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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Besties No More

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Over the years, friendships develop during work and sharing of the same goals for the workplace. Coming from different backgrounds and circumstances, Pleasant Woman (PW) and Female Colleague (FC) became friends because they shared the same interest. Although PW is considered senior to FC, positions in the company did not matter. Both had ample exposure in media and no competition existed between them until the moment dreaded by PW arrived.

Sometime ago, PW noticed Her Husband (HH) had been insistent on picking her up after work. He used to do that when he was courting her, but when they got married, the driver assumed HH’s duties. So, PW loved the idea that HH seemed to be courting her again by showing the patience of picking her up at the station. Sometimes, HH would arrive early and would hang around their department, where FC would stay for work as well.

Earlier in their lives, HH and FC were friends and thus they would be cordial with each other in the department. What most people do not know, except for PW, is that HH used to court FC. However, FC went to another school to complete her studies. HH could not wait for her and turned her attention to their friend, PW. They hit it off and soon got married. When FC came home, her friends were already married and she, herself, has moved on and married Her Classmate (HC).

One day, HH stopped picking up PW at the office and gave all sorts of excuses. PW was understanding and did not make a big deal out of the change. No secret can be hidden forever, as someone saw HH and FC having dinner in a posh location and reported the incident to PW. Before confronting HH, PW hired an investigator to see if her instinct was right.

With evidence in her hands, PW called HC and told him of the results of the investigation. After which, PW confronted HH, who said he and FC are just friends and were merely having closure. PW did not buy the alibi, as she believed there was no need for closure as he and FC already have families.

PW did not stop there. Without hysterics, she called FC to her office and talked to her. She forbade FC to see HH ever again for the sake of their children. With a seeming scandal that could tear their department apart, FC retreated. Sadly, the two are no longer speaking to each other.

‘Love is understood, in a historical way, as one of the great human vocations - but its counterspell has always been infidelity. This terrible, terrible betrayal that can tear apart not only another person, not only oneself, but whole families.’ – Junot Diaz

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Repost: R&B Singer James Ingram Dies at 66

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James Ingram, a Grammy winner known for his soulful R&B hits, has died, his friends and colleagues said Tuesday. He was 66 years old.

"I have lost my dearest friend and creative partner James Ingram to the Celestial Choir," performer Debbie Allen tweeted. "He will always be cherished, loved and remembered for his genius, his love of family and his humanity."

A native of the US state of Ohio, Ingram launched his music career with the band Revelation Funk and later played keyboard for soul pioneer Ray Charles.

His rise to fame came after he lent his smooth vocals to the songs "Just Once" and "One Hundred Ways" on an album recorded by industry legend Quincy Jones.

Ingram earned three Grammy nominations for the works, including Best New Artist, winning for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance in 1981.

With Jones, he also co-wrote Michael Jackson’s hit "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)."

"There are no words to convey how much my <3 aches," tweeted Jones. "With that soulful, whisky sounding voice, James was simply magical."

"He was, & always will be, beyond compare."

Over his career, Ingram was nominated for 14 Grammys along with two Golden Globes and two Oscars, one for his duet with singer Patti Austin, "How Do you Keep the Music Playing?" that was featured in the movie Best Friends.

Ingram also joined singer Linda Ronstadt to perform the song "Somewhere Out There" from the 1986 animated musical adventure film An American Tail, which sees a family of Jewish Russian mice flee to the United States.

He also collaborated with high-profile artists including Donna Summer, Viktor Lazlo and Natalie Cole.

"Ingram’s rich voice and masterful songwriting has made a lasting impact on the music industry," the Recording Academy, the organization behind the Grammys, said in a statement. "Our thoughts go out to his loved ones during this difficult time."

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Play Up or Else

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No one can remain on the pedestal forever. Celebrity status is indeed measured by the flops and successes of projects even if celebrities have made names for themselves. The more flops a celebrity has, the fewer projects he/she will be given. By contrast, for every successful project in ratings and revenues, regardless of length in the industry, will mean more projects and subsequently, more money.

So as not to be complacent, the top executives called Longtime Actor (LA) to a meeting to ask about his career plans. LA has been with his team for many years and while he remains an icon for the network, the management is worried as his last TV projects have performed way below expectations. Moreover, his movies have not scored much in the box-office unlike the previous years when his name would be synonymous to a hit. Because of such performance, his endorsements have lessened.

The management could not help but compare the state of the career of LA with that of the rejuvenated status of Network Talent (NT). Years ago, the career of NT hit rock bottom. Although he was enjoying a career as an actor, NT decided to try his other talents. In the process, his visibility diminished and he lost his appeal. When he finally realized what he wanted to do, NT patiently engaged in projects until he found the right endorsements, movies, and TV projects. The management could not help but think that NT and another hot actor have overshadowed LA in terms of appearances and network pride.

The talk progressed and the weaknesses in the career of LA had to be addressed. First, LA has been too aloof with fans as well as fellow actors. Whenever he is teased to a co-worker, he remains stoic. Then, there’s the rumor that cannot seem to die down, regardless of denials and lack of evidence. Finally, LA has not really changed his image since he started in the business. He’s still taking the safe path and at certain times, maintaining his righteous image that sometimes turns off fans.

As the network knows the value of LA, his handlers were further instructed to think of ways to improve or reinvent the image of LA. Only after a career makeover will he have solo projects again. For the moment until his team fixes his image, he will just have to be content with a few hosting gigs and occasionally appearing in shows of the network.

‘Sometimes life requires more of you than you have to give & demands you plunge into the reinvention of yourself if you truly wanna live.’– Curtis Tyrone Jones

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