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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Cannot be Priority

Sometimes, certain celebrities take advantage of their status by making people around them feel their sense of entitlement. Worse, such behavior belies the positive oncam image of the said celebrities. While a celebrity might be exuding good behavior offcam, the opposite might be true when he/she moves around in public places.

When Accomplished Personality (AP) went shopping with his Non-showbiz Girlfriend (NG), they made heads turn. After all, AP has been in the entertainment industry for quite a time, and thus, is familiar. Moreover, AP has been open with his relationship with NG, who is a looker herself. Hence, they look good together.

Expecting that he would be prioritized, AP became agitated when the sales personnel were not giving him enough attention. At that time, other customers were ahead of AP. Hence, these people were attended to ahead of AP. A line was formed, and whoever is first, gets to be served first. In the case of AP, he seemed to have wanted to simply be given VIP status.

Nonetheless, AP continued with his rant and raised his voice at the personnel. His behavior made customers feel uneasy, and when he was recognized, they felt disappointment. AP has a jovial image and his followers love him for his cool performances. His behavior in the store was unexpected. Worse, he was making it appear that the store staff was holding him, and thus, he would be late for his appointment. His attitude did not work, as the staff served customers in order. While the bad attitude of AP continued, NG remained quiet and did not add to the tension between AP and the store staff.

Perhaps, AP should be reminded that celebrities like him are often treated fairly by high profile stores. Hence, unless the store has guidelines, anyone who wants goods or services has to wait patiently. One has to respect the fact that other customers came earlier and thus, should be served ahead. Besides, no one should scream at the staff for no valid reason at all.

“Act as if you don't know me, and i will make it seem as though you don't exist.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson

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Avoiding Liver Problems

Our liver is essential for getting rid of body toxins and metabolising drugs which is why when you start having liver problems, it could take a toll on one’s health that’s why as much as possible, we should avoid having liver problems. “Liver problems” is equal to “liver diseases” which can be caused by many factors such as viruses, alcohol abuse or even obesity. When not avoided or treated properly, it can be a life-threatening condition. For preventing liver diseases you must consider several steps:
  1. Drink alcohol in moderation. It is okay to still drink alcohol every once in a while but heavy drinking may damage the liver in the long run. 
  2. Get vaccinated in order to avoid diseases such as Hepatitis A and B that may cause liver damage.
  3. Use medications properly. Take prescription and non-prescription drugs only when needed.
  4. Maintain a healthy weight by watching what you eat and drink. Detoxify with powerful antioxidants such as green tea, Vitamin C and Milk Thistle or Silymarin. All these can help promote the growth of new liver cells while strengthening the liver health thus the prevention of liver diseases. There are food supplements that are easy to buy which has the combination of Silymarin and Sodium Ascorbate but the only product that I have tried which I have been really happy with is LiverMarin. LiverMarin has Silymarin and Sodium Ascorbate that may help prevent over-production of insulin, manage SGPT/SGOT levels, prevent liver diseases such as liver cirrhosis and can even help prevent the liver from Hepatitis A and B.
  5. Exercise regularly. With this you will be able to make sure you have a healthy weight while allowing proper functions of your internal organs.
These steps, when followed may help you lead a vigorous and a healthier lifestyle while avoiding liver problems and diseases.

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Hatchimals: The Hottest Toy to Have This 2017!

Interactive play has never been this fun, exciting and sensible with Hatchimals! Give your child the best and memorable childhood as they experience another level of play that doesn’t only showcase a great amount of entertainment but also teaches values that kids and parents would definitely benefit from in the future.

Hatchimals is a next level pet which you can take care of while they’re still inside the egg until they hatch! There are two available pets the kids can get a, Penguala or Draggle, which they’re just going to find out once it’s hatched! The hatching process begins as soon as it’s taken from its packaging. Just witnessing the egg flashes lights inside and create different noises as the kids interact with it is already such a priceless moment. Each eggs take about 30 minutes to hatch and it’s only done by constant interaction with the egg like rubbing or moving it, taking care of it like it’s definitely your own precious baby.

The excitement doesn’t stop right there until you see your very own Hatchimal, hatching! Be ready to get smitten with how adorable and interactive it is the moment it hatches.

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Repost: Moonlight Wins Best Picture Oscar, After Warren Beatty Gives Award to La La Land

Moonlight has won the best picture Oscar in an unlikely victory, sensationally defeating the strong favourite La La Land.

This was after Faye Dunaway read out La La Land as the victor – and the cast and crew took to the stage and completed many of their acceptance speeches. Chaos then reigned as Warren Beatty, with whom Dunaway had presented the prize, returned to the stage to admit their mistake.

“I wasn’t trying to be funny,” said Beatty, explaining that they had been handed the previous winner’s envelope – for Emma Stone’s La La Land victory. “That’s why I looked at Faye for a really long time,” said Beatty.

Directed by Barry Jenkins and adapted from an unpublished playscript by Tarell Alvin McCraney, Moonlight won near-universal critical plaudits for its depiction of the coming of age of a gay black teenager from a rough neighbourhood in Miami.

Moonlight premiered at the Telluride film festival in 2016, and generated Oscar momentum straightaway, winning a string of awards including best drama at the Golden Globes and best feature at the Gotham awards.

It defeated nine other films in the Oscar race: apart from hot favourite La La Land, it also beat Kenneth Lonergan’s grief drama Manchester by the Sea and the commercially successful Hidden Figures, about black female mathematicians who worked on Nasa’s moon mission in the 1960s.

This makes Moonlight the lowest-budget best picture winner of all time: made for $1.6m, so easily trumping its nearest rival, Precious, whose budget was between $6.5-$10m. 

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Repost: Oscar Winners 2017

Image courtesy of


These are the winners of the 89th annual Academy Awards. More Oscars coverage at

Best Picture: “Moonlight”

Actor: Casey Affleck, “Manchester by the Sea”

Actress: Emma Stone, “La La Land”

Supporting Actor: Mahershala Ali, “Moonlight”

Supporting Actress: Viola Davis, “Fences”

Animated Feature: “Zootopia”

Cinematography: “La La Land”

Costume Design: “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”

Direction: Damien Chazelle, “La La Land”

Documentary Feature: “O.J.: Made in America”

Documentary Short: “The White Helmets”

Film Editing: “Hacksaw Ridge”

Foreign Language Film: “The Salesman”

Makeup and Hairstyling: “Suicide Squad”

Score: “La La Land”

Song: “City of Stars” from “La La Land”

Music by Justin Hurwitz; Lyrics by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul

Production Design: “La La Land”

Animated Short: “Piper”

Live Action Short: “Sing”

Sound Editing: “Arrival”

Sound Mixing: “Hacksaw Ridge”

Visual Effects: “The Jungle Book”

Adapted Screenplay: “Moonlight”

Original Screenplay: “Manchester by the Sea”

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Monday, February 27, 2017

Was She Gang Raped?

What Not So Visible Talent (NT) thought would be just a typical client call turned out to be a nightmare. Over the years, NT has been the subject of rumors of her involvement in the flesh trade. Possessing one of the prettiest faces in the entertainment industry, NT has always been the subject of such speculations ever since she became allegedly involved with an influential personality. Other than her looks, NT is articulate and more than action, she can make men feel comfortable as well.

As the Asian market seems to be overcrowded, NT was invited by a wealthy clan to go further to another city, where rules are strict when it comes to certain behavior. Thus, NT was well behaved and pretended to be in the said country for work. She traveled with a colleague to make the ruse seem real. Staying in an expensive hotel, the grapevine was abuzz that she was fantastic and worth the payment.

Then, a very rich Businessman (BM) decided to hire NT and see if the stories about her pleasurable talents were true. NT agreed to meet with her new client for a night. The deal was sealed and it was just for him and her. BM was very satisfied and mulled over the idea of hiring NT again.

As the encounter was indeed memorable, BM booked NT a second time. As he was a repeat client, NT felt complacent and went up to the room alone. The moment NT entered the hotel room, she felt odd because the door was shut quickly. Soon, two other men came out from the bathroom and she realized she was set up for three men. She could not escape and had to perform for the three men.

After the ordeal, NT felt violated, but she could not say anything. She could not complain nor report to concerned authorities. She was in a land where women are treated like dirt and selling one’s body would meet the harshness of penalties. Besides, she was allegedly paid handsomely. However, NT, despite all the years in the alleged trade, spent the following days crying and trying to forget what happened.

“A teachable spirit and a humbleness to admit your ignorance or your mistake will save you a lot of pain. However, if you're a person who knows it all, then you've got a lot of heavy-hearted experiences coming your way.” ― Ron Carpenter Jr.

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