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Friday, January 31, 2014

The Bad Muse

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It is public knowledge that Media Personality MP is quite a character. Observers believe that her strong personality is an asset to her work, but only if she will not overdo it.

Long before MP took a long, forced hiatus, the image she had projected is already set to the news-watching public.

Observers quipped that during her heyday, MPs attitude was at its worst. Insiders witnessed how she acted as if she was above anyone, particularly referring to comparison with colleagues from rival networks. During her many coverages, just so she could out-scoop them all, colleagues were aghast at MP's high and mighty, feeling privileged demeanor often bordering on brazenness.

Allegedly, such attitude also incurred the ire of even her colleagues in the network, believing herself that the she could always get away with anything, falsely banking on the supposedly good graces of her bosses. Nothing can be farther from the truth, as her circumstances proved later on.

MP's resurrection had thus people believed that she would be a more gracious person, especially in her public appearances. But lo and behold, nothing has changed at all. As always, you can't teach old dog new tricks.

In her recent coverage taken at a university, students reportedly complained about MP's interviews done without notice. What's worse, she did it really rude, ambush style, that the parents complained how it was such possible that some reporter can just barge in at the university premises. The complaint of the enraged parents and students was reportedly lodged in at the network news department.

Then and now, MP's notoriety seems to be subject of complaint, whether in and out of her work. Looks like this overrated news presenter badly needs a course or two on personality development and work ethics. That is if she wants to stay a little longer in the business.

" Talent is a dime a dozen. Work ethic + talent is the formula." ~ Unknown

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Deniece Cornejo: No Oral Sex with Vhong Navarro on First 'Date'

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The camp of model Deniece Cornejo has denied actor Vhong Navarro's claim that they had oral sex during their first meeting on January 17, five days before a mauling incident allegedly took place.

"That is not true, even if pinagmamalaking may nangyari si Vhong," Cornejo's legal counsel, Atty. Howard Calleja, said in an interview on ANC's "Headstart" Thursday. "Baka to him, in his mind, gusto niyang may mangyari. But really, nothing happened."

In his sworn affidavit with the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), Navarro said he and Cornejo met in her condominium unit in Forbeswood Heights, Taguig on January 17.

"After consuming one bottle of white wine, they made out and it led to oral sex where Cornejo repeatedly inserted her mouth the private part of [Navarro]," the actor's sworn statement read.

According to the same affidavit, Navarro met Cornejo at a shoe store two years ago and "developed a friendship" through Facebook. After some time of not communicating, Navarro said he and Cornejo got in tough again through the same website and the mobile app Viber two months ago. This, according to the actor, eventually led to their "personal meet-up" on the 17th.

Referring to Navarro's account of the meeting, Calleja said, "We talked about that, and Deniece said talagang walang nangyari noong time na 'yon."

"At sabihin na natin, for the sake of argument, may nangyari," the lawyer added, "but if you say no on the second time, a no is a no. Rape is rape."

Cornejo, in her complaint-affidavit in the rape case she filed Wednesday against Navarro, claimed that the actor forced her to perform oral sex on him and tried to insert his penis in her vagina on January 22, the night the group of businessman Cedric Lee allegedly came to her rescue.

Navarro denied attempting to rape Cornejo and claimed that he was a victim of extortion. He said he was blindfolded and tied up before being attacked by at least six men, including Lee.

The actor has since filed six criminal charges against Lee, Cornejo and six others: serious physical injuries, grave threat, grave coercion, unlawful arrest, blackmail, and serious illegal detention, which is a non-bailable offense.

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Resolving Her Mispronunciations

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Chatty Actress (CA) started out with supporting roles despite having the looks and powerful presence on screen. Soon, the network saw her potential when they needed a new face to be launched for their fantasy series. It was just a matter of time that CA amassed followers, who were ready to defend her and to bash anti-CA followers by using the power of social media.

As her career progressed, her classic beauty could not hide the truth that she has a crass personality. A video that showed her reprimanding a fan only increased her haters, and stories about her being outspoken when she got peeved only added to her negative publicity. In fact, CA was a favorite topic of some reporters, but after CA changed managers, the same movie reporters suddenly became kinder to her in print and on air. Now, CA is slowly trying to veer away from the negative publicity by having more coverage on her charity work and other activities for the public welfare.

However, CA has a bigger problem than her publicity. Most of her television ads do not have as much speaking lines because CA has a hard time when it comes to speaking English. In a shoot for an ad for a health product, CA could not get the pronunciation correctly. The takes became so many to count that she got so frustrated. Instead of sulking and getting into a tantrum, she called her ever-supportive boyfriend. She said she was having a difficult time, and her BF gave her advice. He even patiently coached her on her mobile until she got the pronunciation right. After a few more takes, the production staff gave their approval despite the not so perfect delivery of the pronunciation of the brand of the product. It was a good thing that her BF has always been behind her through these years.

A good relationship is with someone who knows all your insecurities and imperfections but still loves you for who you are.- Author unknown

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CCTV Footage Appears to Bolster Vhong Navarro's Version of Events

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The NBI on Wednesday showed CCTV footage that seems to support actor Vhong Navarro's version of events on the night of January 22, which left him hospitalized after being badly beaten.

Before the CCTV video was shown to the media, the sensational case had pitted Navarro's word against the claims of several others, including 22-year-old Deniece Cornejo who said Navarro had tried to rape her in her condo unit.

But the video clearly shows Cornejo entering her building's elevator and then exiting the building shortly after Navarro arrived. She did not appear like she had just survived a rape attempt, and casually examined herself in the elevator mirror.

Navarro was mauled by businessman Cedric Lee and his friends that night, after Lee said he found the actor on top of Cornejo. But the video appears to show that Navarro and Cornejo were not in the condo unit at the same time.

"Tugma ang CCTV footages sa testimony of Vhong Navarro," said NBI-NCR Assistant Regional Director Vicente De Guzman during the presentation.

The footage was provided by the Forbeswood Heights condominium in Bonifacio Global City, where the attack on Navarro took place last week.

"Noong pumasok si Vhong Navarro, after a few minutes, si Ms. Deniece Cornejo went out sa elevator," De Guzman said.

Recorded times

Based on the video footage, Navarro entered the lobby at 10:38 p.m. wearing a shirt, shorts and cap and carrying something in a paper bag. Two minutes later at 10:40 p.m., Cornejo appears in the same lobby, leaving the building alone.

The time stamp of a separate CCTV camera in the elevator showed Cornejo leaving the elevator just a minute after Navarro arrived. Inside the lift, she casually examines herself in the elevator’s reflective door.

At 10:41 p.m., three minutes after the actor entered the building, Lee entered the lobby and headed to the elevator. Minutes later, two other males entered the lobby. One of them has been identified as a certain Ferdinand Guerrero.

In the elevator footage, the NBI noted that there were two unidentified men inside the lift. They said that these men did not enter the building after the actor has arrived.

“Wala po sa video footage na pumasok ‘yung dalawa. Siguro they came in earlier. May dalawang lalaki doon sa room. Ibig sabihin, andun na sila,” De Guzman noted.

According to Navarro’s statement earlier, when Deniece left him inside the unit, two men, who came from Cornejo’s room, beat him up. One of them pointed a gun at his face.

With Cornejo still outside the building, Lee’s sister Bernice Lee entered the lobby at 10:56 p.m. and left with Cedric three minutes later. The two were having a conversation inside the lift, with Bernice gesturing with her hands as if counting.

At 11:01 p.m., Cornejo and the Lee siblings entered the building again and headed to the elevator to go back up to Cornejo's unit on the second floor.

Twelve minutes later, at 11:13 p.m., Navarro, the Lees, Cornejo and five other men were seen in the lobby leaving the building together. The footage shows Navarro being escorted out with his hands bound behind his back.

Condo owner

The NBI also clarified that Cornejo is not the owner of the condo unit. The owner has been identified as a certain Soledad Ramos, who was set to appear before the NBI today, Wednesday.

“A letter from Soledad Ramos allowed her [Cornejo] to stay in the unit,” De Guzman said.

Police blotter

Navarro, who is currently in the hospital recovering from surgery following his beating, was brought to the Southern Police District by Lee and his companions that night to file a blotter entry detailing an alleged rape attempt on Cornejo by Navarro.

The blotter entry detailed Navarro's supposed attack on Cornejo and bore both their signatures. In an interview with Butch Francisco on "Startalk", Navarro's lawyer Alma Mallonga denied the veracity of the account, saying the whole incident was an attempt at extortion.

"This horrible crime that was created against Vhong—he was a victim of detention, tinorture siya, he was blackmailed, he was being extorted—at itong ginawang krimen sa kanya, pinabalahaan siya na huwag siyang magsalita, huwag siyang magbigay ng kahit anong pahayag sa media at itago niya ang ginawang krimen sa kaniya, at ginamit nila itong paglagay sa police blotter ng isang hindi makatotohanang akusasyon," she said.

Vhong Navarro Claims Deniece Cornejo Performed Oral Sex on Him

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The plot has thickened and the characters get in heat.

In the affidavit of television host Ferdinand “Vhong” Navarro that the National Bureau of Investigation filed in the Department of Justice Tuesday afternoon, he claimed that his supposed rape victim Deniece Millet Cornejo had performed oral sex on him in their meeting before the alleged mauling.

According to the affidavit, before the sexual activity, Navarro and Cornejo met at the latter’s unit at Forbeswood Heights Condominium at Bonifacio Global City and consumed a bottle of white wine then proceeded to kiss each other.

“After consuming one bottle of white wine, they made out and it led to oral sex…,” the affidavit said, though the date when the incident happened was not given.

In the affidavit, Navarro and Cornejo met at a sneaker store a couple of years ago wherein they exchanged their contact details resulting to a friendship between the two.

It added that their communication abruptly ended but resumed two months ago through Facebook and Viber.

It also said that on January 22, the date of the alleged beating up of Navarro courtesy of Cedric Lee and his friends, Cornejo invited Navarro to have dinner at her place.

According to the document, when Navarro was inside Cornejo’s unit, two men came out of the room and one pointed a gun at the comedian-TV host. They then tied and blindfolded Navarro and simultaneously rained blows on him.

During the beating, Navarro claimed that he heard several people enter the unit who joined in attacking him. Navarro said these men then pulled his trousers down and removed his blindfold.

Navarro then claimed that, while he was naked, video cameras were pointed at him and that the perpetrators ordered him to utter “Ako si Vhong, ni-rape ko ang kaibigan ko.” (I am Vhong and I raped my friend).

According to the affidavit, Cornejo and Lee conspired on the alleged crime saying that the two “are in harmony in doing their acts.”

It said that Cornejo and Lee agreed on their actions to attain their goal of restraining the liberty of Navarro as they threatened to kill him and his family and exact a payment of P2 million from Navarro’s alleged rape.

Was Vhong Navarro's Private Part Crashed and Burned?

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There will always come a point in our lives that we will be horrified at a man's capacity to inflict pain on anyone, whether out of revenge, envy or plain madness.

If insider reports are to be believed, the ordeal that actor/host, Vhong Navarro had been through at the hands of his attackers, Cedric Lee and company is a traumatic nightmare no human being deserves to have in his memory. To say that it was inhuman is a gross understatement. What Vhong Navarro went through could be the worst kind of torture, so graphic that you will wonder if the perpetrators were humans or beasts roaming in the wild.

We all know that Vhong's broken nose resulting from the attack had to undergo immediate surgery. But apart from that was another kind of torture that was done to him, a beastly one of barbaric proportions.

Reportedly, Vhong's private part was crashed and burned with cigarette butts by his attackers. No human being deserves to be tortured that way in a supposed civilized society.

Such despicable and dastardly act deserves public condemnation of the highest order.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Where's the Jamming?

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Substance abuse had been a regular presence and addiction in showbiz ever since we can remember. It’s just that it was not talked about openly. Unlike showbiz gossips, substance abuse is talked about in hush hush as it is an open secret to begin with.

Some stars try it for curiousity. Depending on the kind of drugs used, the effects are varied, but generally points to a total but unexplained feeling of euphoria, power, and boldness to do things once abhorred.

As some substances also give one tremendous energy and creativity, other celebrities use it to get hyped –up for more stamina to finish and do their job well. Certainly, the overwhelming pressures of showbiz work- long hours of taping/shoots, deadlines, back-breaking rehearsals are nothing to scoff at.

It is not surprising therefore that usually, the more popular the star, the more likely he/she can be suspected of being hooked on drugs - just like this Controversial Actor CA.

Unbeknownst to most, the controversy that surrounded the not-so-recent scandal had some other hideous details that were kept from the public.

Allegedly, CA was under the influence when it happened. According to the grapevine, CA irked this certain Pretty Actress PA because he was so high he wanted to enter the private area where PA was to make out with her. Unfortunately, CA's plan was not successful.

So the next time you see a popular and in-demand celebrity still smiling and standing after days of continuous work – you better think again and don’t be fooled.

All sin tends to be addictive, and the terminal point of addiction is what is called damnation. ~ W.H. Auden

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Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo Air Their Side Regarding Vhong Navarro's Issue

Deniece Cornejo

Cedric Lee

Vhong Navarro's Exclusive Interview on Buzz Ng Bayan

Was Vhong Navarro Set up?

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The public was jolted with the confirmation that host-actor Vhong Navarro got beaten up by a group of men in the vicinity of The Fort a few days ago. While the news item cited some details of the incident, the reason as to why Navarro got himself entangled in such mess was left vague.

Navarro was on his way to the condo unit of a female friend (FF). Although he was supposed to go with their common friends, he was requested to go alone instead. According to a reliable source, Navarro and FF was in the middle of something when her boyfriends suddenly arrived . Protecting herself, FF allegedly cried “rape,” and the boyfriends could have reacted by beating the guts out of Navarro.

While the news mentioned that a group was responsible for beating up Navarro, and was extorting money from him, it could be possible that they were doing such because of the alleged incident with FF. Questions as to why Navarro went alone or whether he was set up need answers. For now, Navarro is quite traumatized with the incident, but is recovering from his injuries in an undisclosed hospital. However, it will take some time before he could return to his daily show.

This side is just one version of the story. FP is open to receiving the versions of other camps who were involved in the mauling of host-actor Navarro.

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