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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Gaining Silent Enemies with Her Unpleasant Attitude

The unexpected success of a major project in the ratings game has made Swell-Headed Actress (SH) prouder. Allegedly, SH has worsened her attitude, that is, instead of showing humility, she continues to be cold to her co-workers and treats them as though they are invisible.

After lingering in the station since she was given her break, SH has never really scored successive hits that would have cemented her status in the network. Hardly are her projects shown during primetime, and thus, she has to be content with projects in which she is the major star. It is this status that might have made her think that the achievement of her latest project should be credited to her and the rest of the cast members are really just secondary and dispensable.

For example, when Young-looking Actress (YA) and Versatile Seasoned Actor (VS) would try to talk to her during breaks or ask her a question, SH would pretend that she did not hear them. SH would continue with her business or merely walk away. Lucky for her, YA and VS have been in the business for so long that they would rather not make a fuss about such attitude.

This snobbish attitude became noticeable because SH would be accommodating Mature Talent (MT), who has also been in the showbiz for decades. Other than acting, MT is known for her profound insights and exploring of her other talents. Moreover, SH is often friendly with the producers, while ignoring most of the crew. SH is consistent as she carries this attitude even within the station itself. When Comebacking Contemporary (CC) greeted her at the lobby SH did not at all acknowledge the greeting. Of course, CC was offended.

With the success getting into her head, SH is even trying to influence her Significant Other (SO). Compared to SH, SO has just recently found his space in this network. Thus, he has been trusted with acting assignments as well. Although he is enjoying fame and fortune these days, SO has remained humble and is well liked because he is charming and pleasant. However, SH seems to be bent on changing that trait of SO. When SH saw him engaging in small talk with the crew, she went towards him and pulled him away. Then, the crew noticed that SO seemed to be distant and sadly, they learned that SH told SO not to interact with them.

As the cliché goes, SH might soon find herself drowning in a glass of water and realize that if she would need people later on, no one might even bother to be nice to her.

When you wake up every day, you have two choices. You can either be positive or negative; an optimist or a pessimist. I choose to be an optimist. It's all a matter of perspective. –Harvey Mackay

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Heal Your 'Sun-kissed' Skin Faster

I am sure everyone enjoyed their summer! Some of us may have dipped into the water one too many times, some of us may have just basked in the sun for too long and whatever our reason and may it be a little damage to full extent-extreme-sun-burn, our skin is still not its usual form. It needs to renew and heal from too much sun damage it endured so it’s best to avoid pushing it to the limit like going to the beach again after you’ve been roasted from the sun. Avoid too much outdoor activities; refrain from putting lotion and scrubbing it. Let it renew itself, let it heal itself with the help of over-the-counter vitamin E that will be extremely helpful. So in order to make sure that your body is healthy and your skin is reflecting the healthy glow, get yourself some Vitamin E.

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Repost: Bongbong Marcos Files Election Protest

Image courtesy of Instagram: bongbongmarcos

A day before the woman who defeated him in the vice presidential race takes office, Sen. Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. on Wednesday sought relief from the Presidential Electoral Tribunal to challenge VP-elect Leni Robredo's victory.

In his electoral protest, Marcos asked the PET, which is made up of the Supreme Court's magistrates, to set aside Robredo's proclamation on May 27 and instead declare him the winning vice presidential bet in the May 9 elections.

His lawyer George Garcia alleged that through a series of electoral frauds, anomalies and irregularities, people behind the whole operation made sure that Robredo would win and that Marcos’ votes would be reduced.

“The votes presumptively obtained by protestee Robredo during the last elections are products of electoral frauds, anomalies and irregularities. Meanwhile, the votes obtained by protestant Marcos were significantly reduced, manipulated and altered to make it appear that he only placed second during the last elections,” the petition stated.

Marcos' has three parts. The first shows that the system had vulnerabilities that were not remedied by Smartmatic, and as a result some groups exploited these flaws to reduce his votes and increase the votes of Robredo.

The second are the specific pieces of evidence of vote buying, intimidation, failure of elections, pre-shading, wholesale ballot feeding and the other abuses we have seen in the news.

The third focuses on the unauthorized introduction by Smartmatic’s Marlon Garcia of a new hash code (or a new script / program) into the Transparency Server and the effects brought about by the so-called cosmetic change.

Marcos alleged that based on numerous testimonial and documentary evidence, they were able to establish the following violations committed by both the Commission on Elections and Smartmatic:

a. R.A. No. 9369 requires, among others, that the AES to be used by COMELEC should “have demonstrated capability and been successfully used in a prior electoral exercise here or abroad.” However, the Vote Counting Machines (VCMs) supplied by Smartmatic as a component of the AES was an entirely new model. It was never before used or supplied by Smartmatic for any election, whether in the Philippines or abroad;

b. Thirteen (13) days before the Election Day, Comelec issued a resolution ordering the BOCs not to transmit the Certificate of Canvass (COC) until all SD cards from the VCMs would have been uploaded or imported into their Consolidation and Canvassing System (CCS);

c. Six (6) days before elections, the COMELEC set up seven (7) regional hubs for the re-configuration of SD cards without prior notice to the political parties and candidates, or any announcement thereof to the public. All this time, the national and local candidates thought that the SD Cards were being configured solely at the Configuration Room in the Sta. Rosa facility of Smartmatic / COMELEC.

d. Instead of being replaced by standby CCS, thirty (30) affected CCSs were pulled out of the BOCs’ custody, and were supposedly delivered to the Sta. Rosa facility for reconfiguration, upon the order of COMELEC, through Executive Director Jose M. Tolentino.

e. Unauthorized introduction of a new program into the Transparency Server and the apparent use of fourth server (called the Queue Server) that was not subject to review by political parties and candidates required by R.A. No. 9369.

Marcos asked the tribunal to order the annulment of election results in Basilan, Maguindanao, and Lanao del Sur, where ballots were reportedly pre-shaded.

Meanwhile, votes in 36,000 precincts in 27 other areas (22 provinces and 5 cities) needed to be recounted, the lawmaker said in his plea.

Garcia said that all in all, votes from 39,221 precincts were affected by the the supposed fraud, and if either annulled or recounted, the votes "would be enough to overcome [Robredo's] 263,000-vote lead."

In a news conference after the filing, Marcos said the evidence and testimony he included in his electoral protest came not only from supporters but other concerned groups.

Marcos attached around 20,000 pages of annexes, certificates of candidacy, and other supporting documents to his 1,000-page electoral protest.

He claimed receiving letters of support, one of them saying: "Hindi kita binoto pero alam kong dinaya ka kaya ito ang ebidensya ng nakita ko at pinapadala ko baka makatulong sa inyo."

"Hindi na ito tungkol sa akin ito ay tungkol na sa milyung-milyong boto na winala at sa milyung-milyong botante kung kaninong mga boses ay hindi narinig ng Comelec, ng ating sistema ng halalan," Marcos said.

In his protest, Marcos said he also pointed out the weaknesses of the automated election system used in the May 9 polls, as well as the unauthorized script change in the hash code made by personnel of technology provider Smartmatic-TIM on the night of the elections.

The congresswoman, who has since claimed victory, took exception to Marcos' statements and challenged him to back his allegations with evidence. —NB, GMA News

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Just Using the Right Man

After all his efforts, time spent with her, and generosity, Furious Actor (FA) realized that Good-looking Talent (GT) had used him. Now, FA is out of the picture, as GT decided to drop him in favor of Influential Celebrity (IC).

Sometime ago, FA was at the right place and at the right time for GT. At that time, GT was feeling so much disappointment from her love life and career. It seemed that both were going nowhere for GT. The man whom she thought would give her the forever she wanted had to leave and despite the effort she made, her acting could not appease her critics. During this vulnerable situation, FA entered the life of GT.

Being in the same projects, FA and GT hit it off and soon, hints were being given in social media that something special was developing between the two. FA and GT were single and thus, no obstacle stood between them. Followers were appreciative of seeing them together because, undeniably, they did have chemistry.

While everything seemed to be moving towards strengthening their commitment for each other, the equilibrium was rocked with photos showing GT with IC, who is definitely single and charming. Suddenly, FA was nowhere in sight despite his effort to generate attention for GT. Unfortunately, instead of gaining support, GT was bullied in cyberspace via the playful skills of netizens who had creative skills in the computer. Nonetheless, GT was on her way to where she wanted to be. However, FA’s effort was not enough and GT started ignoring the man.

When photos showing IC and GT together emerged in various social media accounts, tongues wagged that both were exploring the possibility of being together. After all, IC did something for GT that she should really value. IC is single and so is GT, thus their being a couple is possible. Yet, this configuration was viewed as GT’s way of allegedly making sure she remains popular. IC has powerful contacts, who could help GT achieve her dream. Besides, if GT would indeed fulfill her dream with IC’s help, it would be interesting because the person at the coattails happened to have been close to IC.

Now, FA feels that he has been dumped because he does not have as much clout as IC and he is really just a small fry. What irritates FA is that GT suddenly changed from being warm to him to being cold. FA is so infuriated that he has threatened to reveal a nightmare of any woman. FA allegedly has a video scandal with GT, which they made while they were on location for a project. The question is if FA will forget his being a gentleman and make true with his threat. Obviously, if such a video does exist and leaks out, FA will be the prime suspect.

‘There are those whose primary ability is to spin wheels of manipulation. It is their second skin and without these spinning wheels, they simply do not know how to function. They are like toys on wheels of manipulation and control. If you remove one of the wheels, they'll never be able to feel secure, be whole.’ ― C. JoyBell C

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Repost: Eddie Villamayor Passes Away

Eddie Boy Villamayor back then, with sister Nora Aunor (center) and his Apat na Sikat teammate Winnie Santos
Image courtesy of

Eddie Boy Villamayor, the youngest brother of Nora Aunor, died at past 5 o’clock yesterday morning at the FEU Hospital in Fairview, Quezon City, where he was confined for more than one year after suffering a stroke.

“He was in his mid-50s,” said Nora’s cousin Lala Aunor, now a businesswoman semi-retired from showbiz. “The wake might be held at Mt. Carmel Church (Broadway St., Quezon City) but the interment, which will be at the family mausoleum at the Loyola Memorial Park in Parañaque, has yet to be announced.”

Eddie Boy was a member of the ‘70s teen group Apat Na Sikat which included Arnold “Notnot” Gamboa, Dondon Nakar, Winnie Santos (Vilma’s sister now based with her family in the US) and Lala herself. They were a regular in the late Ike Lozada’s show Big Ike’s Happening.

Eddie Boy also appeared in films mostly produced by Nora’s company, one of them Alkitrang Dugo (inspired by the classic Lord of the Flies by William Golding) directed by Lupita A. Kashiwahara.

Besides Nora, Eddie Boy is survived by his sister Tita (widow of actor Arnold Mendoza) who is based in the US. Their two deceased brothers were Ernesto and Oscar.

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