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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Unpaid Prize Money

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She won the competition last November 2010. Two months later (January 2011), she finally got part of her prize money from the production company that was in charge of the said competition. She was also told she will receive the remaining balance of her prize money six months (July 2011) later.

It is almost August and she has not received any word from the production company. She tried to get in touch with the people in charge but they have been ignoring her messages. Her mom even tried sending a demand letter but it did not work either. 

This year's competition is scheduled to begin in a week's time despite the fact that last year's winner has not been paid in full. So, to all the ladies who are planning to join this year's competition, I suggest you think twice before filing your application. 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Letter from a Reader: Are Credit Card Companies Allowed to Share Our Personal Information?

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Dear Fashion PULIS,

I am an avid and loyal follower of your blog! I know that many of your readers are credit card holders and they will be able to relate with this story.

Recently, I have been receiving SMS messages from anonymous numbers offering personal loans, cash loans and the likes from different banks. The messages have been very frequent so one time, I replied to this particular message:

From mobile number: +639266110833
Attention! Need CASH? Personal Load up to P2m for as LOW as1.3%/mo. For FAST & EAST Approval, ACT NOW. Message me. Adrian.

I was so fed up from receiving these kinds of messages so I send this message "Will you just stop texting me with those offers?" After sending this message, Adrian replied and said "I'm sorry Joseph Bolos. Rest assured you are monitored." After a few minutes, he also texted me my exact home address.

I was very shocked as to why he knows my complete name and my exact home address. Then I realized that he must have gotten these pieces of information from my credit card company. So I called my credit card company and told the customer service guy that there is a loan agent from another credit card company that is harassing me. He told me that the agent might have secured my personal information from the database of the other credit card company.

I understand that there is a database for the reference of the different credit card companies but why do these companies share these pieces of information with the loan agents without our permission? It truly bothers me that these people are sharing my personal information for their marketing purposes without my consent! Fellow Fashion PULIS readers, is there anything we can do about this?

Yours truly,
Joseph Bolos

Do You Want to be a Make-up Artist?

Click on the image to read more about the Studio SnR 
and Shu Uemura Make-up Workshop

 Click on the image to read more about the Studio SnR
and Lancome Skincare/Make-up Workshop

Click on the image to read more about the Studio SnR 
and Majorca Make-up Workshop

Friday, July 29, 2011

When the Cat's Away. . . . .

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This actor is very good at hiding secrets from his girlfriend. Just last month, his network made public an issue that he has been keeping from his girlfriend. Ever since this expose, he has been seriously thinking of transferring to another network because he felt betrayed.

Well, it seems like this actor is hiding other secrets from his girlfriend. She is clueless that apart from her, her boyfriend is said to be seeing other women on the side. Whenever she goes out of town, the actor would invite different women to his place to spend quality time with him. Obviously, when the cat’s away, the mouse will play.

Do you know who this actor is? Please observe the guidelines in posting comments and be reminded that initials are not allowed. I suggest that you follow micsylim on Twitter for you to get additional clues.

Continue to send your juicy stories to: Thank you for spreading the love for Fashion PULIS!

Congratulations to The Spa Promo Winners

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Scalper Guy

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It is almost five in the morning and I just got home from my birthday party an hour ago. Thank you very much to all my friends who attended. Thank you also to all the Fashion PULIS readers who greeted here, on Twitter and Facebook. I have to wake up for my 11:20 am class in a few hours but I just could not go to sleep without posting a blind item.

Yesterday, this athlete sent a message to a lady friend informing her that he has two reserved tickets worth 2,000 PhP each for sale. He also told her that these were reserved tickets for the family members and friends of the athletes. When this lady met up with the athlete to pick up the two tickets, she was shocked to see that they were upper green bleachers worth 200 PhP each. She tried giving them back to the athlete but he refused to accept them because according to him, he already paid them on her behalf. She was even more upset when she later learned that the two tickets sold to her were just given to the athlete for free.

Do you know who this athlete is? Kindly observe the guidelines in posting comments and be reminded that initials are not allowed. I suggest that you follow micsylim on Twitter if you need additional clues.

Please send your juicy stories to: Thank you for making always loving Fashion PULIS!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's My Birthday

Thank you very much for all your birthday greetings. Thank you for loving Fashion PULIS! Please continue to spread the love for Fashion PULIS.

The Fitness Plagiarizer

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The manager of this fitness personality used his connections to help him land a job on a television network. He helped promote his workout programs that eventually got him billboard deals with a local pharmaceutical company. Sadly, his career was starting to take off, he began badmouthing his manager to some of the people in the network. He told them to not to deal with his manager anymore because he is short-changing him.

This fitness personality also publicly claimed that his workout programs were all original. What many do not know is that he plagiarized most of them from the internet. He cuts parts from one workout program, pastes it with another and makes it appear that it is his own. 

Do you know who this fitness personality is? Please observe the guidelines in posting comments and be reminded that initials are not allowed. I suggest that you follow micsylim on Twitter if you need additional clues.

Keep sending your juicy stories to: Thank you for making Fashion PULIS a daily habit!

Letter from a Reader: A Cockroach in My Salad

Dear Fashion PULIS,

Last July 10 at around 10 in the evening, I invited my friend, Noel, to eat in this restaurant in Greenbelt. In the restaurant, we were greeted by the friendly receptionist and one of the managers who know me. I browsed through the menu and ended up ordering the Inasalata Rucola.

When my salad arrived, I started eating it. After digging into it, I saw something that was blackish in color. I handed my phone to my friend and told him to take a picture. I requested the waiter to call the manager to show him the cockroach in my salad.

They offered to replace my salad but how can you still continue eating in a restaurant when you just saw an insect in your place. There was no apology or anything and they only offered to give me free dessert. I insisted to pay for the bill but they declined my payment. That night, I felt cheated because all these years I have been a loyal customer of this restaurant the incident made me realized how unclean this restaurant is.

A worm in the salad is understandable because sometimes during the preparation it cannot be spotted but having a cockroach in it is totally a different story. I think the Makati City sanitation department  should look into this restaurant. We should not tolerate the unclean kitchen of this restaurant.

The next time you guys are in the Greenbelt area, you better think twice before entering this restaurant. Thank you for posting my story.

Marcelo Alonso

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Who is the Actor's New Inspiration?

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This actress was present at the family get together of this actor despite the fact that they already broke up a few months ago. According to a female relative, this actress is in denial because she is still very much in love with this actor. She also mentioned that while they were together, the actor tried his best to live a straight life but things just really did not work out between the two of them.

As the night went on, the stories became juicier. According to the same relative, there is a certain model with an "extraordinary" hairstyle that is presently inspiring this actor. This model has also made an appearance in a television series on the same network not so long ago.

Do you know who this actor is? How about the model? Please observe the guidelines in posting comments and be reminded that initials will not allowed. Follow micsylim on Twitter if you need additional clues.

Send your juicy stories to: Thank you for always supporting Fashion PULIS!

Letter from a Reader: Why are Imitation Items Allowed in the Department Store?

Original Mulberry

Version displayed in the department store

Dear Fashion Pulis,

I guess all letters senders start by saying that they are big fans of your blog and I am proud to say that I am no exception. I used to ignore local chismis sites and concentrated more on the foreign showbiz sites until I accidentally encountered your blog site. I have been hooked to Fashion PULIS since May 2011.

When my cousin had a negative experience with a celebrity, I encouraged her to email you the incident. Her story eventually landed on your blog with the title Letter from a Reader: Queen of Deadma. We were vacationing in Hong Kong when her letter came out. We were so excited that we spent so much time re-reading the story and we forgot all about the shopping.

Anyway, I wanted to share a disturbing discovery I made while shopping in Makati last Sunday. I visited this department store because I wanted to look at the house ware section. When I was passed by the women's hand bag section, the 'What's New' display rack caught my attention. I was so surprised to find out that the department store carries Mulberry imitation itmes with every detail of the original style including the metallic emblem/logo.

Now this is my question. Is the department store aware of this? Is the one in charge of the consignment items aware that these bags are imitations? Even if this department store is known for its affordable items, this does not put them on the same level as the "tiangge" stalls that sell fake luxury handbags. In my opinion, this is a serious crime just like movie or music piracy?

Thank you for taking the time out to read and post my letter.

Kind regards,

Get a Chance to Win a beabi Limited Artist Edition Bag and 3,000 PhP Worth of beabi GC

Click on the image to read the mechanics

These three celebrities each designed a beabi Limited Artist Edition Bag. Can you guess who they are? Here are the clues:

On the left: Fashion Designer
In the middle: Actress
On the right: Athlete

Email your entries to with Fashion PULIS: Guess Who Loves Beabi Promo as the subject line on or before August 7, 2011.

Two winners will each receive a beabi Limited Artist Edition Bag and 3,000 PhP worth of beabi Gift Certificates.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Call It Quits

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If you are a resident of this posh village, chances are you might have already heard about this story. This story took place a couple of years before the actress even started dating the television host.

One evening, this actress showed up at the mansion of this rich businessman while he was hosting an intimate dinner for some close neighbors. The businessman was surprised by her presence so he had to excuse himself from the group to talk to the actress in private.

From the dining room, the dinner guests could hear the actress shouting at the businessman. Her voice was loud enough for them to hear what she was telling him. It seemed like she has perfected her yelling skills after shooting for her television series that required her to do a lot of yelling. They could hear her cursing him for the compensation money that he is offering her for them to call it quits.

After that night, the neighbors did their own research and found out that the actress was the kept woman of the businessman. They learned further that his wife, who was out of the country at the time, already knew about the affair and demanded that he leaves her permanently.

Do you know who this actress is? Please observe the guidelines in posting comments and be reminded that initials will not allowed. Follow micsylim on Twitter if you need clues regarding the actress. I will be waiting for your juicy stories at Thank you for always supporting Fashion PULIS!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Prodigal Daughter

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This model is one of the members of the mean girls, a group of divas who feel that they belong to the who's who of Philippine society. She only hangs out with the wealthy so that she can get invitations to the luxury resorts, posh hotels and expensive restaurants. She befriends these clueless rich people who generously treat her right and left. She wants them to spend for her so that she can  live the lifestyle that she has always wanted.

In her effort to be close to the rich and famous, she consciously ignores her mother who is said to be suffering from psychological problems. Instead of helping her mom cope with her situation, she is doing everything possible to avoid her. She is worried that her rich friends will abandon her if they hear about the condition of her mom.

Do you know who this model is? Kindly observe the guidelines in posting comments and remember that initials are not allowed. Follow micsylim on Twitter if you need clues regarding the model. Please send your juicy stories to Thank you for visiting Fashion PULIS!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Special Offers from the Belo Medical Group on Deal Grocer

From July 23 to August 6, Deal Grocer members get insider access to limited-time offers from the Belo Medical Group. Log on to: Deal Grocer Private Sale Event.

If you have oily skin like me, I suggest that you try the Glycopeel and Powerpeel Bundle. As much as possible, I visit the Belo Greenbelt Branch for my Powerpeel once every three weeks. I have been telling my friends that Belo has the best Powerpeel machine in the Philippines. Try it!

Wicked Relatives

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When the 15 year old nephew of this actress was in town from the USA for a visit, she was busy shooting for her television series so she entrusted the boy with her mother. One day, the actress instructed her mother to bring him to the dentist for a procedure. The antibiotics that the dentist gave him after the procedure caused a major allergic reaction. His grandmother had to bring him immediately to the hospital when this happened.

He was confined in the hospital for a few days while the doctors were still waiting for the results of his blood test. During this time, neither his aunt nor his grandmother was there with him. It was only the actress' secretary who was communicating with the medical staff to check on the boy's status from time to time. So when the boy's father eventually rang his mother (boy's grandmother) from the USA to check on his son, she avoided him because she did not know what to tell him.

The day when the grandmother visited the boy, the first thing she did was to reprimand him for what happened. She told him that the actress' husband (the boy's uncle) will be furious if he finds out about the expensive medical bill. It is so ironic that she tells her friends that her daughter is the "princess of the south" and yet she worries about how her son-in-law will react to the medical bill.

The actress immediately scheduled her nephew's flight back to the USA a few days after he was discharged from the hospital. On the day of his departure, the actress just instructed her driver to bring the boy to the airport. When the boy got off the car, the driver told him that his aunt and his grandmother do not want to ever see him back in the Philippines. 

Do you know who this actress is? Kindly observe the guidelines in posting comments and remember that initials are not allowed. Follow micsylim on Twitter if you need clues regarding the actress. Please continue to send your juicy stories to Thank you for visiting Fashion PULIS!

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Siomai Make-up Artist

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It has been a while since I last posted a blind item about someone from the fashion industry. The truth of the matter is that I worry that some of the people in the stories that I know might not be that well-known to most readers. Anyway, rest assured that I always prioritize a story about the fashion industry every time I do have one.

This make-up artist only wants to eat siomai and nothing else. Prior to the wedding day, he specifically advised his client/bride to make sure that she orders siomai for him. Upon receiving this information, the client relayed it to her wedding coordinator and requested her to take care of this.

On the day of the wedding, the coordinator invited the three assistants of the make-up artist to go to one of the function rooms for lunch where they will be served chicken and pork adobo with rice. The three assistants refused and told the coordinator that they also want siomai for lunch just like their boss. So instead of just buying 4 orders of siomai for the make-up artist, the coordinator now has to buy 16 orders of siomai for the make-artist and his three assistants.

The coordinator went to the mall located across the hotel to buy 16 orders (4 orders x 4 people) of siomai. When she was about to enter the hotel, the security guard stopped her since bringing in of food for wedding suppliers is strictly prohibited by the hotel management. She had to explain to the guard that the food she bought is for the bride and her family members who are waiting for her in the bridal suite. The security guard escorted the coordinator carrying the 16 orders of siomai to the bride's room to make sure that the food is really intended for hotel guests.

A few days after the wedding, the coordinator received a phone call from the client/groom asking her who charged more than 2,000 PhP worth of siomai to his room. The coordinator told him that she does not know anything about this and reassured him that she bought the 16 orders of siomai from the mall and not from the hotel's Chinese restaurant. Minutes later, the client/groom rang her back to tell her that he just found out that it was was the bride's brother who ordered the siomai from the hotel's Chinese restaurant. According to his brother-in-law, make-up artist disliked like the siomai that the coordinator bought from the mall so he decided to order from the hotel's Chinese restaurant instead.

Do you know who this make-up artist is? He has made a name for himself and this is why he feels that he can afford to be this demanding. To the readers who are not very familiar with the fashion industry, I suggest that you give your opinion on the story instead. I cannot wait to read your comments.

Kindly observe the guidelines in posting comments and remember that initials are not allowed. Follow micsylim on Twitter if you need clues regarding the make-up artist. Please continue to send your juicy stories to Thank you for reading Fashion PULIS!

Meet the Plains and Prints Raffle Winners

Miss LC King

Miss Genevieve Aquino

Thank you very much for participating in the Plains and Prints Raffle. Congratulations to the two winners!

Kudos to SM Hypermart for the Gesture

Dear Fashion  PULIS,

I would just like to let you know that the issue has been resolved already.

Yesterda afternoon, 3 representatives from SM Hypermarket Pasig went to my house to settle the issue. They apologized and thanked us for bringing the matter to their attention. In return, they gave us 5 Cadbury Chocolate Bars and a fruit basket to compensate for the inconvenience.

Thanks FP for posting it in your blog.

Yours truly,
Pauline Racho

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Playing With Fire

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Despite the fact that this athlete-endorser has introduced his young non-showbiz girlfriend to the public, he is said to be seeing another woman on the side. This woman is a private citizen who separated from her husband a few years ago. She and her children reside in a condominium somewhere close to Makati.

Knowing that this athlete has a girlfriend, the good friends of this woman have repeatedly cautioned her about his real intentions. They cannot understand as to why this athlete is still dating her despite that he is romantically involved with someone else. Since these friends know that the athlete sleeps over her place from time to time, they are worried that she might expect too much from him.

These friends believe that this athlete is bound to eventually break their friend's heart and this is why they constantly think of ways on how to kick him out of her life.

Do you know who this athlete-endorser is? Kindly observe the guidelines in posting comments and remember that initials are not allowed. Follow micsylim on Twitter if you need more clues. Continue to send your juicy stories to Thank you for reading Fashion PULIS!

Kudos to Swatch for Helping the FP Reader

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Dear Fashion PULIS,

Thank you very much for publishing The Swatch Complaint letter in your blog. I would like to inform you that Swatch already replaced my watch with a new one. No reason was given though as to why Swatch decided to consider my request that was not initially turned down.

I sent the watch via 2Go and within a week, Swatch sent me a new one. I would just like to update you and your readers and let you know that Swatch honored the warranty after all.

Thanks you very much to Swatch and to Fashion PULIS!

Yours truly,
Maria Frances Anne Lorena

Xian Lim Picks Winners for the Mint Giveaway Contest

Congratulations to Miss Ma. Lourdes D. Espanol and to Mr. Adrian Santos Manabat for each winning 5,000 PhP worth of Mint gift certificate! Both of you will receive an email from Miss Hazel Espinosa of Mint as to how you can claim your prize.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

PBA: Please Beware of Attention

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Public display of affection or PDA is any physical display of affection between two people while in the presence of others. Some common forms of PDA include holding hands, hugging, kissing, necking or petting in public. A man normally uses PDA to establish claim on a woman and to publicly communicate that she belongs to him.

This basketball player definitely enjoys PDA. If you Google his name, you will see his photos publicly kissing this certain actress who used to be his girlfriend. Recently, he was seen in a club making out with this drunken television host all night long. Club goers who were able to witness their lip locking scenes were surprised because the host's aggressive behavior that night was totally opposite from the demure image that she projects on television.

Do you know who this basketball player is? How about the television host? Please follow micsylim on Twitter if you need more clues. Kindly continue to send your juicy stories to Thank you for always supporting Fashion PULIS!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Spotted: Singers Dating in Singapore's Universal Studios

These two singers were spotted by a Fashion PULIS reader dating in Singapore's Universal Studios. The two of them have remained elusive when asked about their relationship. Does this photo confirm anything?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Get a Chance to Win a Luminous Skin Package Worth 5,400PhP

Please email your entries to:

The Prima Donna Noontime Show Host

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The term "prima donna" is used to describe a temperamental conceited person who has an inflated view of themselves or their talent. According to the production staff of this noontime show, this is the term that best describes this female host who used to have her own television series.

She is always tardy for her call time and she needs to spend hours in the dressing room having her hair and make-up done. One time when she came in really late, her hairstylist was pressured to finish her hairstyle in a matter of a few minutes. When she looked at the mirror, she was very dissatisfied with what she saw so she cursed the hairstylist and humiliated him. 

It is also a challenge for the staff to make her come out of her dressing room. Whenever they need her on the set, she always has to ask for a few extra minutes to have something done. It is already her bad habit to make her co-hosts wait for her.

Do you know who this prima donna noontime show host is? Please follow micsylim on Twitter if you need additional clues. Continue to send your juicy stories to Thank you for visiting Fashion PULIS!

Could This Article Possibly Explain Albie Casino's Behavior?

Image courtesy of

A reader found this article entitled B for D: The Lowdown on Dyslexia and Other Learning Disabilities that was published on Female in 2006. Let me share excerpts of this article with you.

Slowpoke. Stupid. Bobo. Weirdo. Nine-year-old Albie Casino has heard them all. He didn’t have friends in the exclusive boys’ school he attended from prep to grade two. Nobody wanted to play with him. One day, when he asked his mom Rina if he could bring his Koosh Ball to school, her heart broke as Albie explained: “If I don’t have it, nobody will play with me.”

It’s not because Albie looks different. A handsome boy, he has even modeled for a magazine. A smart one, he was one of the top 30 who passed his school’s prep entrance exam, which 1,000 or so boys took. But Albie can’t read or spell as well as the other children can. He reads “brop” for “drop,” “whon” for “whom,” “flit” for “felt,” “they had tried” for “they had trained.” He spells “entr” for “enter,” “maek” for “make,” “surkol” for “circle.” Albie, you see, has dyslexia.

Albie was tested by his school’s guidance department after his teacher noticed his difficulty with reading. The teacher also noted that Albie would excuse himself from class whenever there was a board activity or when it was time for his remedial reading classes. When told that their son had dyslexia. Albie’s parents initially refused to believe it, saying, “Ano ba ‘yan? Baka okey lang.” It was only after Rina read up on the subject and then learned that two of Albie’s cousins were dyslexic did acceptance come.

Acting on the recommendation of the school’s guidance department, Albie’s parents brought him to Wordlab School in Quezon City, a private educational institution that assesses and works with children with learning disabilities. Wordlab recommended an after-school reading intervention program for Albie. They also wrote Albie’s school a list of things they could do for the boy to help him cope. Among these were giving him reading texts in advance so that he can have more time to practice on them, and giving him more time to take written tests.

His school was traditional and the atmosphere very competitive, however, so the requests couldn’t be accommodated. Albie was transferred to a progressive school. In this new school, classes are limited to 13 students for all grade levels and non-traditional ways of teaching are accommodated. The teachers slow down until the students understand a lesson; homework is not piled on, and addition techniques are taught with a rhythmic dance. All around, children are motivated to learn at their own pace.

Boost His Self-esteem
Albie is now in grade three in this school, and his parents can’t help but notice how much his self-esteem has shot up. Says Rina, “He has friends now and his social skills improved very much. He doesn’t say ‘I can’t’ that much anymore.”

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ungrateful Friend

Image courtesy of

This big time host used to have a male co-host on his former TV show. He was extra generous to this co-host because he treated him as a good friend. He gave him so much cash and even showered him with luxurious gifts. Last Christmas, he gave him a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes. When he found out that this co-host was travelling to Europe, he offered to pay for his airfare and even gave him pocket money.

In spite of the big time host's generosity to the co-host, he still managed to speak badly of him. One day when this big time TV host was standing outside the dressing room, he accidentally overheard the co-host badmouthing him. The co-host was telling someone in the dressing room that although the big time host is generous friend, he is really very difficult to work with.

When the big time host heard this, he entered the dressing room and confronted the co-host. He advised him to resign from his show that very moment and say his goodbyes to their co-workers. He stopped being friend with him after that incident. This was the real reason behind the co-host's departure from the said show.

Do you know who this ungrateful co-host is? How about the big time host? If you need more clues, I suggest that you follow micsylim on Twitter. Please continue to send your juicy stories to Thank you for supporting Fashion PULIS!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Indecent Proposal

Image courtesy of

This public servant frequents this world class entertainment center whenever he has time off in Manila. One day when he was there having a good time with some friends, the beauty ambassadress of this entertainment center caught his attention. According to him, her features reminded him of this actress whom he used to date a few years ago.

Since this public servant is a valued client of the entertainment center, he used his connections to get in touch with the beauty ambassadress. He requested one of his contacts to offer her a few hundred thousand pesos just to spend one night with him. The beauty ambassadress turned down the offer and the public servant was disillusioned.

Do you know who this public servant is? How about the beauty ambassadress? Kindly observe the guidelines in posting comments and remember that initials are not allowed. If you need additional clues, I suggest that you follow micsylim on Twitter. Please continue to send your juicy stories to Thank you for reading Fashion PULIS!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Letter from a Reader: Queen of Deadma

Image courtesy of

Dear Fashion PULIS,

I recently got hooked on Fashion Pulis. The first time I visited your blog, it took me the whole day read through your old blind items. Anyway, I would like to share a story with you and your readers.

I used to be a very big fan of this female TV personality prior to these two incidents that happened two weeks ago when I watched the concert of this comedian.

First incident: 
My cousin who was part of the production team and her friend approached this female TV personality to request for a picture with her. Despite the fact that my cousin and her friend were standing in front of her, she ignored them and pretended not to hear them.

Second incident: 
A friend of mine who is very close to the comedian brought me to his dressing room after the concert to congratulate him.  He was very kind and warm. He was also very enthusiastic when we requested to have a picture with him. 

After having our picture with him, I noticed that the female TV personality was also in the dressing room. I approached her and asked if I can have a picture with her. I heard her said yes to me but after that, she sat on the couch beside the comedian and started chatting with him. It suddenly seemed like I was not even present in the room. 

I understand that celebrities deserve to have their private time, but it was not as if there were many people lining up in the room to have their picture taken with her. She could have just said no if she didn't really want to entertain me. 

After that night, my admiration and respect for her just vanished. I stopped watching her show on TV. Maybe i just felt so disappointed because I used to really admire her.

Anyway, thank you FP for entertaining me and so many other people out there with your blind items! I hope you will not run out of stories! More power and God bless!

Yours truly,

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Insecure Much?

Image courtesy of

This actor was still very much attached to his former model-girlfriend when he started dating this actress. One day when this model decided to pay the actor a surprise visit at his place, she was shocked when the actress answered the door. She immediately left the place because she was disheartened to see the actress standing there, wearing one of the actor's t-shirts.

Despite the fact that the model's relationship with the actor has ended, the two of them have managed to maintain contact with each other. To make things worse, she is also very close to most of his family members. This is actually why this actress is very insecure with this model.

Her insecurity eventually worsened when this model joined a reality TV show. If you remember, she got involved in a twitter war with an athlete when she tweeted "lahat na lang artista na :( sad.” When she did this, she was not just referring to the athlete but she was indirectly sending a message to the model who just entered show business at that time.

Have you figured out the characters in this story? If not, I suggest that you follow micsylim on Twitter. Please continue to send your juicy stories to Thank you for supporting Fashion PULIS!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Leave Me Alone

Image courtesy of

This actor does not want any other clients to be present at this gym whenever he is there for his work out. He wants the management to refuse the appointments of the other clients despite this gym's policy of only allowing a maximum of four clients per slot.

According to him, he has low self-esteem because he has gained a noticeable amount of weight lately. He is not confident with this body and he does not want the other clients to see him when he works out. He is however willing to make an exception for this female VJ who was once romantically linked to someone who is very close to him.

The management of this exclusive gym denied his request because it has very limited slots to begin with. Also, the clients per time slot policy was also explained to him before he enrolled.

Do you know who this actor is?  I suggest you follow micsylim on Twitter if you cannot identify him. Please continue to send your juicy stories to Thank you for sharing Fashion PULIS with your friends!


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