice bought herself a silver BMW, which she paid in cash and nicknamed “Captain.”)

“Even if I don’t work for 10 or more years, I know we will still eat. But why will I do that? The only thing that is changed in me is my look, my perspective. My voice remains the same.”

Charice said she is committed to do shows in Indonesia and Germany soon. In June, she will be back in Los Angeles to fulfill some recording commitments. She will also do a show and recording in Japan soon. A guesting on Ellen is also in the offing. She’s still in contact with Ellen DeGeneres, she said.

Charice also told me Oprah knows about her bashers. “Oprah just told me to keep my cool and not be affected. I assured her, ‘Yes, Oprah, I can handle them. My spirit is made of titanium I will not break’.”

She humbly added: “But I’m thankful to my bashers, too. They make me so much stronger. I love them. I offer them peace. And I will forever be grateful to those who have loved me since Day One.” She also mentioned her gratitude to the worldwide Chasters, her fans club.

Charice also said she found a friend in Barbra Streisand. “She was one of those who told me I don’t owe anybody any explanation.”

Before I could ask another question, she ran to the door with her right hand tightly clasping my left hand. She was hurrying me to go to the stage ahead because that night, I was the emcee. And she lovingly requested me a week before her bash to be the one to introduce her to the crowd before her special performance.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” I began, “she doesn’t need any introduction not because she is famous now but because she grew before our very eyes… Charice!”

“Hindi pa po ako kakanta,” she cautioned me from the table in front of the stage, giggling. “Mag-bo-blow muna po ako ng candle sa cake.”

“Never mind, just come up the stage,” I hushed back, smiling. She came up the stage. We held hands.

The cake was presented to her by Glenn Alcabasa Aldueza, a young businessman from Gulod and a very close friend of Charice. Glenn will soon be the business manager of Charice in the Philippines, I was told.

I led the singing of the Happy Birthday song. And immediately after, Charice, with a silent, serene and sparkly smile, made a wish; then she blew the candles on her birthday cake. Everybody stood up and gave her a thunderous applause. Then she gently took the microphone from me, signaled the band whose members were also from Gulod and began to regale the crowd with her distinct melodious voice. (Believe me, she sings so much better now!)

Included in her meaningful and well thought out repertoire that night were the following songs: Hinahanap-hanap Kita, Nasa Iyo na ang Lahat, Ako’y Sa’yo at Ika’y Akin, Bleeding Love, Moves Like Jagger, Locked Out of Heaven, Cool Off, Kisapmata, Mirror, Pusong Bato, Love on Top, Just Give Me a Reason and, of course, Pyramid. When she sang Yeng Constantino’s Salamat, she became emotional. Later on she confided to me that that song was for her mother.

The crowd went gaga, especially when she beautifully breezed through Pink’s “Perfect,” the song, which, she told me during our ninong-inaanak bonding a week before her birthday, best described her life now.

“You’re the man, Charice! You’re the man!” I shouted animatedly in my utmost admiration of a pure and humble talent before me.

Charice, perspiring profusely as she enjoyed her party, just winked at me.

That night, indeed, the international singing phenom was very free.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

An Ideal Recipe For Success

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Actor and businessman AB has made not a few milestones in his life ever since he entered showbiz. His very humble beginnings and struggles have helped him in many ways to be a more effective actor and a successful entrepreneur. From what AB was as a showbiz newbie is a big leap to what he is now – a celebrity who wears many hats.

Many people say that AB radiates positivity in his dealings/negotiations, he is very disciplined and is quite nice and people-oriented.

No matter how hectic his schedules seem to be, AB makes it a point to have fun as well with friends. He doesn’t discriminate and maintains close friendships with both straight and gay friends which surprisingly, he has a lot of.

It is probably through this constant association with friends who have unique personalities that certain traits have rubbed off on AB. Even long before, there were previous talks and sightings of him with men of questionable gender – be they from showbiz or business.

Lately, AB is often sighted in social events with a foreign model/actor FM who has joined showbiz - both he and AB now work for the same network. Reportedly, the two were very close and open to each other, and soon after have now become a “couple” – a very playful and adventurous couple.

Their adventures often require that they do it “threesome” style - having another player to do it with. AB have some conditions though: that they should only do oral and no penetration – for obvious safety reasons.

Indeed,  AB’s discipline is something else. Even in intimacy, he wants fun, yet not daring enough to wrestle.

“It’s a lot of fun to play someone you don’t normally think of yourself as.” ~ Harvey Fierstein

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Amalia Fuentes Backs Out of her Comeback Project

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Source: TV Patrol

Amalia Fuentes has resigned from her much-publicized comeback project, a drama series entitled, Muling Buksan Ang Puso, ABS-CBN Head of Integrated Corporate Communications, Bong Osorio has announced.

Ms. Fuentes’ comeback vehicle is a teleserye that would have starred her with fellow veteran actress Susan Roces. Both Ms. Fuentes and Ms. Roces were the movie queens and screen rivals in the 60s.

It was learned that Ms. Fuentes backing out of the project was a result of creative differences with the production team and the disagreements with the demands and challenges of taping schedules. Amalia Fuentes’ replacement will be announced soon.

The move will definitely be a big disappointment for the fans of the two veteran thespians who were earlier thrilled at the thought that their dream to finally see their idols on the screen will be realized in the said teleserye.

60’s movie queens Susan Roces and Amalia Fuentes would have brought back their rivalry in this much-awaited drama series which also stars Dante Rivero as their object of desire. The soap also stars first time screen partners, Julia Montes and Enrique Gil.

Amalia and Susan’s last movie together was Cover Girls in 1968.

Question: Should You Date Your Friend's Ex?

Image courtesy of Fashion PULIS reader

Who Wore It Better: Kim Chiu vs Jessy Mendiola

Image courtesy of Fashion PULIS reader

Hottest of Them All: Mark Cardona, Marco Alcaraz, Luis Alandy and Jake Cuenca

Image courtesy of Instagram: markreynancardona

Hot or Not: Bamboo Manalac

Image courtesy of Instagram: bangpineda

Face Off: Vice Ganda vs Georgina Wilson

Image courtesy of Instagram: ilovegeorgina

Fab or Drab: Pokwang in Jot Losa

Image courtesy of Instagram: zenjmanguiran

Caption This: Jed Madela

Image courtesy of Fashion PULIS reader

Like or Dislike: Julia Barretto for Chalk

Monday, May 27, 2013

An Actor's Act

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While everyone is wondering if the lead actors in a major network MM will transfer to another network, underachieving performer UP is slowly easing his way out of MM. 

Ever since UP was discovered in a talent search, MM gave him the breaks to showcase his talents. Fans and followers kind of expected much from UP since he was the best performer in his batch. His projects were big and highly publicized. Unfortunately, UP could hardly deliver in the acting department, and his shows barely made it in the ratings. Thus, he was relegated to play supporting roles that often called for him to show off what others call the only thing he got - his perfectly-cut muscles. 

As years passed, UP's career seemed nowhere.  

Now rumors are rife that UP has allegedly left the talent management arm of MM, and is now into a new business manager BM. Controversial BM has been in the industry for decades as a talent, although not everyone knows that BM can manage talents as well. The thing is, BM is a major mover in the rival network RN. Thus talks are wild that BM is working on the transfer of UP to RN. Will BM and RN do wonders for UP's hohum career? Will RN's magic  be able to bring out the best in UP where MM miserably failed?

Incidentally, other than being involved in a rumor some months back, both UP and BM share something in common: cars.  

But knowing where BM is coming from, will they be sharing something more in the future? If at all, will UP's girl be able to take it? 
Everybody starts at the top, and then has the problem of staying there. Lasting accomplishment, however, is still achieved through a long, slow climb and self-discipline. - Helen Hayes 

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Insta Scoop: Commenters' React to Pops Fernandez's Looks

Images courtesy of Instagram: gretchenbarretto

Who Wore It Better: Sarah Geronimo vs Kathryn Bernardo

Image courtesy of Fashion PULIS reader

Hottest of them All: Joel Torre, Gerald Anderson, Piolo Pascual and Rayver Cruz

Image courtesy of Instagram: rayvercruz

Hot or Not: Richard Yap

Image courtesy of Instagram: bangpineda


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