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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Insta Scoop: Team Sunshine Montano (@shinemontano) vs. Team Krista Miller (@iamkristamiller)

  • This photo of Sunshine Montano's 3 daughters was posted by @ck_montano (user can't be found) with the comment "Mas maganda ang magiging baby natin =)''
  • @shinemontano posted the same photo and commented "Not my children @ck_montano''
  • A photo collage featuring daring scenes from @shinemontano and Jay Manalo's film was posted by @sunshinecruzmontano (user can't be found)
  • @kabitninograles blurred the photo collage, posted and commented "Low blow! Lalo ka lang nalulubog sa mga diskarte mong palpak kabit! Boba ka talaga! Wahahahahaha! Ilang peking accint pa ni @shinemontano ang kakaririn mo?
  • @kabitninograles posted this photos of Cesar Montano and Krista Miller and commented "@iamkristamiller @cesarmontano match made in heaven? So san ang eksena ni speaker nograles dito?"
  • @kabitninograles posted a photo of Cesar Montano and Krista Miller and commeted "Ang lakas ng loob nyo pweh!!! Nasira pagkaidolo ko sayo cesar! BABAERO. kukuha lang cheapipya pa!!"
  • @kabitninograles posted this photo collage of Krista Miller and commented "Before and after, Nice krista!

Scared or Scarred, She's Making Subtle Moves

Image courtesy of 

After a painful and much-publicized break-up, young star YS is quietly keeping to herself, avoiding as much as she could talks that will lead to a past she would rather bury. Whether YS was hurt, traumatized or at best relieved for what happened, no one can really tell. At any rate, her quiet demeanor seems to be doing her good.

There's been no bad press for YS so far since she is quite endearing to begin with. Not really the type who would proclaim her troubles and personal life in public, so unlike most of her colleagues who thrive in those, YS has gained the respect of colleagues and the public to some extent.

On the love department, her male admirers are distant, careful to proclaim their sentiments. As it is, YS is allegedly not keen on anything yet. For one so young, she is so circumspect, weighing out risks -- calculating before plunging on to something new.

Heard that talented actor TA is bent on pursuing her, but is having doubts if he stands a chance. Although both YS and TA seem to welcome the idea, it is YS who is said to be holding back -- is she skeptical, confused, or just plain scared by the trauma of her past?

But TA is serious enough, as relayed to some close friends -- but there are humps he has to pave first, like someone in YS'  past whom he is friends with. But friends say YS and TA complement each other in looks and personality. By showbiz standards, both lead considerably quiet, unassuming lives, so not prone to scandals. Indeed, there are less and less 'thinking' celebrities these days.

"You measure a person by the entirety of what he has done, or not done, not just by their individual faults."

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Letter from a Reader: The LV Scam - Designer and Sister Team

Dear Fashion PULIS,

I am a fan of your site and I know that you have a huge and solid readership. I have a story that I want to share with your readers and I really hope you can publish this so that more people will be aware.

This is about an aspiring fashion designer named AS and his sister SA. Both are selling LV bags to many people claiming that they are genuine. Everyone seems to trust both siblings, and saying that their aunt, AR works in LV Milan seems to have strengthened their claim on the authenticity of their merchandise.

I have purchased quite a number of bags from them. But it was only recently that I did some research and inspection, and what I found out really shocked me. I can't believe that for the longest time, I had been buying fake LV's all along! I did further investigation and found out that their aunt, AR actually lives in a province, located southeast of Metro Manila. She had never worked for LV. She just lives here in the Philippines, had never left and worked in Milan at all.

I went to LV store in Greenbelt and checked the bags side by side with the authentic ones and the big discrepancies really screamed fake! The stitches, the cuts, the pattern, and a lot more. I really felt so bad for myself and all the people they have sold these items to as not being able to look beyond the obvious. My concern is that this designer, AS and his sister SA, have been selling these fake stuff for a long time already and has sold to so many people. You do the math and you will come to quite a staggering figure. It’s really all illegal business from day one.

I hope this brother and sister tandem will soon be found out, and this conspiracy to be made public and justice will be done. It is such a big scam, FP. It reminds me of the Birkin scandal that you have written about just last year.

Hope you can publish this, FP. Thank you very much!


"The only way for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

Note: Letter edited for brevity.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Confronting the Inevitable: Territorial Manager vs. Itchy Actress

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When territorial manager (TM) bumped into Playful Actress (PA) along the corridor of the room of his prized talent (PT), TM stopped and confronted PA. TM told PA to stop involving herself in the life of PT as PT is already doing well. Caught unaware, PA said she and PT were just good friends, etc. Of course, TM did not buy the “friendship” litany. After all, PA and PT were once lovers, and PA has been quite vocal about her past affair with the actor.

TM, still peeved over the we-are-just-friends excuse, looked at PA, and said, “If you feel the itch, go find someone else to do the scratching, not my boy!” In diva fashion, TM turned his back and walked away from PA.

Now, another source claimed that PA and PT were indeed sharing a room during that same event, and that PA has ''hooked up'' with PT after breaking up with her most recent boyfriend. Well, don’t look now! Despite her projects and PT on one side, PA still has time to flirt with another actor from a different network. Is PA keeping “lovers” or "flings'' in different networks? Will TM succeed in keeping PA away from PT?

People who are brutally honest get more satisfaction out of the brutality than out of the honesty. – Richard J. Needham

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Reason Behind Her Rage

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Before the filming of a series, stars and a few major players in the production are often encouraged to develop rapport. For example, if the cast has several teen stars for a barkada-serye, they are allowed to hang around, do stuff together to break the ice, and be comfortable with each other. Other than the formal acting workshops, casual get-togethers are encouraged for the cast.

Having grown up in the business, establishing this initial connection through a casual gathering is nothing new for intense actress (IA). Hence, she invited young hunk (YH) to have dinner at her house. She was to star with YH in a project, which was her return to the network and his follow up after his successful solo series. However, something happened during dinner. According to YH, he was not sure if IA was under the influence of alcohol or not, but he said she tried to ''entice'' him. He politely warded off any advances of IA. He claimed he behaved like a gentleman that night when he told '' the story” to his close friends and bosses.

Imagine the surprise of YH when IA gave him a mouthful when he had a difficult time in their scene. It seemed that IA took the opportunity to pounce on YH as she did not like him turning her down as simple as that. Perhaps YH turned her down to avoid more confusion or trouble as he had already caused tension between his former and current girlfriends and their fans. In addition, YH might like cougars but maybe he is just interested in older women who can swing both ways. Nonetheless, when YH learned that IA was dropped from their project, he felt sorry for her.

Thus, it was not just bad acting that got IA irked that day, it was really the turning down of YH that had already triggered her fury towards him. True to her style of responding to controversy, IA has opted to keep quiet concerning this issue.

"People who fly into a rage always make a bad landing." – Will Rogers.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Is He Losing Interest in His Career?

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Months ago, fans of this popular loveteam were so elated with the announcement that the couple were finally doing a movie together again. After the success of their second movie, the camps of female performer (FP) and media heartthrob (MH) surprised the fans for refusing to have a third movie soon after. Since then, FP and MH have proceeded with their own careers. FP got busy with her concerts and found love interests in between. Meanwhile, MH retained his position as a bankable actor in movies,  endorsements, and other appearances.

As their fans anticipated the release of the third movie in time for Valentine’s Day, stories are now floating that the movie outfit will release a different movie on that day, one that will star the hottest actor in their stable and his former teleserye partner. Hence, there is now a question as to the fate of  FP's and MH's movie.

Talks had it that the movie encountered problems along the way, causing some serious delay. Allegedly, MH has gotten hooked on something that has made the production hold the movie until MH is ready to face the cameras again. Over the past years, MH was the subject of stories about having drinks too many. His latest show, which started well, abruptly ended and rumors pointed to him becoming difficult to work with on the set.

Why is MH behaving badly these days? Isn't he supposed to be inspired with his new status? After he proudly proclaimed his latest relationship, not a few were happy for him and his girlfriend (GF), while others predicted that MH would drop GF soon. But so far, they seem so good.

Sadly, if MH's career plunges, GF might possibly be put in a bad light. Up to when will his network wait for MH? Will he shape up in due time?

A piece of advice to this actor: "In this business, fame lasts for a second. You can be blown up and be blown down. People keep losing interest in faces because new ones come along every single second.''

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TV5's Wowowillie and Its Stressful Debut

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The much-vaunted  TV5's first-ever noontime show, Wowowillie starring its main host, the unstoppable Willie Revillame kicked off today with a strong 360-dancer, 20-minute opening number. Quite impressive in numbers. But inspite of the big preparations, it seemed obvious like everything was rushed for the show.

As Willie and his hosts were chatting on camera, the stage suddenly went dark, then black. Lights failed to come back for a few seconds, and production had no choice but to cue for a commercial. And that suffering would turn out to be a painful 15-minute technical glitch from 12:50 to 1:05 pm.

It was "the show must go on" after that, as Willie came back on cam with his hosts and made light  of the technical problem in his usual fun and bubbly self.  As this article is being typed, the show has suffered its 3rd blackout, and had to go on commercial again. But you can't deny the audience's feelings and apprehension as small whispers, ooohhhs and ahhhsss were heard on the air.

What does this scenario foretell? But still, for all it's worth, TV5 with or without its controversial host deserves a fair share of the lucrative noontime show market.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

News Accuracy: As Sure As It Gets

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News reporting in the Philippines has been viciously competitive, especially in the last three decades. What used to be the cutthroat battle between broadcast and print media undeniably gets more aggressive as the world gets smaller with the impact of technology. The competition is now even tighter with the birth of internet and social media. The unparalleled popularity of facebook and twitter in particular has both become a boon and a bane for news reporters as they have become their unwitting competitors in news gathering industry.

There was a time when being right was more important than being first to report a story.
The first person or reporter to break the news gets all the bragging rights. Only a few care about accuracy, especially if the report turns out to be a rumor. But if the story is true, the first to report gets all the credit. But only if the facts are presented accurately.

If things don't change, a visible news personality NP of a major network MN might be in danger of getting axed anytime soon. Reason? A very inaccurate news report on a sensitive news item. NP had presented the news report that allegedly turned out to be a dud. The matter reached the MN higher-ups and a not-so-happy verdict is allegedly in the works.

Of late, MN has been criticized for highly inaccurate and poorly-researched materials that saw airing in their primetime television news programs. Only a few months ago, MN and one of its reporters had  been heavily bashed online for its careless handling of a news report involving the murder of a family member. Televiewers and the netizens were aghast at the mindless and irresponsible reporting that almost led to MN's and the reporter's being sued by the very aggrieved party.

Being first is only part of it. People look for a source they can trust and accuracy has never been more important. The impact of MN's earlier blunders sees it reeling from credibility problems. That is why NP's recent faux pas is the last thing that it needs at this point. In fact, an insider was overheard saying that a major 'shot in the arm' is what MN news department actually and badly needs at this time.

 How will NP solve his big dilemma? If only we're that privy...

"Television makes so much [money] at its worst that it can't afford to do its best."
Fred Friendly, former president of CBS News, 1915–1998

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Still Milking the Controversy

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The feud between the former best friends spilled over on their professional lives. However, the people around them are not about to let this controversy die down as they seem to be milking it for the mileage and publicity it brings for BF1 and BF2. The production people of the common show of BF1 and BF2 intentionally decided to put them together in one production number. At least the production had enough sense to have separate dressing rooms for BF1 and BF2 as both are no longer on speaking terms. Well, silence is often more stressful than actual noise at times because one does not know what the other will do.

At any rate, BF1 and BF2 have sacrificed their friendship over young hunk (YH), who seems to have started the year on the wrong foot. First, he’s still being dragged into the limelight and teased badly through the choice of songs of singer actress. Second, he fell for BF2, who just happened to be the confidant of BF1 when they were still together. Third, YH earned the ire of veteran actress (VA) on the set, which led her to be relieved of her comeback soap for the network. More so, stories are now coming out that veteran actress allegedly got irked by the way YH was handling his relationships with women. Thus, it was not just his ham acting that got in her way.

Incidentally, when YH had a short-lived affair with another young actress of his network, he was also courting her best friend as well. The young actress is now in a relationship with model turned actor, while her best friend is allegedly being wooed by Fil-Am performer. It seems that YH likes to get in between best friends. Whether it’s coincidental or not, it probably benefits his ego to be “fought” over by women.

Now, after the production number of BF1 and BF2, will the production challenge the limits of sensitivity and combine BF1, BF2, and YH in one number?

"In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.'' - Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Beyond The Celebrity's Mask

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Every organization is founded on a mission, a sense of purpose to accomplish goals and objectives as defined in the organization's vision statement. Thus it is a very serious endeavor that an organization must be headed by an individual of unquestionable integrity, a name that is well-respected in the community. The thrust of the organization's commitment depends a great deal if the above standards are met by the individual who will run it. .

Thus, it is quite a shock when you hear of a person who is supposed to have an untarnished image and a pillar of goodness, compassion and honesty being talked about as being involved in funds misuse and abuse of power.

This good looking and popular celebrity GP who heads a big non profit organization NGO tasked to help the poor and underprivileged is allegedly engaged in malversation of funds --- the organization's funds for that matter. Sounds unthinkable and conflicting for GP's public persona. But there have been persistent and strong insider information that point to GP's extra curricular activities and misuse of these funds.

GP is well known for having a fastidious lifestyle. It was alleged that GP draws funds from the NGO to pay for personal credit card bills amounting to Php 300,000 to 500,000 per month! The scandalous figure sounds like the NGO is the one tasked to shoulder the fabulous lifestyle. And why not, even the monthly payment for the personal dance instructor aka DI allegedly comes from the NGO funds itself.

Do the regular donors of the NGO know where their hard-earned money is being squandered? Aren't these funds supposed to be used to take care of the poor and the oppressed in the first place? So many questions that need to be addressed immediately. Well, we can only hope and pray for the best.

”Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody's going to know whether you did it or not.” --Oprah Winfrey

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Letter from a Reader: The Rough Gesture of the Popular Actress

                                      Image courtesy of

Dear Fashion PULIS,

Hi FP! I just recently discovered your blog and loved it to bits since. I check your blog every so often and it has been a routine already after work. Anyway, I was "reviewing" some of your old BI's when I chanced upon a BI about a celebrity who cancelled her visit to an ill patient just because news coverage wasn't available. I think I know who she is. And just then I remembered a personal encounter I had with this popular actress.

I live in a part of Quezon City where a lot of tv shows were shot at. Our place has this provincial feel that many producers choose it for their location shoot instead of going out of town that would entail higher production costs.

Until one day, news came around that this certain popular actress PA would be in our area to shoot her teleserye. it was PA's first time to be spotted in our place. It was around 1 or 2am already when I heard noises right outside our house. I was still up doing work in my room. My 3-year old daughter who is an avid fan of PA's teleserye refused to go to bed because she was hoping to see her. When PA finally arrived, my daughter kept on asking me if we could go out to see her.

I was still so busy then so I just opened the window so she could peek through it to get a glimpse of her. PA was at the sidewalk right in front of our window getting her makeup retouched while the crew got everything set up.

My daughter excitedly began calling her by her character's name. I was just watching from my desk. She called her several times. I didn't know if PA was acting deaf or not, but it looked like she pretended not to hear my daughter calling her.

I was going to shut the window because my daughter was starting to be really noisy and it was the wee hours already. That was when I saw PA's makeup artist pointed at us, probably informing PA that a kid (who is an avid fan) has been calling her name repeatedly.

I thought PA was going to give my daughter a consolatory wave, or a smile or nod, at least. I was shocked when PA glared at us and made a face! She stuck her tongue out to my then 3-year old kid with matching "beh-buti-nga" hand gesture.I was so mad and annoyed that I closed our window with a loud bang! My daughter cried because of what she did.

I find PA really beautiful but her attitude really sucks! And this is no made up story. This is my personal experience which I always remember whenever I see her "having fun with kids."

I don't know if this story is something worth-publishing. I just want to share this to you FP. I feel like you're a friend to me already that I could confide to. :) Thank you FP for the time! More power!

Your avid follower,
Mary Lou

"Everything you say and do to a child is absorbed, catalogued and remembered."

Note: Letter is edited for brevity

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The holidays might already be over, but the cold breeze from the North is just starting to settle in. Everyone gets excited with this kind of weather that a tropical country rarely experiences, but do you know that a colder temperature can do damage to your skin? It usually brings about low humidity in the atmosphere which strips off moisture from the skin - leaving it sore, chapped and dry.

Good thing Ardent World Inc. developed Malunggay products, known as Moringa-O2 that can keep the skin moisturized and nourished throughout this cold season and all-year-round.

Moringa, commonly known as Malunggay or Miracle Tree, is considered to be one of the most useful tropical trees. From its roots to the leaves to the oil, its produce can all be used to treat a number of diseases. Not only that, malunggay also offers anti-aging and anti-inflammatory substances.

Olive oil, on the other hand, is a good source of Vitamin K and Vitamin E. It contains antioxidants, which protects the skin against age-accelerating free radicals, guarding the body inside and out. Olive oil also contains Squalene, which helps regulate sebum production of the skin, making it less likely to form acne and pimples.

Omega, found in sunflower oil, is a good source of omega 3, 6 and 9. These fatty acids are responsible for the body’s overall wellness. They retain moisture in the skin keeping it supple and soft.

Moringa-O2 Malunggay products,—the first and only line of products which have harnessed the three powerful miracles of nature comes in a fresh new look emphasizing the power of Malunggay (Moringa), Olive Oil and Omega combined in one. Deeply and gently nourishing and protecting the skin, Moringa-O2 Malunggay smoothens and evens out skin tone resulting to a more radiant-looking skin. With its active ingredients that are rooted in nature, Moringa-O2 Malunggay is the sought-after secret to beautiful skin.

Moringa-O2 Malunggay comes in Herbal Soap (35g- P89.75, 60g- P49.75), Herbal Facial Toner 100ml (P89.75) and Herbal Moisturizing Lotion 125ml (P129.75). Together, these products will keep your skin clean, soft, pimple-free, moisturized and glowing no matter the season.

Moringa-O2 Malunggay products are available in the following stores:
SM Supermarkets
SM Savemore
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Robinson’s Department Store

Landmark Supermarket
Cherry Foodarama
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Sta. Lucia

South Luzon:

Alturas Supermarket
Colonnade Supermarket

For more information, please contact Ardent World Inc. at 840-2662, 0917-873-9293, or email at Like us on Facebook (!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

It Takes a Man and Another Man

Image courtesy of

As always, mix of showbiz and politics is getting to be a dime a dozen, especially so in the coming months, for all the right and wrong reasons. But of late, the mix between same gender is getting to be a fad, haven't you noticed?

TV Host TH is without a doubt one of the hunkiest personalities. Most admirers watch his show primarily to see him in action. Others even go to the extent of visiting him on his location shoot just to see him in the flesh. Just like what this former Public Servant PS does quite often.

TH and PS in the shoot may not actually invite gossip had their actions and eye movements not give any hints. Busy PS would drop by under the pretext of a project he was collaborating with TH. The said project happens to be a business venture -- their joint business venture!

PS have put up a big investment for the said project which is quite ambitious to begin with. In the first place, that was a clever move to have a business/project together so that sightings of them together will not be suspicious at all.

The happily married PS' sexual preference has been in question several times in the past. But owing to his powerful status, it has always been put aside. TH and PS were often seen before with friends on several occasions, but it is only lately that their "friendship" seems to have reached a different level.

With this, expect to see more tonques wagging, tears falling, especially from the screaming female fans of TH who feel that he should belong to them. But of course kibitzers will always have a say "It takes a woman to make a straight man whole." But not all men are the same. Some are real, some are not. Some have pockets, some have deep pockets.

"A part of you has grown in me, together forever we shall be, never apart, maybe in distance, but not in heart." - Anonymous

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InterAksyon: Jessica Zafra, Analyzing Anne Hathaway, dissecting Ricky Lo

Image courtesy of

Why are we frothing over Ricky Lo's interview with Anne Hathaway? When I watched the video my first reaction was embarrassment. But who exactly was I embarrassed for: Lo, Hathaway, or myself?

As celebrity interviews go, this is not the most dumbass we've ever seen. On the scale of inanity, it's average. Granted, we are connoisseurs at the cringe-making interview. (We remember the one where a local TV host talks to a Brazilian model and discovers that she is of German descent. "Heil Hitler!" he exclaims. And he does the Nazi salute. On television. I’m not sure, but there may have been a laugh track to go with it. Note: Never do that in Germany.)

What went wrong with the Hathaway interview? It doesn't sound that different from the veteran entertainment editor's other interviews, and they did not elicit this level of Internet execration. There was the one where he was talking to a British musician who was a former soldier and his question was: "You're a licensed pilot. Have you ever flown a plane?" That incident flew - haha - under the radar; the musician is not as popular as Anne Hathaway and Les Miserables. (Of course Pinoys love Les Miserables, it’s got singing and crying.)

Lo's first question to Hathaway is a doozy - if it makes it onto a T-shirt, I'm buying one. Recite it with me: "You lost 25 pounds for the role of Fantine. How did you do it and how did you gain it back?" I'm sure Lo meant the question to be an expression of his admiration.

Weight is always a highly charged issue in show business: actors are slammed mercilessly when they put it on, and suspected of anorexia when they lose it. Movie stars win Oscars by gaining/losing a lot of it (Charlize Theron in Monster, Christian Bale in The Fighter. Fine, they were brilliant, but the weight got them noticed). At this point Hathaway is a lock for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar, and her weight has something to do with it.

Unfortunately when Lo poses the question to Hathaway, cultural differences come into play and it sounds like he's calling her fat. That's not going to put her in the mood. Bad enough that she probably had to do 50 of those interviews in a row. (It's like the "Horse and Hound" scene from Notting Hill.) Not being Pinoy, Hathaway is not used to strangers greeting her with, "Uy, ang taba mo ngayon, ah!" (Hey, you're fat now!)

Then they discuss how she prepared for her role, and she mentions researching the "emotional toll…of being a sex slave." He does not inquire if she has ever been a sex slave. However, later on he asks how someone like her who is perceived as privileged could identify with her character (i.e. wretched and oppressed). "Have you ever experienced to be hungry? To be poor, and you know, just like the character?"

In the Philippines this is an acceptable question to ask an actress. Entertainers are expected to divulge their deepest, darkest secrets. We’re an inquisitive people. Ask for directions on the road, and you will be asked why you’re going there, who you’re meeting, and whether you’re married.

In places where acting is regarded as a serious profession, it can get you slugged. Actors are a very sensitive lot; it comes with the territory. You do not need to be attacked by acid-spewing monsters on a spaceship to play Ripley in Alien (although Method actors would find some equivalent). It would seem that Lo is challenging Hathaway's credibility at playing a miserable waif who is dying of consumption.

"That's a very personal question," Hathaway replies rather testily. Lo laughs, probably from embarrassment. I’m only watching a computer screen, but I want to run away and hide behind the sofa.

Then he mentions his "friend from the Philippines", Lea Salonga, who has played Fantine onstage to great acclaim. This is very Pinoy, name-dropping the famous, although we can't claim it only happens here. In the presence of foreigners we’re eager to mention internationally recognized Filipinos, American reality show contestants of Filipino descent, anyone we can claim as our own. This is a potentially embarrassing situation: if they don’t know who we're talking about, it may feel like our entire nation has been snubbed. I suspect we do this because we get very little attention in the global media, although that seems to be changing.

At least Lo didn't show Hathaway his photos with Lea and other celebrities or make her promise to accept his friend request on Facebook. He does show her a message from Lea on his phone. Hathaway is profuse in her praise of Salonga, and basically says she can’t compare with the Filipino singer. She is self-deprecating: "If you think of me as an actor who sings, rather than a singer, I would probably be more impressive." Well played. They talk about Hathaway's mother, who had also played Fantine onstage, favorite scenes in the movie, Oscar chances, etc. (Anne Hathaway definitely deserves that Oscar for The Dark Knight Rises, where she was the only one who seemed to be having fun.) Give Lo some credit for not asking her to sing a line or two from "I Dreamed A Dream".

But as the four-minute interview draws to a close, Lo brings up Lea Salonga again. "Would you like to say any message for Lea, who's looking forward to watching the movie and meeting you in person?" Perhaps he has run out of things to ask Hathaway. Perhaps he thinks that she has been answering the same questions all day, and talking about Lea is the only thing that differentiates him from the other reporters.

"Well, we've already talked about Lea," is Hathaway's reply, and I scurry under the sofa and cover my eyes. At which point Lo says, "What about inviting fans from the Philippines to watch the movie, showing January?"

You have to understand that this is how every celebrity interview on Philippine television ends. The host asks the celebrity to issue a personal invitation to the viewers to watch her movie or buy her album or watch her concert. (Pinoys like the personal approach, we have to feel that we have been acknowledged. Consider how listeners call radio stations to ask the DJs to greet them on-air.) And then the host gives the celebrity a big can of Birch Tree powdered milk and a pack of YC Bikini Briefs (For the man who packs a wallop. Kuya Germs interviewing Hugh Jackman: I'd pay to see that).

"Why don't you invite them?" Hathaway says. "I think they'd much rather hear it from you." Aray. Fortunately the video ends before I have dug a hole in the floor to vanish into.

In sum, the Lo-Hathaway interview is littered with cultural landmines, all of which Lo stepped on. If it were a Filipino interviewing another Filipino, we would not be foaming at the mouth. But he's talking to a foreigner, a world-famous actress whom we admire. And every time a Filipino speaks to a foreigner in an international setting, he automatically becomes the representative of the Filipino nation (He makes us look inarticulate and inane!). We think the whole world is looking on and judging us. That's why we're embarrassed.

Why do we get so worked up over stuff like this? That's another column. Anne of a Thousand Hits

Before the whole brouhaha escalates into the Third World War, I deem it wise to put things in the proper perspective.

At the outset, I want to apologize to the Honorable Senators for unwittingly stealing (part of the) thunder from them…sorry POE!

And, most importantly, I want to make it clear that I hold no grudge against or any resentment toward Anne Hathaway. I still love her dearly, even if she made me cry (no, not during the Les Miserables junket in Tokyo first week of December last year but) over her heart-wrenching I Dreamed a Dream scene in the movie for which, as the whole world knows, she lost 25 pounds. She plays Fantine with her body and soul, giving her all to the role once played by her mom, Kate Mc-Cauley Hathaway, during the musical’s national tour, doesn’t she?

Our Les Miz encounter was the second. The first was in 2004 in L.A. during the junket for Princess Diaries where the great Julie Andrews played Anne’s grandmother. At that time, Anne was not yet the big star that she is now, made even bigger by her recent Golden Globe Best Supporting award (yes, for Les Miz). She was as sweet and as adorable as the Princess of Genovia that she played in Diaries, although not as regal as Miss Julie who, I noticed, was just as queenly off camera, addressing by their first names the media guys during the round-table interview with a friendly smile (she politely requested everybody to introduce themselves before the interview) and taking her cup of tea with the daintiness of a lady to the manner born.

The Anne Hathaway Les Miz TV interview (as differentiated from the print interview) came out edited in Startalk two Saturdays ago, together with those of her Les Miz co-stars Amanda Seyfried (as the adult Cosette) and Hugh Jackman (as Jean Valjean), three weeks after the airing of my TV interviews (also edited) with Les Miz co-producer Cameron Mackintosh and director Tom Hooper. Nice guys, those two, very engaging and very accommodating, answering the questions with unbridled enthusiasm.

When the unedited Anne interview came out on last week, I never imagined that it would generate that kind of reaction from netizens around the world, in the process polarizing them into pros and cons, with each side trying to drive home its point with unfathomable passion. We reviewed the tape before uploading it and, honestly, we didn’t find anything wrong with it. In fact, being used to interviewing Hollywood stars for more than two decades now, I found it more amusing than anything.
Entertainment ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1

As soon as Anne and I sat down for the TV interview at a suite of the posh Ritz Carlton in Roponggi Hills, we swapped “Hi’s!” I gave her a copy of The STAR which carried my 2004 Princess Diaries with her. Anne took a quick look at it and said, “Oh, memories, memories!” and put the paper aside. I was overwhelmed by her big, beautiful eyes that highlighted her face framed by a very becoming cropped hairdo. Yes, aside from losing weight, she also lost some of her hair for Fantine (the same role played by Lea Salonga in the musical’s stage version, only a few years after she had played Eponine [played by Samantha Barks in Les Miz the movie], the only actress I know who has played both roles).
My two Conversations with Anne, first in 2004 for Princess Diaries where she played the Princess of Genoa and in 2012 for Les Miserables where she plays the prostitute Fantine

Oh yes, without her being physically present, Lea became a part of my interview with Anne even if she was in the States. You see, before flying to Tokyo, I texted Lea if she wanted me to convey any message to Anne who was quoted in a December 2012 issue of Vogue magazine as saying, “First of all, it could never have compared with Patti LuPone or Lea Salonga, or even my mom, really: powerful singers with big, beautiful voices, I knew I could never offer that, but I also knew it wouldn’t be appropriate. If I went for sounding beautiful while looking like this tragic wreck, it would be ridiculous. And I saw an opportunity, because of the nature of film, to just go for it and let it be alive and present and raw.” (Like the rest of the actors in the movie, Anne sang live during the shoot, with the musical background put it later.)

Lea texted this message, “Just say thank you to Anne for me for that Vogue shoutout. Show her this text and maybe she’ll give you a hug, hehehehe!” Well, I didn’t get “a hug” from Anne, not that I was hoping for it.

During the TV interview (limited to no more than five minutes), I usually ask the star interviewees standard questions with expectedly not too long answers, such as, 1). How did you prepare for the role, 2). How are you similar to or different from your role? and 3). Could you invite your fans (in the Philippines) to watch the movie? (After all, the junket is meant to promote the movie, isn’t it?). I reserve the rest of my questions for the round-table print interview.

I asked Amanda and Hugh the same questions and, in fairness to them, they didn’t find them “personal” and they proceeded to answer them during the free-flowing conversation, agreeing to invite their Filipino fans to watch Les Miz. I was surprised why Anne found “too personal” the questions about how she regained the 25 pounds that she had lost and how, for somebody perceived to lead a life of comfort and luxury, she was able to identify with Fantine who, in the Victor Hugo novel on which the musical was based, was driven by poverty to prostitution.

She perked up when I showed her Lea’s text message and launched into “praises to high heavens” for Lea. When she gave me back my cellphone, I accidentally dropped it, prompting Anne to exclaim, “Be careful!”

I felt that she wasn’t in the mood during the interview. I learned later that the other Asian journalists (from Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tokyo, etc.) felt the same way, recalling their own separate encounters with Anne. “She seemed not to be in a good mood,” said one. “She was a bit rude, wasn’t she?” said another. “I used to love her, but not anymore,” said still another journalist. To appease everybody, I said, “I think she’s suffering from jetlag because she flew in from the States!” (During the print interview, asked if she was jetlagged, Anne said with a wide smile, “No. Jetlag is only a state of mind.”)

What happened during the print interview a few hours later was another story that doesn’t need to be told.

Anyway, being a computer-semi-illiterate (even if I have a mini iPad and I am typing this story on my office computer…that’s the only thing I know about the computer…typing my story!), I haven’t been aware of the heated exchange on The Net; I learn about it only from friends who continue to text me. I heard that the website has been getting thousands of hits, so thank you POE! Commented Tempo’s Ronald Constantino, “Much ado about nothing!”

So, how do I feel about Anne Hathaway’s attitude during the TV interview? Was I offended? No, I wasn’t. Was I “intrusive”? I don’t think so. Did I find her “rude”? Hmmmm, only a bit, although I must say that (ehem!) the more than 200 other Hollywood stars I have interviewed were absolutely more delightful, far nicer and totally engaging. I remember what Harrison Ford said when Kris Aquino and I interviewed him in 1997 in Hawaii for Six Days, Seven Nights (with Anne Heche as his leading lady), after I mentioned that he was reported to be media-shy, “I flew all the way from the US Mainland for this junket so I have to be nice to (the media) because you are the stars’ conduit to the public.”

Believe me, I repeat, I found the whole Anne Hathaway experience simply amusing. No kidding!

Now, given a chance, would I ever interview Anne Hathaway again? By all means, yes!

But next time, I would remember to ask her only “not personal” questions such as, 1). What’s your favorite color?, 2). What’s your favorite song, and 3). What’s your favorite pet?, but never, never, a question like “What did you have for breakfast today?” because she might find it “too personal.”

Meanwhile, excuse me while I rush to a theater nearby to watch Les Miz again, and cry some more over Anne’s I Dreamed a Dream scene.

(Note: The title of today’s piece was inspired by the Genevieve Bujold starrer Anne of a Thousand Days in which she played Anne Boleyn who was ordered beheaded by King Henry VIII.)

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Ricky Lo's interview with Anne Hathaway

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Explaining Her Compelling Reaction

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Here is another version of the dispute between two young stars of a big network. Apparently, young star 1 (YS1) saw the car of young star 2 (YS 2) one time in the parking lot of the network. However, YS2 was not in her car. When YS1 turned, she saw the car of the hunk actor (HA), and guess who stepped down from it? Correct! YS1 saw YS2 come out of the car of HA. No wonder YS1 reacted the way she did. She saw it herself! Of course, this piece is just one of a hundred pieces of the puzzle that finally formed the picture that YS2 and HA are together. Now stories are spreading regarding the alleged living-in of YS2 and HA.

Has anyone noticed the funny connection between the two leading men (LM1 and LM2) of YS1 and YS2? Both showed how much of the gentlemen they were by assisting and supporting YS1 and YS2 during a press conference. Aside from being good looking and athletic, LM1 and LM2 share something else. Rumors continue to hound both LM1 and LM2 regarding their alleged “hiding in their closets.”

Will YS1 and YS2 ever recover their friendship? Will YS1 be proven right in her perception of HA, and will YS2 experience it herself? Will HA turn this relationship into one of his love games? Then, will the rumors hounding LM1 and LM2 ever be proven? The plot thickens.

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Question: Isabelle Daza, Megan Young and Danica Magpantay for Binibining Pilipinas 2013?


Lip-Synced or Live: Beyoncé Singing the Star-Spangled Banner

But to close observers, it appeared the performer was not singing live. To press seated just below the podium, in front of the “President’s Own” Marine Corps Band, it was evident that the band wasn’t actually playing during the song—even though band director Colonel Michael J. Colburn was conducting energetically and the band members mimicked blowing into their instruments. Separately, at one point during her performance, Beyoncé removed her earpiece.

A hint as to the actual origins of the version Beyoncé sang came from her own hand: On January 20, the day before the ceremony, Beyoncé posted pictures to her Instagram account that appeared to show her in a recording studio. In one, she holds a copy of the sheet music to “The Star Spangled Banner” in front of a microphone attached to a recording device, and in another she sits in front of recording equipment while members of the Marine Corps Band stand clutching sheet music behind her.

Miming along to a pre-recorded track isn’t unheard of at inaugural ceremonies. At President Obama’s 2009 inauguration, cold weather and wind meant that a live performance by cellist Yo-Yo Ma and violinist Itzhak Perlman had to be nixed in favor of a recording. But there are no previously known cases of a singer lip-syncing the national anthem during an inaugural performance.

Source: Washingtonian

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Costly Consequence

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The year 2013 exploded with a smorgasbord of showbiz scandals, controversies and exposes: mismanagement issue between a network and its star, star's pregnancy rumors, network's alleged misdealings, concubinage, adultery, break-ups, a botched Filipino reporter's Hollywood interview that went viral. And we are not done with January yet!

And now, it's Monday, and already we awoke at the possibility of two things: a cancellation of a star-studded teleserye about to be aired soon, or the possibility of one of its lead star's character being axed so soon. What do we know? Looks like stories like this will fill the media, especially the social networks, in the coming days and weeks.

The new teleserye NT stars among others, the veterans in the industry and the networks' young and popular talents. This is veteran actress VA's comeback vehicle after a long break from showbiz. NT had recently started taping and early on had began to encounter some difficulties. Long before taping started, both fans and observers had preconceived notion that NT will not be as successful as the other huge teleseryes before it. Reasons such as the negative image of some of its lead stars, both the young and the veterans alike, have valid points.

Young female lead FL and young male lead ML stars are each both beset with relationship issues, quite unpalatable, to say the least. Veteran female VF is consumed by her own personal issues -- alleged uncontrolled emotions and dependence on certain stuff. Insider reports alleged the first conflict that happened during the taping between ML and VF could have been avoided had VF learned to keep her emotions in check. After all, this is a major project for her, and any wrong move will cost her more.

A little control and sacrifice would have gone a long way and saved everyone's day. The shouting incident was a huge letdown that pushed the production and network to put in immediate and major changes into the line-up of NT's stars. The circumstances certainly shaped the end. And sadly, it is the first casualty, VF, who will have to go.

"A man who is master of himself can end a sorrow as easily as he can invent a pleasure. I don't want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them." ~ Oscar Wilde

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Caption This: Enchong Dee

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