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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Just Compensating for His Inadequacy

At the height of his career, Appealing Actor (AA) was the toast of his initial network. AA had the better projects and enjoyed the services of a powerful manager. However, circumstances forced AA to move networks, where he had to establish his name and status in the industry. While AA was busy on fulfilling his professional commitments, someone who knew him closely leaked private information on AA.

As a competent actor, the talent of AA is complemented by his good looks. He even allowed the pressure of having a well-toned body get to him. When he noticed that his contemporaries were working out and the results were seen, AA exerted effort to make sure his abs were well defined. Because he had looks, AA would often get to be invited to romp in front of thousands in his sexiest mode. Hence, AA knew that any tinge of fat would lead to criticism. After some time, AA had the body that made him eye candy.

Hence, bearing a great body and establishing a talented reputation, AA seemed to be the perfect man and expectation in the physical aspect was high. Unfortunately, the leaked information claimed that AA was not as well-endowed as expected. Yet, this limitation did not prevent AA from showing what he has.

Like any typical hard worker who has resources, AA has a fondness for massages. Thus, he likes going to a particular spa where his needs could be met. One of these needs is the special service, which is of course, not part of the massage. During one incident, AA was feeling the itch that he asked for his attendant and offered to pay for extra service.

Given that the fee was high, the attendant agreed. AA was too attractive to resist and the attendant was glad that she made the right decision. The performance level of AA was so good that the special service time showed the stamina of AA and his lack of inhibition in performing every action that would satisfy a woman in all her private places. Even if AA was not as gifted, his performance was top notch and award-winning in the physical sense.

‘The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent.’ -  Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Movie Review: Love Me Tomorrow

Image courtesy of

Cast: Piolo Pascual, Dawn Zulueta, Coleen Garcia
Director: Gino Santos
Rating: PG
Produced by: Star Cinema

The movie is a romantic light drama that delves into the love journey of three generations.There are issues which are real and happening but owing to their sensitive nature, are rarely discussed. They are in fact often labeled as taboo.

"Love Me Tomorrow" is a generational love story of its three lead characters. JC (Piolo Pascual) is a man who, at 35 still leads a happy- go-lucky life as a DJ (disc jockey), Janine  (Coleen Garcia), a young socialite blogger who covers up her life’s emptiness through all night partying, and Christy (Dawn Zulueta) as a desirable  50-year old widow whose success as a fashion designer leaves a kind of void that needed filling up. 

Taking center stage as well are the Tita’s of Manila (a spoof of the social culture of mostly middle-class aunts in Manila) composed of Carmi Martin and friends who love clubbing and partying and yes, dating men. 

Liberated Carmi invites Dawn to her group and urges her to have a second chance at life (read: love life) after being recently widowed. The movie presents the supposedly conservative Christy going and playing along with the very much married but flirty Carmi’s kind of fun.  

As if on cue, JC meets the beautiful Christy in a not-so-pleasant accidental encounter. As these accidental encounters become more frequent, their careers intertwine in the process, along with Janine’s who was previously JC’s friend (with benefits). 

Unknowingly, despite of, or maybe because of their age difference, JC and Christy  begin falling for each other amidst conflict brought in by Janine who is still very much into JC. As if to assuage Christy’s fears, JC assures her that Janine is no more than a  ‘fubu’  (fuck buddy) as he labels it – but in reality is a no-label connection. 

Christy tries to be circumspect but love wins for her and JC…for a while. Sure JC knows which buttons to press to endear himself to her even more. What can be more charming than making Christy’s favorite song his audition piece for a DJ in her upcoming fashion launch.  

The movie’s concept is supposedly a refreshing one for Dawn whose comedic timing is quite commendable. Her silly scenes with Piolo and Carmi are a natural. Unfortunately, the plot comes off as weak, with pacing and editing that leave the audience confused at times, notably in most of its dramatic scenes. 

Some scenes would have created more impact had they been better thought of in terms of execution and delivery. The effort is there, but it's clearly not enough. 

As a whole, "Love Me Tomorrow" is a good enough vehicle for Dawn to try a different track at this point in her career. But just like her role in the movie, her image should not be compromised. Her fans may not be ready for it yet. Indeed, age should not limit you to do what you want - but with responsibility. 

Meanwhile, it can't be denied that Coleen's acting has matured in terms of depth. Her looks is a much-appreciated bonus, a refreshing, natural beauty. 

As for Piolo, he needs to be more convincing in his dramatic scenes, most of which come off as unnatural. But in the looks department, the hunk is as desirable as ever without even trying, always a visual treat for girls and gays alike.  

By the way, the MTRCB is quite lax in giving this movie a PG rating with all those sexy scenes and language fit only for adult consumption.    

"Love Me Tomorrow" also stars Freddie Webb, Maxene Magalona, Anna Abad Santos, now showing in cinemas.

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Monday, May 30, 2016

Thin Line Between Protecting and Meddling

One of the best days on life is making one’s dream come true. For Chic Celebrity (CC), her dream started during childhood and as she grew up, she did all she could to break into showbiz. Without connections or well-placed relatives in the entertainment industry, CC relied on her looks, talent, and determination. Finally, after auditions, a network gave CC the break she needed. That opportunity was just the beginning. After all, anyone who enters showbiz always has to keep reinventing his/her image and grabbing opportunities until he/she comes face to face with his/her goal.

With faith and persistence, CC reached her dream. The hard work she gave as well as her patience paid off and soon, she was living her dream. The instant fame gave her much recognition and more attention that she could ever dream of. With popularity came being noticed by all sorts of people, from ordinary admirers to famous personalities in their fields. Despite the attention, CC remained grounded and refused to be distracted.

As Oscar Wilde stated, there are only two tragedies in life. One is not getting what you wish for and the other is getting what you wished for. In the case of CC, she got what she had wished for, but in the process, the personalities of people around her are clashing. Thus, living her dream means she could not get the best of everything.

When Gorgeous Fellow (GF), a celebrity in his own right, became smitten with CC, he did what any lovestruck person would do. GF pursued CC and as confident and as secure as he is in his world, he established a close relationship with CC. While the followers loved the idea of GF apparently pursuing CC and getting to know as much of her as he could, Distant Kin (DK) allegedly was not at all pleased.

The public came to assume that something was developing between CC and GF because of social media. Being public personalities, CC and GF would leave straightforward or sometimes cryptic messages in their accounts. Nonetheless, most followers became curious as to the identity of GF and most left positive messages for him to read. However, DK was allegedly not supportive of GF and CC. Some noticed that DK would post messages questioning the intention of GF and was even said to have had accused him of riding on the clout of CC.

Meanwhile, followers who knew of DK were divided between her seeming intention to protect CC or her meddling into what could be good PR or even the deepening of the relationship between the two. Thus, in the course of several days, CC would make obvious changes in her social media accounts. Being a public account, followers knew if CC had cut ties with GF or not. Sadly, what stuck most in the minds of the fans following the saga of CC and GF is that DK’s alleged actions seemed unbecoming for CC.

‘You may say you won’t interfere with another person’s soul, but you do—merely by existing. The snag about it is the practical difficulty, so to speak, of not existing.’ ― Dorothy L. Sayers

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