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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Insta Scoop: Leon Barretto Issues Heartwarming Letter to Dad Dennis Padilla

Images courtesy of Instagram: theleonbarretto/ dennisastig

Dear Papa,

I’ve been contemplating whether I should write this to you and if this is even the best way to do so. But It seems that social media is your preferred way to reach us so maybe I can try it too.

Sorry if I wasn’t able to greet you a ‘Happy Father’s Day’. It’s always been an awkward day for us cause we never seem to know where we stand with you every year. I’ve always envied people who never even have to think twice about greeting their dads a ‘Happy Father’s Day’.

For the past 10 years, we have been trying so hard to slowly rebuild the bridge you continuously burn every time you talk about our private matters in your press cons, interviews, and social media. Papa, why does it seem like you enjoy hurting your kids in public? Why do you keep posting cryptic posts about us and allow people to bash us on your own instagram page? Do you think it does not pain all of us to not feel protected by their own father? It’s not that we don’t want to talk to you, but the few times that we do to resolve the issues, you communicate by shouting, cursing, and using hurtful words that traumatize us.

Is public sympathy really more important to you than your own children? Your words have the power to destroy your children, papa.

For years I watched my sisters get torn into pieces because of your false narratives and not once did they ever explain their side nor speak negatively about you in public. It’s exhausting, papa. As the only man in the family, this is me stepping up to protect my sisters.

I need you to know that I want nothing else but to move forward in the safest and healthiest manner possible. I want peace, papa. Can you please stop resorting to public shaming when things don’t go your way?

I long for the day when I can greet you a ‘Happy Father’s Day’ and know that it comes from a place of gratitude and healing.


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Insta Scoop: Dennis Padiila Touched by Photo of Ylmaz Bektas Hugging Lorin and Venice

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PH's Fuschia Anne Ravena Crowned as Miss International Queen 2022

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Image courtesy of Instagram: fuschia_ravena

Another Joyful Affair

Image courtesy of

Perhaps the question in the mind of the people who know about the alleged condition of Promising Talent (PT) is the identity of the father. Rumors are loud that PT’s career is taking a backseat as she’s supposed to be expecting her bundle of joy.

PT’s entry into the entertainment industry was no longer surprising, as she had the connections. Her handlers knew that PT would generate interest among the public given her looks and reputation prior to making her full entry into the industry. PT had the makings of a potential important star and her background was rich in controversy.

When PT started being active and doing one project after the other, her off and online followers increased. These days, social media followers are significant, as comments and shout outs generate news and heighten curiosity. PT would even make time to reply to certain comments, which made her bravery admirable. PT was indeed living up to expectations and her name was immediately linked to popular celebrities. Thus, her recall was strengthened more.  

As quick as the controversies that followed, she decided to slow down. That decision subsequently led to rumors of her being at the interesting stage. Once the gossip was out, denials followed. PT kept silent, but the rumors are too loud to ignore.

The grapevine is abuzz with PT having allegedly informed her management and admitted the reason for her taking a break. As to the alleged father, his camp has remained radio silent.

‘...all that matters is the truth as you know it, and as the ones who love you know it.’ ― Rachel Hawkins

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