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Friday, June 30, 2017

Done and Over for Now

The entertainment industry can be cruel, and this cruelty is blind. It does not matter if one were a big and famous celebrity or a starting out wannabee. Talent is a given, as even the least talented have survived. Bad choices, arrogant attitude, and wrong company, among others, are possible reasons for one’s downfall. By contrast, celebrities who listened to advice and accepted their mistakes have managed to sustain their careers and gain respect from fans and industry stakeholders alike.

One celebrity who has been victimized by the system is now realizing that a comeback might be a bit more difficult than what he had expected. During the heydays of Statuesque Actor (SA) screams seemed endless and projects came one after the other. In fact, he was among the top priorities of his network until more handsome and talented actors entered the picture. As years passed, SA developed an attitude, which could not accommodate the reality that he has been ousted at the top.

The appearance of SA started to lessen and reasons for his hiatus ranged from managing business interests to attending to personal relationships. The truth was he was no longer the favorite of a Powerful Insider (PI). So, after lingering with no roles in sight, SA went overseas thanks to a sponsor. However, things did not turn out well, and his sponsor left him. SA had to make controversial choices, or else he would starve.

With the help of an Elderly Celebrity (EC), SA allegedly had encounters with older women and gay men for him to earn enough to make sure he lived in style. EC had clients for SA, and things seemed okay. SA had a place to stay under the wing of EC.

Then, one day, PI offered SA a supporting role in a project. Negotiations failed, as SA felt the talent fee was too small. However, SA surprisingly came home and decided to work on a project with Another Network (AN). SA wanted to test the waters and to see if he could make a comeback. Of course, his choice of doing a project with AN offended PI, and instead of getting SA back, he was ignored. With no clear sign that he could return to the industry, SA decided to leave for overseas once again.

‘People do make mistakes and I think they should be punished. But they should be forgiven and given the opportunity for a second chance. We are human beings.’ - David Millar

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Brazilian Model Gabriela Barros Airs Her Side on Issue with Jing Monis

Images courtesy of Facebook: Jing Monis and Gabe Barros

Hi guys,

Gabe Barros here, "the bitch with the bad attitude" mentioned by Jing. Well, I'm here to tell my side of the situation. I came to [the] Philippines just and only to visit my friend and make some pictures, and my friend asked me if I could do this show. I said yes, why not, let’s rock it. So I went...

My hair is short, guys, and I was waiting for the time of the show, with my makeup and hair ready. Then, this guy comes in, the one which made sure to post my picture and talk bad about me, screaming to everyone, and he continues to scream so loud so everyone can hear. He was screaming at me asking me if I was really a model and what was I doing there. Of course, I was offended and embarrassed. I just replied, ‘Yes, I am a model for over 5 years,’ and then I said, ‘But why are you being so rude with me?’ He replied, ‘Do you think I’m being rude?’ Then, he started to say that he would kick me out from this country, and that I shouldn't be here.

As a human and a girl, I started to cry. As God is my witness, and the people who were there could confirm exactly what happened. I did NOTHING to offend him, did not scream at him, not at all. Even though I wanted to, I did not, even with his arrogant attitude. But who am I here to discuss with someone, when I'm just a foreign, a model, or considered by him, not even this ? So I just cried.

I would like to tell JING publicly that I am SORRY for my look or my hair, and if I had pissed you off for that. But honestly between the walls of that event and people there, He knows and also the people there know that I did nothing at all, in attitude, or words, even gesture. If crying is a sin, forgive me, but in that situation I felt so low, and humiliated that I felt like leaving this country right at that moment if I could.

Well guys, that’s the story. I'm a Brazilian model, and before working in the Philippines, I [worked] in China, Thailand, and so on, where I never ever had any circumstance like this or disrespect someone. I love your country, I love the people, and I respect you.

Wishing no more misunderstanding with Jing, or anyone, once more, if I really was mean to you, you can come and talk with me, or in front of people as you like. But talk, do not accuse [me with] something that I did NOT do at all.

Cheers, peace, and love. May God bless your country. And you don't need to deport me, as I said before I just came for a week, and I'm already leaving.

Thank you,

Gabe Barros

Note: Gabe Barros sent the following letter in response to Jing Monis. In the spirit if fairness, we are publishing the letter as sent to Fashion PULIS. The letter was edited for editorial purposes.

GMA-7 & Solar Sports to Air Pacquiao-Horn Fight

It’s going to be another epic fight as WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao defends his belt from Australian prizefighter Jeff Horn in a much-awaited match dubbed “BATTLE OF BRISBANE,” to be held at the Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Australia on July 2.

Produced by ALV Events International, the fight will air live simultaneously over GMA-7 as well as Solar Sports (Channel 58) on Sunday, July 2.

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Feeling Big

The success of celebrities often hinge on the capability of the support system they have. Other than managers and production team, celebrities often have close family members or friends who comprise their inner circle. These people have access to the innermost feelings and secrets of celebrities, and believe they are stakeholders in the careers of the celebrities they are supporting.

Often, parents play the role of the prime supporter for most celebrities. These parents take it upon themselves to be present in every negotiation and every meeting that would decide on the next project of their children. Hence, a parent could be the nightmare or the savior of the network and/or the producer.

When Shapely Actress (SA) started with her network, the management saw her potential as the next big star. SA was talented, as she could sing and dance, and most of all, she can act. Then, she was also able to attract fans that are still behind her even until now. The network was happy with SA, as she had brought ratings and following to her station. SA seemed happy with the network, even though moving to another station is tempting.

Although everything seems to be in order, network insiders have noticed that a Prime Supporter (PS) of SA has consistently given them an unbecoming treatment. Instead of being thankful that the network is prioritizing SA, PS has been getting on the nerves of most people. PS looks into every detail of her project, and her meddling ways have sometimes gotten in the way of the production. Allegedly, PS would often made a big deal is a contemporary of SA is doing a project while her ward is still between projects.

Compared to other actresses in her network, SA seems to be consistently included in a teleseryes one after the other. This opportunity is quite rare, especially for someone as young as SA. Still, PS is not satisfied, as she would make an issue if some other star has a project, while SA still has to wait for the story con for the next one. The question is until when PS will keep SA working, as the celebrity might be tired, as she has barely enough time to rest before her next taping starts.

PS is not unique. Many of the big stars have had their mothers, fathers, aunts, etc… as their support system. The wiser ones made sure they also have control over the money of their ‘star.’ While others invested well, others merely wasted the earnings. Worse, PS and company think they are bigger stars than the celebrities they are supposed to be guiding.

‘Be careful not to mistake insecurity and inadequacy for humility! Humility has nothing to do with the insecure and inadequate! Just like arrogance has nothing to do with greatness!’ ― C. JoyBell C.

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