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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Arranging a Correction

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Since the time Network Actor (NA) and Feisty Woman (FW) started hanging out together, their relationship can be summed up as a ‘you and me against the world’ story. NA and FW were subjected to the scrutiny of the public and possessive fans of NA made it known their disdain for FW. As both have been exposed to the public by virtue of being celebrities, many people often weighed in on their choice to be together.

When their moment to be free from showbiz arrived, fans were not pleased because that meant the couple would stay away from the limelight and ultimately retire. Many were dismayed at the decision.

As NA seemed serious with FW, doubts, however, started to show, especially when the subject of marriage is brought up. Not everyone knows that the family of FW is conservative and strict followers of their religion. Her clan is even among the major sponsors of a religious spectacular in their area. FW cannot do much, as NA seems to avoid any discussion on the matter of settling down. Thus, he is oftentimes overlooked during family gatherings, which seems to hint at he’s not exactly welcomed until he adheres to the practices of the family of FW.

Rumors have it that NA has not been regularly coming home to join FW in their place. He seems to be everywhere, while FW is not in the picture at all. Allegedly, he comes by when he wants to visit the proof of their love. Everything seems shaky as the two might drift apart.

When FW’s Closest Pal (CP) heard of the trouble that might deepen, she had to step in and prevent such to happen. CP arranged for NA and FW to talk and air out their feelings. Counselling had to be done. Thus, everything was set for NA and FW to travel overseas so they can renew their bond. Of course, their closest friends were with them to ensure the vacation would not lose its purpose. If CP’s intervention helps to rekindle the passion between NA and FW, only time can tell.

‘Part of the healing process is sharing with other people who care.’ – Jerry Cantrell

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Cut For You - Coco Martin Finds the Right JAG Denim

What happens when the King of Primetime meets the Number 1 denim brand in the country? JAG 28” – a celebration of two powerful icons coming together and a denim line set to revolutionize how we wear our jeans today. 

An award-winning actor leading the longest running action drama series on primetime television, Coco Martin’s casual and low-key style is spotless, effortless and relatable. He’s a man whose outfits are classic but in step with the times and also never excessive. Nevertheless, his usual plain shirt and jeans seem to add more to his easy-going and predominantly Pinoy charm. 

But just like any other regular guy looking for jeans that falls at a perfect length and fits you just right, Coco has had his share of jeans troubles, too. “Pag bumibili ako ng jeans…sukat sa bewang pero madalas sobrang haba. Kaya pinapaputulan ko pa para sumakto. Pag nagpa-alter ka naman, hindi na proportioned yung jeans. Mas malaki na yung opening sa laylayan (hem opening) at mas maluwag sa binti,” complained the Ang Probinsyano actor.

With Coco in jeans almost every day, working or not, he knows only too well the ups and downs of looking for the right pair. “Mapapagod ka na maghanap, dagdag-gastos pa sa paputol, tapos hindi pa rin tatama ang sukat… Ngayon, dahil meron nang JAG 28”, hindi na natin kailangang magtiyaga sa ganun. Bukod sa magandang quality ng tela at naka-tailor fit sa atin, available sa JAG ang maraming design sa iba-ibang haba na sukat sa’yo, Saka nakakagalaw ako ng maayos sa JAG. Importante yan sakin lalo na sa klase ng trabaho ko,” Coco added.

Now, with celebrity denim boss Coco Martin, JAG has once again rolled out a genuine innovation in denim, tailoring a line cut to fit all types of denim users. Having customers discover the joy and value of a right inseam, JAG introduces its Cut For You 28” inseam denim line.  

“Alam naman ng lahat na pag denim ang usapan, number 1 ang JAG at laging may ino-offer na bago. Pinakabago nga dyan itong JAG 28”. Wala nang “alteration”. Wala nang kunyari “back to original” ang laylayan. Original na talaga ang suot mo, walang binago,” explained JAG’s newest denim partner. 

With Cut For You, JAG makes sure you get your pair of jeans in the proper inseam measurement, guaranteed that they are neither too long, nor too short. It’s the pair that fits you just right, falls at a right length, hugs all the right spots and still lets you move freely and comfortably. 

Utilizing premium stretch fabric, JAG now offers denim jeans in varying inseam lengths. With the innovative pairing of Coco Martin and JAG, more and more people are realizing and appreciating the benefits of finding the right length of jeans. Now JAG makes them accessible and available for everyone – off the racks!  

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Monday, April 29, 2019

More Cover-up

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Quietly, Controversial Talent (CT) flew back to the country without making her plans known to anyone except for a few close friends and family. She disguised herself so as not to be recognized at the airport, knowing that she might attract fans and passengers who could easily know her. As a successful actress, CT knows that once she is sighted, she might not have a peaceful homecoming of sorts.

As soon as she arrived, she told her family not to tell anyone that she’s back. Then, she contacted a noted Network Insider (NI) to help her in her condition. Ever understanding, NI understood the need for privacy of CT. Using connections, NI arranged for a medical team to vow secrecy and limit conversations to operation-related matters while CT is in the operating room. The operation was done clandestinely, with CT hoping for as much privacy for her and her Little One (LO).

Someone from the network informed the Alleged Father (AF) of LO and CT. The reaction was disappointing. AF was cold and treated the news nonchalantly. However, his reaction affected his projects. The once happy and warm personality of AF changed to a short-tempered man and his team noticed the change.

Not only did the arrival of LO could possibly change the course of his life, changes in his project were major issues. As several actors had to go on leave, their roles had to be given up. Subsequently, the storyline had to be revised as well. Then, someone from the production quit because he could no longer work with AF.

Before AF could turn into a full monster, the production head talked to him and advised him to take it easy, as his negative attitude could ruin the project. Thus, his role other than acting had to be relinquished to other personalities. Ending his project is far from the mind of AF. Advertisers and ratings are going up, which are signs that he should continue.

Meanwhile, no reports of AF ever visiting CT and LO have been revealed. Thus, the waiting game begins on whether CT will reveal LO or if AF will acknowledge that he has indeed a little bundle of joy.

‘Some people think that the truth can be hidden with a little cover-up and decoration. But as time goes by, what is true is revealed, and what is fake fades away.’ – Ismail Haniyeh

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