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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Just Give Her Exact Wants

Money can change everything and soften hearts. When Female Celebrity (FC) was growing up, it became obvious that she had inborn talent that could be her ticket to fame and fortune. Her childhood was also a time of sadness and realization. One Parent (OP) took charge of raising FC. Sadly, OP developed strong hatred against the other parent, and this hate manifested in the treatment of FC.

OP, who often gave the child the cold shoulder, neglected FC. The rudeness came because OP was reminded of the absentee parent of FC. In fact, OP was strict and FC became much aware that if she disagrees with OP, she would be subjected to a mouthful. Although it was not an original plan, FC tried her luck in the entertainment industry. The network bigwigs saw the potential of FC as well as her talents. Soon, FC was guesting in various shows, and more importantly, she was earning.

As legal guardian, OP made sure of she was visible as well. Hence, making her presence felt whenever FC had commitments was important for OP. FC was no longer surprised when OP became kinder, as she knew the money was making OP happy. With OP having a source of income courtesy of FC, her attitude changed. OP was nicer to FC. Still, both would disagree on the littlest of things.

The constant arguments, which people feel was just normal for a family, seemed too much for FC. When she managed to have enough savings, she decided to get her own living space to get away from OP. Living independently and away from OP meant she could decide on matters on her own. She can live the way she wants to without having to hear comments from OP. While such move could have hurt OP, FC had to act or else the constant tiffs with OP could distract her from her acting. With several projects lined up and nerve-wracking competition among her contemporaries, FC could not afford to make mistakes or have to think of pleasing OP. As long as she had money that she could give to OP, her world would be in peace. Besides, FC realized that all her sad experiences formed the foundation of her motivation for acting in her dramatic scenes.

‘Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world. Don't let anything stand in the way of the light that shines through this form. Risk being seen in all of your glory.’ ― Jim Carrey

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"It's my life, my rules." 

These were the words of Arci Muñoz as she addressed persistent rumors that she had plastic surgery in an interview Wednesday. 

The actress went viral in recent weeks after claims that her nose looked different based on unflattering photos of her. 

Asked to either deny or confirm these, she said: "Deny? No, never, what's wrong with that? As if naman I committed a crime." 

She also has a message for those who have "so much time" to speculate over whether she went under the knife. "I just really don’t give a --you know it already."

Muñoz was speaking to reporters after getting fitted for her dress for the upcoming Star Magic Ball this weekend. She will wear a "revealing" Francis Libiran creation, and shared that she will be walking the red carpet solo. 

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Friday, September 29, 2017

Greedy Appetite

Despite the notion that celebrities have different on and off screen personalities, Tactless Personality (TP) is an exception. On screen, celebrities only play roles, which are sometimes opposite their personalities, whereas off screen, celebrities exhibit their natural selves.

One of the qualities that endeared TP to her followers is her candidness and sometimes off-beat remarks that delve between a punchline and her actual sentiments. Hence, she could go overboard and embarrass the one with whom she is conversing with sometimes. Her mouth could lead to trouble, but TP insists that she is just being true.

When a dying fan wished for TP to visit her wake, she adhered to the request. During the wake of the said fan, TP came over and visitors were shocked at her presence. The community was poor and having TP there showed how much she loved her fans.

TP was served with drinks and biscuits, as these were the only ones the family could afford. TP ate with gusto, and during the conversations, she asked the cause of the death of the fan. The family replied and TP blurted out that the cause of death could have resulted from the dirty environment and lack of proper nutrition. TP gave her piece and the family was awed at her tactlessness. When she had to go, TP stood up, walked away, and left. The family was disappointed, as TP, after eating much of the biscuits, did not even bother to donate a few pesos to help the aggrieved family.

Incidentally, the production people are shocked at the very hearty appetite of TP. Despite her thin physique, she eats like a horse. However, what they hate is that TP would have the remaining food wrapped up without asking if everyone in the crew has eaten. Hence, TP is sometimes heartless when it comes to treating ordinary people, especially when it comes to food.

‘Success is not greedy, as people think, but insignificant. That is why it satisfies nobody.’ - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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Repost: Zanjoe Marudo Gets Nominated for International Emmys

Image courtesy of

Zanjoe Marudo is nominated in the 2017 International Emmy Awards.

He's in the running for the top male acting honorm thanks to his portrayal of a single father who raised his children inside a cave after a storm ravaged their home in "Maalaala Mo Kaya."

The Kapamilya star is competing against Brazil's Julio Andrade, France's Kad Merad, and Oscar-nominated actor Kenneth Branagh.

His nomination follows Jodi Sta. Maria, who also scored one in the international awards show last year. The actress fell short in taking home the honor for her role in "Pangako Sa 'Yo."

The winners will be announced on November 20 in New York.

Organized by the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, the International Emmy Awards aims to recognize showmakers for "inspiring audiences worldwide with their creativity and talent."

This year's list features 44 nominees across 11 categories and 18 countries.

Meanwhile, it was also revealed that TV Patrol bagged a nod for its special coverage of super typhoon Lawin (international name Haima) at the 38th Annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards.

The awards show focusing on news and current affairs programs will announce its winners on October 5, also in New York.

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