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Monday, September 30, 2013

Not a Grand Comeback

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Just as he is slowly recovering from months of being at the center of what seemed like a hate campaign, seems like Pretty Boy PB will not yet have the luxury of rest after all. After some recent controversies, PB is likely to be in for another round of bashing from his haters.

Not too long ago, PB's so-called unpopular choices have made him the " favorite boy to hate" by several Fan Groups FG whose feelings he may have crashed so deep. Consequently, PB got a dose of non-stop negative payback from the unforgiving FG, such that whatever PB did and did not do became fodder for FG to pounce on him hard and gloat at his lapses every chance they got.

It was indeed tough for PB, but he bravely stood by his conviction and did what he believed was best for him personally and professionally.

He was therefore very elated when his network finally gave him a Star-studded Project SP after a long hiatus from television series. SP was something he badly needed to validate and vindicate himself from the onslaught of negativity coming from FG who had feasted on him non-stop.

Unluckily, reports have it that all's not well with SP. In one of the production meetings, all indications point to SP's alleged failure to generate much-needed viewership and being consistently the tail-ender in the ratings chart – something that seriously bothered everyone. Allegedly, one of the reasons was that PB's team-up with Playful Actress PA was a foregone conclusion - a disaster waiting to happen.

That said, SP is reportedly on the network's chopping board – very soon.

" You'll never find a rainbow if you're looking down." ~ Charlie Chaplin

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Kobe Paras Wins U18 3x3 FIBA Dunk Contest

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La Salle Greenhills Greenie Kobe Paras won the Dunk Contest at the 2013 U18 3x3 FIBA World Championships, Sunday in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Paras bested Antonio Morales of Spain, Demonte Flannigan of the United States and Sun Ming Hui of China to take home the gold.

In the Finals of the competition, one of Paras' dunks involved slamming one home from the baseline over teammate Thirdy Ravena, who was astride a motorcycle.

Image courtesy of Instagram: fiba

The son of PBA great Benjie Paras previously got a perfect score of 30 points in the qualification pool, sending himself a pass off the backboard through the legs and then jamming it home with a reverse.

Paras' win was some comfort for the team after they were unable to advance to the quarterfinals of the tournament, as they dropped their final four games of the group stage.

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

I Love the Money

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There is no doubt that International Diva ID is oozing with talent. Her voice is superb, powerful, a class of its own that won for her not a few international awards and recognition.

ID, who comes from a musical family began her career as a vocalist and back-up singer of various bands. Even at an early age, she was so passionate about her craft and wanted to be in the league of professional singers. Years of dedication have paid off. In no time, ID became one of the most sought-after singers in the country.

Expectedly, awards came one after another - as more and more established singers were getting intimidated by ID's presence in the music industry. More than anything, ID was a true artist and a professional – someone who was bold and unafraid to try anything.

Some observers are amazed at how ID continues to enthrall people, even at times that she was gone from the country for long, the public still longs for her. Thus ID is allegedly never lacking in projects – enough to assume that she has earned considerable sums to tide her over. Reportedly, ID has made several investments here and abroad, really smart enough to make hay while the sun shines.

But alongside is her quirkiness, too - as some artists are said to possess.

In every performers' shows or gigs, normal payment procedures are done after the show, usually through checks especially if the artists talent fee is big. But events organizers in ID' s corporate shows reportedly wonder why ID demands to be paid in cash (not checks) before every show – or she will not perform. This happens all the time even if the company is a repeat client.

Until one day when ID told them why. She said that unless she is fully paid in cash before a show, she is a sluggish performer. Only the thought of a cold cash already paid to her before she goes onstage gives her a different high and immense energy to wow her audience to the hilt.

"There is no great genius without a mixture of madness." ~ Aristotle

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Marc Jacobs Out at Louis Vuitton? Industry Sources Spark Rumors of Designer's Departure

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If you thought Marc Jacobs had already made Louis Vuitton's Paris Fashion Week show a hot ticket, next Wednesday's runway is sure to be the hottest yet: It may just be Jacobs' last for the brand.

The rumor mill is buzzing about an imminent departure, as Jacobs' contract with Louis Vuitton ends next month. "His contract may not be renewed," a source told Reuters. Though the popular designer has seen the storied fashion house through successful times since joining in 1997, he is reportedly internally approved within the company to leave.

This isn't the first we've heard of Jacobs and Louis Vuitton going separate ways, though. Back in June, Women's Wear Daily sparked chatter after reporting thatJacobs was being sought after to replace Reed Krakoff as creative director at Coach. Plus, Louis Vuitton is already at work revamping its design team, tapping Proenza Schouler's accessories designer, Darren Spaziani (the man behind the brand's wildly popular PS1 handbag), to spruce up its logo-centric offerings.

As for Jacobs' replacement, Nicolas Ghesquière's name has been the front-runner ever since the first round of rumors. The French designer, an industry darling, was unceremoniously ousted from his creative director position at Balenciaga and replaced by Alexander Wang last year. A source confirmed to Fashionista in June that Ghesquière and LVMH, the luxury goods conglomerate which owns Louis Vuitton,were "in serious negotiations" about a top position with Louis Vuitton.

But until we get official confirmation, we're remaining skeptical. Regarding Jacobs' departure, another industry source told Reuters, "Nothing has been decided yet." So as of now, the only thing that's certain is that nothing's certain. Let's hope Jacobs drops some hints at his Fashion Week show next week.

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SM Supermalls Korean Day Celebration

If there is one thing that would really excite the K-pop fans, it is the SM Supermalls’ celebration of Korean Day this October 1-7, 2013. Hype your Korean obsession as selected SM Supermalls celebrate Korean day!

K-Pop Song and Dance Covers

Enjoy performances from local K-Pop groups doing song and dance covers from your favorite Korean K-Pop artists happening at selected SM Supermalls.

K-Star Gallery

Celebrate Korean Day at SM Supermalls with your K-pop idol. Feel like you’re with your idol at the Korean Star Gallery. In partnership with local music labels and selected stores, life size cut outs of famous Korean Celebrities will be present at the venue ready for photo ops.

Korean Food Bazaar

A wide selection of your favorite Korean delights will be featured at the Korean Food Bazaar in partnership with SM Supermarket. It’s a one-stop shop to complete the grocery list and fill up any pantry and fridge with Korean goodies.

Korean Music Bazaar

Korean music has taken Asia and the world by storm. Watch out for the biggest K-pop party in town as SM Supermalls, in partnership with Astro Plus, SM Store Record Bar, and Odyssey will be having a Korean Music Bazaar featuring music from the K-pop hits that topped music charts.

Korean Beauty Bazaar

Get the signature Korean look with their luminous skin, preppy hair and natural make up. Discover the secrets of Korean aesthetic at the Korean Beauty Bazaar where selected SM Stores will walk you through the gallery of the best Korean skin care, makeup and hair styling products.

Head to SM Baguio, SM Tarlac, SM Clark, SMol, SM Baliwag, SM City Fairview, SM Southmall, SM Dasmarinas, SM Cebu, SM Iloilo, SM Cagayan De Oro, SM Lanang Premier and SM Gen San and join the Celebration of Korean Festival this October 1-7, 2013. To know when these events are happening in the SM mall nearest you, check-out or and follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@smsupermalls) to join in the fun and for more updates.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

A King-Sized Attitude

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She maybe quiet in her own way, but Pretty Star PS' attitude is getting on the nerves of some people, particularly showbiz followers who encounter her in public. Some say PS must be feeling entitled owing to her showbiz lineage, and acting like one makes her feel like a royalty. As a result, bashers sprouted to haunt her.

Her Hunk Boyfriend HB once defended her few months ago from her bashers on social media, but he could only do so much as his PS seemed not to care.

When PS and her fellow stars went to grace a provincial festival, most people did not know who she was. Some reasoned out that they were not exactly followers of PS network shows - but that of the rival network. It was only when PS was introduced as a relative of a popular actor did they come to know who she was.

However, PS hard attitude did not escape them. While her fellow stars were warm and accommodating to them, PS was cold and distant. People were wondering why she should behave that way when she is not even popular to begin with. To them, she is just a pretty face - nothing more.

PS was seen at a popular circus place in the metro, she was there with a sibling and a relative. An elderly woman reportedly went up to them to request to take a picture, but the woman was so disappointed as it was only her relatives who obliged. Even when her relatives called out to her, PS opted not to care and remained seated and unmoved.

These public display of arrogance has all the more alienated PS from her followers. It looks like having a very charming and popular relative can not guarantee good points to brighten the image of this blackened swell-head.

" A little fame is a dangerous thing. " ~ FP

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Megan Young Wins Top Model Award in Miss World 2013

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2nd - UNITED STATES - Olivia Jordan

3rd - FRANCE - Marine Lorphelin

4th - UKRAINE - Anna Zaiachkivska

5th - BRAZIL - Sancler Frantz

Miss Uzbekistan and Miss Philippines’ Controversies

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Before the pageant could let the dust settle, Miss Uzbekistan Rakhima Ganieva’s participation came under scrutiny. During an interview with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Uzbekistan‘s Culture and Sports Ministry and the national committee on women called Ganieva, 18, an imposter and said that no such contest as Miss Uzbekistan happened in the country.

The most recent contestant to join the controversies is Miss Philippines, Megan Young. Having made to the top ten of two contests – Beach fashion and Top Model – at the Miss World 2013 pageant, Young is one of the top contenders predicted to win the coveted Miss World crown during the finale.

However, topless photos of Megan Young, an early favourite among pageant’s fans, that appeared in the March 2012 issue of Rogue Magazine have surfaced and drawn ire from the fans.

“Rules are rules when it comes to the Miss World beauty contest it seems that contestants’ taking their clothes off is a clear breach of the laws,” a user wrote to IBTimes UK on condition of anonymity.

“A beauty queen is somebody that is a good role model inside and out and obviously is a beautiful person. It's not just about exterior beauty; a beauty queen has to have outstanding morals, elegance, femininity and class. And that's what everybody thinks it is. Beauty queens should be seen as role models not sex object.”

The user asks: “Will an Indonesian group of religious and feminist launch a protest on Megan Young's naked pictures? How will Miss World Organization and Indonesian government handle this issue?”

Notwithstanding any of these controversies, the Miss World Organisation is readying to host all the 130 contestants on the Miss World 2013 finale. Both Miss Philippines and Miss Uzbekistan remain listed on the pageant’s official website.

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