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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Moving Around in Circles

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Sometime ago, the closeness of Talented Celebrity (TC) and Network Actress (NA) was destroyed when Male Heartthrob (MH) entered their lives. As the public followed their saga, sympathy leaned toward TC, while NA and MH had to reflect on their status and the bad publicity was hurting their reputation. Time passed. None of the three gave up and instead, pursued their careers. With their individual successes came stronger confidence in leaving the past behind. The three had moved on and realized that they could once again renew their friendship.

One time, the three were on an out of town event and after their performances, they bonded together. TC was the happiest, as MH has a special place in her heart. Then, MH invited TC for lunch the next day. All giddy, TC agreed and looked forward to having lunch with MH.

Later that day, other talents decided to have fun and started drinking. MH was with them, of course. NA arrived with Creative Personality (CP), and the two joined in for the drinks. MH and NA were getting tipsy and reminisced about their past. The group then dared the two to kiss. As the kiss was not supposed to make them feel anything, apparently, it did.

Drunk as they are, MH said he would bring NA to her room. Well, the opportunity and rekindled passion were there and instead of going back to their assigned rooms, they went to another one. One more kiss led to another and they gave in to their passion that night. MH had obviously forgotten his plan for the next day.

By morning, TC was ready for her lunch date. She patiently waited for a call from MH. Nothing. After so many minutes, TC went looking for MH, but his roommates said he did not sleep in their room. With a puzzle in her mind, TC could not figure out what happened to MH. Subsequently, TC bumped into CP, who relayed to her what happened during the night’s previous drinking session. TC knew it and realized that nothing has really changed. NA could still betray her. From that moment onwards, TC no longer gave any attention to NA and preferred to hang-out with CP these days.

Well, the story reached the Steady Partner (SP) of MH. Given their volatile relationship, SP was not really surprised at the story. Just to appease her own ego, she was seen in a network event in support of a former lover. That time, she came alone, without MH with her.

‘Love is whatever you can still betray. Betrayal can only happen if you love.’ – John le Carre

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Monday, July 30, 2018

Last Reasons

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Sometime ago, observers were worried that the closeness of Controversial Talent (CT) and Pretty Personality (PP) might lead to an unexpected event. CT and PP were beginning to behave too close for comfort even in malls, which made fans apprehensive that they might be too passionate already. At that time, CT was lined up in the next generation of stars the network was developing and PP was having a strong start in her career.

Time passed and CT’s career slowed down, as his attitude was making it hard for him to be promoted. By contrast, although PP was showing her own attitude, especially when it comes to answering bashers, she was still moving up and gaining more fans. With several social media posts the two hinted that they were indeed formally together. For the network, this sort of admission was good as the two were being promoted as a loveteam anyway.

All good things must end even if the higherups would not buy the idea. Suddenly, rumors of a bad breakup hounded the two. The handlers panicked as a public admission would now mean a change in how the two will be built up. Thus, the breakup was supposed to remain a secret, but no such thing happened. Walls have ears, as the cliché goes.

The grapevine cited many possible causes of the breakup. Being young, their passion for love could become a passion for hate or indifference. What was glaring is that someone could have gotten bored, took for granted the relationship, or felt hurt by the action of the other, which made the other explore the field. PP was hearing something about CT, which made her seek someone more interesting and more loyal. Allegedly, CT was fooling around with people whom PP knew would be hard to compete with and confronting these people would definitely end her career. With that in mind, PP found solace in Boy Next door (BN).

When PP and BN met, sparks flew and the two found themselves flirting with each other. The talks became sensual and soon, PP was meeting privately with BN. The meeting turned into a passionate moment but the two had to think of the consequences. BN immediately told his friends to shut up, as he could not risk a scandal in his own career. As the breadwinner, his family will give him a total dressing down if his trysts with PP are discovered. The same would be true for PP, who would be lambasted, maligned, and harassed by bashers. Therefore, BN and PP agreed no love should happen between them or else, everything they have been working for would crumble.

As no secret can be kept forever, CT found out about the meeting and confronted PP, who asked him for evidence. As hearsay was not strong enough, CT was at a loss. Subsequently, PP answered back with the stories she has been hearing about CT’s side affairs. These stories are narratives that no woman would ever want to find out, such as their guy fooling around with people other than women. The confrontation felt like the world was caving in and even prompted posts that left followers puzzled and others, hurt.

‘Quitting is never an option on the road to success. Find the way forward. If you have a positive mindset and are willing to persevere, there is little that is beyond your reach. The attitude of being ready to work even in the face of challenges and despite odds is what will make all the difference in your life.’  ― Roopleen 

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Jodi Sta. Maria, Loisa Andalio and Bianca Umali Talk about Change

Over the past few days, these leading female celebrities inspire other women by speaking about change. They shared how change helped them grow, become wiser in life and become more confident. 

They posted it alongside Gluta-C products, which has a new packaging. And after being together for a couple of photo and video shoot, it seems like the “Choosies” are getting closer! The holistic skin whitening brand also hinted for a TVC. Watch their photoshoot behind the scenes on this link: 

What do you think of this collaboration? Comment below! 

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