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Monday, August 31, 2015

Sending Feelers for Reconciliation

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When Talented Actress (TA) started her career, she was admired for her refreshing looks and acting talent. She even ventured into singing early on. Her network capitalized on making her as someone who can touch the masses despite coming from a certified wealthy family. Soon, she managed to amass followers and had several successful loveteams. However, TA fell in love with someone (WS) whom her family did not approve of, and that started a change in the way her image was perceived. From a sweet innocent image, the fans did not take it too well that TA opted to leave her family and live with WS.

As time is the constant resolver of problems, WS and TA called it quits. This development left TA with no choice, but to reconcile with her family. WS moved on and later resurrected his career. During these times, the private family of TA suddenly got propelled into the limelight, as the family was very vocal against her choices. Thus, it was obvious that TA’s family was about to meddle formally in her career, and they did.

When TA decided to make the big move, she made sure she was backed up by a feisty manager (FM) and her family. With open arms, her new network welcomed her and gave her the best projects fitting her status. After some projects that fared well, FM was dropped by TA and a close family member (CF) took over her career. This situation created tension, but TA and CF got their way.

Things were moving quite well with TA until an Emerging Celebrity (EC) started to claim her space in the network. EC started to corner good projects, followers, and attention from the network. Alas, a kingdom cannot be ruled by two queens. Quietly, strain was building up, and soon, in a project that they were both in, the conflict was concretized with each camp claiming being wronged. Allegedly, the said conflict began with a misunderstanding of a comment TA made on EC’s boyfriend then. Being overprotective, EC reacted in a way that TA did not like. The events that followed seemed straight from a telenovela, with TA in the lead. Fortunately, EC did not retaliate.

Since then, the gap between EC and TA widened. Worse, their fans got in the way and would flood social media accounts of EC and TA with hateful reactions. Although both have moved on in their personal lives and their careers, the only effect of this gap was the negative impression on the part of TA. TA’s actions would always be met with cynicism, which was in contrast to the positive vibes generated by EC.

One cannot keep hate forever and the negative image of TA is affecting even the image of people around her. The online bashing and comments TA is getting is not good and has been going on for some time. A way to rise about the negativism is to resolve the issue with EC. Thus, the recourse of TA is to attempt to reconcile with EC. Allegedly, TA has sent feelers to the management to make a way for her and EC to make peace. The idea sounds excellent, but there is a catch, as the intended reconciliation did not come from TA, but from someone very close to her, who has to make sure nothing negative can cross his path. Thus, TA has no choice but to play the politics of reconciliation.

There is no refuge from memory and remorse in this world. The spirits of our foolish deeds haunt us, with or without repentance. - Gilbert Parker

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Philippines Dazzles Calgary Fireworks Festival by Sweeping All Three Categories in Annual Competition of Pyrotechnic Prowess

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Filipino pride rose high over Calgary Saturday as the Philippines swept all fireworks categories at this year’s GlobalFest.

Taking the People’s Choice, Kid’s Choice and Best-of awards, president of Philippines’ Platinum Fireworks Joel Sta. Ana said he was very proud of this year’s win.

“We’re very, very happy,” he told the Sun.

“It was a very fierce competition.”

This is the third time the Philippines has competed in the annual Calgary fireworks and cultural festival, capturing People’s Choice in their 2011 debut and going home empty-handed in 2012.

This year’s show, and subsequent big win, is dedicated to the people of Calgary, he said — in particular its large Filipino community.

In addition, the Philippines’ cultural pavilion won the One World Festival Award — an honour shared with Scotland in an unprecedented tie.

Indonesian Kitchen won best ethnic food category.

This year’s GlobalFest was fraught with challenges thanks to Mother Nature.

Heavy smoke from distant wildfires, wind and rain threatened the four fireworks shows — the latter causing the festival’s first postponement in four years.

Assistant show producer Nikki Macaraeg said organizers expressed deep appreciation to the city for their understanding in light of the frustration last Thursday’s cancellation caused.

“It was tough,” she said.

“I wanted to say thank you to everybody who supported us through one of our hardest years ever.”

She credited the Philippines’ win to an innovative and beautiful show, featuring pyrotechnics judges had never seen before — including giant shells in the red, white, yellow and blue of the Filipino flag.

“We know we had a rough year, but it’s nice to know Calgarians still support us and understand the imperfect beauty of holding an outdoor festival in Calgary.”

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ABS-CBN Boo-Boo: Ooops... ABS-CBN Post Uses 'His' Instead of 'Her'

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American BF of Filipino Who Died in Coron: Sea Urchin, Not Stonefish, Killed Him

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The American boyfriend of a Filipino tourist who died in Coron, Palawan more than a week ago has taken to social media to clear speculations surrounding his death, ABS-CBN reported.

On his social media accounts, Travis Navarro Millard posted a picture showing the bruised and punctured left foot of Miguel Ruiz who died on August 14 after stepping on something poisonous.

“I’ve been very bothered by the different stories concerning the cause of his death,” his post started. “He did not drown, he did not step on a stonefish.”

Earlier reports say Ruiz might have stepped on a stonefish while his official post-mortem from the hospital states he died from drowning.

Elaborating further, Millard wrote: “The attached photo is exactly what Miguel’s foot looked like when he was observed at Coron District Hospital. They dismissed the puncture wounds and didn’t offer me any type of explanation.”

Millard then explained that he sought professional advice and came to the conclusion that it was a sea urchin which caused his boyfriend’s fatality.

“After a thorough search and discussion with several marine and medical professionals, it is our best conclusion that he stepped on a sea urchin, not a stonefish,” he wrote, and added in a link to a story about a similar incident involving the son of TV personality and former football player Bob Wilson as proof.

However, Millard also stressed that they are still waiting for the official reports from the autopsy which was done in Manila to definitively pin down Ruiz’s cause of death.

“We are still awaiting the official autopsy results for the detailed toxicology report,” he wrote. “However, it is important for me to clear the air about the stonefish and other suggested cause of death.”

Millard and Ruiz’s family have vowed to press charges against the authorities in Coron for failing to provide proper medical training and equipment to tourism and health personnel in the municipality.

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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Her Secret Boyfriend

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When a person decides to enter showbiz, he or she must be prepared for the demands of gaining fame, fans, and projects. In other words, one, especially if he or she has no connections, must be ready to follow the rules of the game. Sometimes, a new identity will be concocted to make the life of the wannabee celebrity more interesting. Having a career requires giving up one’s true identity and relationships as well.

As celebrities have secrets as a result of their true identities, discovering and revealing such facts can create excitement for fans on the one hand, and rejection on the other. When it comes to having relationships, partners have to be denied in favor of the reel love team. Fans will remain loyal if they believe in the possibility that a reel love team can become real. 

For this reel love team, regardless of how persistent their followers pray for Charming Actor (CA) and Talented Performer (TP) to end up with each other, such relationship will not happen. While CA and TP have chemistry onscreen, reality is that they will never become each other’s forever. CA and TP come from different backgrounds. CA has been exposed to the ways of the world. Even though, his management has tried to create a boy-next-door image for him, his actions behind the cameras have made such efforts futile. Because he is famous, CA is easily spotted and people usually could sneak a photo or two without him minding it. Unfortunately, some of these stolen shots feature him awkwardly, and thus, these postings earn the ire of the fandom.

While attention seems to be centered on CA’s escapades, little seems to be known about the background of TP. In fact, even their fandom is divided. Some would defend CA no matter what, and blame TP for whatever reason. Others defend TP and insist that she is the one who has to suffer for the unmindfulness of CA. Thus, the question is if TP has skeletons in her closet, which could tarnish her blitzing career. 

Allegedly, the reason why TP is quick to say that what she has with CA is just for the screen is that she actually is involved in a relationship with a non-showbiz guy (NS). NS is told to be involved in politics at the youth level, which is understandable as he is a member of a well-known political clan in a province in the north. Apparently, some people who know about TP and NS thought that they have ended their relationship. However, they were seen together recently with their non-showbiz friends. TP and NS looked sweet and seemingly acted as a couple.

Having relationships is normal for anyone. However, for most celebrities, they have to have an image of being single. This image adds to retaining the fans, who continue to pine for the celebrity to end up with the reel partner. Once these celebrities publicly declare they are in a relationship, their value goes down. Thus, celebrities, like CA and TP, would rather not admit to having relationships, as admission of not being available can diminish interest in them.

In the game of life, we all receive a set of variables and limitations in the field of play. We can either focus on the lack thereof or empower ourselves to create better realities with the pieces we play the game with.― T.F. Hodge

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Insta Scoop: SM on Waze

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SM Supermalls joined forces with Waze to provide the 1.8 million active Filipino Waze users (also known as Wazers) with real-time relevant information including turn-by-turn directions to nearby SM Supermalls that appear along the driver's route.

The Waze Philippines map will display SM Supermalls' branded pins that will give Wazers special updates including ongoing mall event and promotions, and 3-Day Sale alerts.

GMA Network's Response to Sky Cable's Statement

Image courtesy of en.wikipedia.prg

Sky Cable issued a press statement calling the complaint, which GMA Network filed with the NTC regarding the poor cable signal during the airing of the noontime show Eat Bulaga, particularly during the airing of its "Aldub kalye-serye segment", as malicious and without basis.

In reply, GMA Network wishes to point out that:

1. GMA’s complaint with the NTC is based on the numerous complaints GMA has received from its viewers.

 2. Instead of merely saying that GMA's complaint is malicious and without basis, Sky Cable would do well to refute the specific complaints of GMA's viewers submitted to the NTC, where the case is now pending.

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