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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just Slipped

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People often use the term substance abuse to refer to the use of illegal drugs. These drugs are considered to be illegal because they are usually addictive and can cause serious damage on one’s health.

Some doctors consider drug abuse as a disease of the brain because the drugs alter the brain chemistry. The said alteration often results in a change in behaviour that usually leads to problems at work, problems with bills and unexplained loss of money.

This reality talent show alumnus has not been very visible lately because he is going through drug related problems. He went back to the south where he was born and raised and stayed there for a while hoping to address his drug issues. His condominium in Manila that was given to him is said to be up for sale in the market because of his financial difficulties.

It is so sad because this actor-singer grew up having not much. He was forced to leave school in order to help out his parents at a young age. His career was in full swing after his appearance in the talent show but he allowed his drug problems to interfere. He was given an opportunity that others could only dream of and he allowed it to slip away.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pilipino Star Ngayon Writer Questions FP's Blind Items

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Last Wednesday, a reader forwarded me an article from Pilipino Star Ngayon, the Filipino counterpart of In the article, the author stated:
SCENE : Patuloy sa paglalabas ng mga hearsay, libelous at irresponsible blind items tungkol sa showbiz at fashion personalities ang
I believe many of you saw Jacklyn Jose's interview on TV Patrol earlier tonight confirming that her daughter, Andi Eigenmann is pregnant. If you guys remember, the blind item entitled "The Young Actress' Secret Pregnancy" was published on Fashion PULIS since last Thursday, June 23, 2011. After posting the blind item, I even gave away a clue on Twitter the same day:
"Although Emerald is way more expensive, I think I like Aquamarine more. How about you readers? Please RT. Off to class"
That's all!

Fashion PULIS

Not Applicable Behavior

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This young public servant from the south has been an active advocate of promoting her city to the rest of the country. From time to time, she would invite celebrities to her hometown to show them her city's unexplored beauty.

One time, she decided to invite one of her starlet friends to visit her family's resort. She paid for all her expenses including airfare plus board and lodging. She gave her the red carpet treatment.

When the starlet was about to leave for Manila, she approached the resort owner who invited her to ask for some cash. According to her, she made the mistake of telling her manager that she will be receiving a talent fee from the said trip. Since the manager was made to believe that there will be a talent fee, she is therefore required to give her a commission.

Back in Manila, the starlet told her manager that she did not receive any money at all from the trip. Her manager was smart enough though to get in touch with the resort owner to verify the situation. She was very embarrassed when she found out that the starlet asked for money and told the resort owner that this will be given to the manager. Upon learning this, she immediately explained to the resort owner that it is her policy not to ask for a any commission if her talent did not receive any fee at all.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Congratulations to the Winner of the Longchamp Planetes Tote Raffle

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Thank you very much to the 371 readers who participated in the Longchamp Planetes Tote Raffle. The lucky reader who will be receiving this prize is:

Miss Trina Mercado

Congratulations Trina! Please check your email so that we can schedule our meet up very soon. 

Poker Face

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A housewife and her two female balikbayan friends from the USA were having their nails done in a spa somewhere in Makati. In the middle of their treatment, they were starstruck when this foxy actress suddenly entered the establishment. She went straight inside the VIP room leaving her two personal assistants in the common treatment area.

The two balikbayan friends were ecstatic to see the actress so the housewife decided to approach one of the personal assistants to ask if they can have a photo taken with their boss. The personal assistant immediately went inside the VIP room to talk to the actress and when she came out, she told the housewife that her request has been declined.

After hearing what this personal assistant told the housewife, one of the balikbayan friends suddenly blurted out "Akala ko mabait, masungit naman pala." The actress must have heard this because five minutes later she came out of the VIP room to give in to the request of  the ladies who were avid followers of her past soap operas.

When the photo was being taken, the actress put on a poker face. After the shot, she did not even mind the ladies when they said thank you to her. She just walked back to the VIP room without uttering a single word.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Different Wavelengths

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After her much publicized separation from her husband, this actress has been linked to many controversial personalities. A few years ago, there was this younger dramatic actor who was rumored to be dating her, but later on turned out to be just a special friend. After her short-lived publicity stunt with this actor, she started dating this certain expatriate who was in the Philippines because his company's involvement in a national event.

All the while, this actress thought that the expatriate was really into her. She would talk about his SMS messages to her when she was interviewed on TV. What she did not know was that the guy was also dating a non-showbiz girl from the south. When this girl asked him about the actress, he said that he could not possibly be attracted to someone who was not intellectually stimulating enough. He even said that he realized that they were not on the same "wavelength" after he went out with her for a few times.

The expatriate apparently lost interest because of the actress inability to challenge him intellectually. Soon after, the expatriate decided to stop seeing her and she went on TV saying that she was not yet ready for another relationship.

UPDATE (as of June 27, 2011, 11:45 AM)
The friends of the actress called me a few minutes ago to share what they know about the issue. According to them, the actress dropped the expatriate like a hot potato after she discovered that he is an atheist. They simply did not see eye to eye on this issue.

I have always believed that that there are two sides to every story. Now that I have presented the two versions, it is totally up to you to choose which one you want to believe.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Newly Renovated Traffic Footwear Store in the Power Plant Mall

Traffic Footwear store is the newest style hub at the Rockwell Center. The store’s sleek and minimalist interior makes the shoes displayed on layers of racks as focal point. Dim lighting contrasts the brightly colored Kartel footwear and patent Frank dress shoes.

The latest Traffic Footwear collection carries elegant and affordable dress shoes made from genuine leather and casual shoes in suede, rubber-soled and upper leather. Frank brogue and lace ups shoes are perfect for both class presentations and client meetings while Kartel sneakers and casual sandals are the perfect alternatives to the usual blacks and browns. Comfort and seamless designs of Traffic Footwear makes it the best choice for men. Traffic Footwear Fall 2011 Collection is available at the newly opened Traffic Store located at the Ground Floor of Power Plant Mall.

I went to the Power Plant Mall yesterday to check out the prices of the leather loafers in the Traffic Store. I was surprised to find out that the prices of the shoes were all below 4,000 PhP. I think they are relatively inexpensive considering the design and the quality. I hope Traffic gives away gift certificates to lucky Fashion PULIS readers very soon. 

Spotted: Dating an Enemy in Greenbelt 5?

This newbie actor and starlet were spotted strolling in Greenbelt 5 last night. When my friend approached them for a photo, they refused to be photographed together. Is this because they are from rival networks?  

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Star-crossed Lovers

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While this Filipino actor was filming a movie overseas, he was dumbfounded when he received an unexpected phone call from his former girlfriend. The girlfriend called him to tell him that she is still in love with him despite the fact that she is already seeing someone else. The actor did not know what to answer so he pretended not hear what she said. He immediately changed the topic and asked her about the recent developments in her career.

The actor was severely bothered after talking with his ex girlfriend on the phone. It was very obvious that he was distracted because he could hardly remember his lines during the shoot. In the past, he has repeatedly told his close friends that this former girlfriend will forever remain as his "greatest love". I guess hearing her tell him that she still loves him was just too much for the actor to handle. This is indeed a classic tale of star-crossed lovers.

All the while I thought that this actress is so in love with her current boyfriend. I guess she got tired of being the giver in her present relationship. She finally realized that her boyfriend who left his country to look for work here in Manila will not be able to give her the kind of lifestyle that she grew up with.

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Basketball Controversy

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I was surprised that the media did not report on this story when I first learned about this. Yesterday, I had to make several phone calls to verify the truth behind this story. The people I rang told me that this happened more than two months ago but the university ordered a news blackout. After reading this story, please do not accuse me of doing a demolition job because I am from another university.

In this year’s much awaited university basketball league, fans of these two varsity players will no longer see them in action. The university officials have expelled the two players from the team after catching them in a bloody boxing match. Do you want to know the reason behind the big fight?

Apparently, the girlfriend of Player B accused Player A of sexual assault. She did file a case with the proper authority but the university officials were quick to respond. Through the help of a powerful and influential university alumnus, the case was settled immediately. As to how the case was settled, no one really knows about the details.

To protect the university’s image and avoid controversies, the university has decided not to include these two players in this year’s roster. According to the university officials, Player A will not be able to participate in this year’s league due to his poor health condition. As for Player B, they claimed that he is no longer academically qualified to continue his studies in their institution. Player B has actually returned to the school where he was originally from and he will be playing for this school’s basketball team again.

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A Designer's Reaction to Last Monday's Retagging Blind Item

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Dear Fashion PULIS,

I saw your last Monday's blog post Designer Caught Retagging by Another Designer pertaining to me. One of my friends saw it and immediately told me about it knowing that I always ask KINGSMEN to do all the custom tailors of my clients. This is not retagging. I still can't think of any instance when a designer confronting me about this. I can only remember MB as the designer who bought a jacket from me. The jacket was pulled out by stylist PQ (not the designer) and I remember that she knows that KINGMEN does my jackets.

It is also not true that I said my dad is one of the stockholders of KINGSMEN. The truth is KINGSMEN owes my dad a lot of money, so the company produces my jackets to offset what the company owes my dad. My relationship with KINGSMEN cutters and sewers is that they execute my design, my specifications, my chosen materials and my proportions. The tag in the jacket must have been stitched by mistake. Whoever is Designer A, I am sorry that I did not tell you that KINGSMEN executed the jacket that you bought.

To sum it all up, I did not retag the KINGSMEN jacket. I have also informed most of my clients that KINGSMEN executes all my designs. I do the design, choose the materials and ask the company to execute it for me. I just want to set things straight because I am worried as to what people might think.

If you also check out KINGSMEN prices for materials and labor, a typical blazer would cost between 8t to 10t PhP. I even sell the jackets to my clients at a cheaper price because I want them to have the best deal possible. What more can you ask for, a jacket designed by me and executed perfectly by KINGSMEN sold at a lower price.

I hope you understand the situation. God Bless.

Yours truly,
Ralph Ng

P.S. Fashion PULIS is open to hear the side of KINGSMEN. Kindly get in touch with me through

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Young Actress' Secret Pregnancy?

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Last night, I got a phone call from a friend who is an avid reader of Fashion Pulis. He was asking me if I knew about the pregnancy of this young actress. I asked him where he heard about this and he shared this story with me. 

He accompanied his pregnant wife to the hospital for ultrasound. While they were seated at the reception area waiting for the result, they overheard the conversation of the nurse and the receptionist. They got intrigued when the nurse blurted out the name of a familiar young actress. Upon realizing that there were many people in the area, the nurse suddenly lowered her voice after mentioning the young actress' name. My friend had to do some lip-reading to find out what the nurse told the receptionist. He caught her telling the receptionist that the result has just confirmed that the young actress is pregnant.

Do you know which young actress was the nurse referring to? I will give you a clue. This actress in her early 20's is from a family of talented actors. 

After guessing the identity of this young actress, your next task is to help me investigate if she is really pregnant or not. If she is, may I also request that you do more research to find out who got her pregnant?

Due to the sensitivity of this story, I would like to request you to follow the guidelines in posting comments. If you cannot guess her identity, I suggest that you follow micsylim on Twitter. Continue to email your juicy stories to Thank you for sharing Fashion PULIS with your friends.

Letter from a Reader: Thanks to FP, Globe Ordeal Finally Over!

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Dear Fashion Pulis,

I would like to thank you for publishing my story Globe Bad Customer Service. This morning Globe called us up and told us that our account is on priority for repair and that they are sending a technician to check on our internet connection. I didn't believe it at first since they always say that when they call and yet they never really send a technician over. Today, a technician came at 11am and checked our connection. Apparently, our modem was already defective and just needed to be replaced. They replaced our modem and immediately our internet connection was up again! Modem lang pala ang problema.

Again, thank you for publishing my concern in your blog. Finally this ordeal with Globe is over and I can work in peace.

More power to you & God bless. :)

Mary Kathryn B. Sotto

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Weed Effect

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Marijuana, otherwise known as pot, grass or weed, is the world’s most commonly used illicit drug. It is usually smoked in loosely rolled cigarette known as "joint."

The effects of smoking joint are generally felt within a few minutes. Moderate intake of marijuana tends to stimulate a dreamy state of relaxation that encourages fantasies, leaving users with heightened senses. Stronger doses of this drug may result in disturbing reactions such as paranoia and hallucinations.

After an out of town concert, this male singer who won a talent show was hanging out with an actor and an actress in one of the hotel rooms. Suddenly, the actor brought out a pack of joints from his bag and offered the singer to try a stick. It was the first time for him to try this so he opted to go inside the bathroom and locked the door before lighting the joint.

He finally opened the bathroom door a few minutes after he finished smoking his joint. He thought he was just high and hallucinating because he could not believe what he was witnessing. The actor and actress were both high and doing it in bed. The singer did not know what to do so he decided to go back inside the bathroom and stayed there for a while.

Do you want to know who the actor and the actress are? The actor was born to Filipino parents overseas. When he arrived in the Philippines, he hardly spoke Filipino. The actress, on the other hand, was born and raised in the southern part of the Philippines. She is a product of a network's reality talent search.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Flop Performance

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Last week, the concert of this female singer was a major disappointment. The size of the theater where her concert was held was just too big for her to handle. According to the concert attendees, out of the 1,500 seating capacity, less than one third of the seats were taken.

The concert was originally scheduled last month. A week prior to the concert, the producers suddenly decided to move it to a later date. The official reason given to the public was the singer's throat problem.

Do you want to know what the real reason behind the cancellation was? It was said that a week prior to the original date; the producers were shocked that only five tickets were sold.

Do you know who this singer is? I trust that you will easily find the answer by doing a little research. If you still need more clues, I suggest that you follow micsylim on Twitter. Please continue to email your juicy stories to Thank you for loving Fashion PULIS!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Designer Caught Retagging by Another Designer

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Designer A fell in love with one of the jackets that Designer B featured in one of his fashion shows. Since Designer A loved it so much, Designer B agreed to sell it to him. One day, while Designer A was at home admiring his new jacket, he was shocked to find a KINGMEN tag in one of the inner pockets.

When Designer A met Designer B a few weeks later in one of the parties, he went up to him to ask about the KINGSMEN tag. When Designer B heard this, his face turned red and he calmly explained to Designer A that his father is one of the stockholders of KINGSMEN. He hurriedly walked away from Designer A after giving this very lame excuse and avoided him the whole evening.

Do you know who Designer B is? I will give you a clue. This young designer was included on a magazine's list of designers to watch for in 2009 after he created a jacket for an actress who was part of this magazine's best dressed issue. I guess we all have to keep a watchful eye on Designer B after hearing about this retagging incident.

For more clues, please follow micsylim on Twitter. Kindly continue to email your juicy stories to

Longchamp Planetes Tote Raffle

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Fashion PULIS on its fourth month anniversary has reached more than 2,000,000 pageviews. As a way of thanking all of you, I am giving away a black Longchamp Planetes Tote that I bought from Paris last April.

Four easy steps to join:

Step 1: Follow micsylim on Twitter. If you do not have a Twitter account, I suggest you create one.

Step 2: Tweet the reason why you love Fashion PULIS using this format:
@micsylim: I love because
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Step 3: "Like" Fashion PULIS' facebook page:

Step 4: Capture the image of your tweet and email it as an attachment to If you do not know how to do this, you may simply copy and paste your tweet and email it to Please do not forget to include your Twitter account name.

All your tweets/emails will be RAFFLED and the lucky winner will receive a black Longchamp Planetes Tote.

Deadline for tweeting/emailing your reason for loving  Fashion PULIS is on June 25, 2011, 11:59 PM, Manila Time.

Letter from a Reader: Globe's Bad Customer Service

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Dear Fashion PULIS,

I would like to raise a concern regarding the responsiveness & effectiveness of Globe’s customer service and technical representatives. This is in relation to our phone & DSL bundle account under the name of Mr. Abner Sotto Jr.

Last May 25 we reported that our internet connection was down, the customer service representative accommodated us, aided us in troubleshooting the issue. When we still failed to get a connection, she sent over the technicians the following day to check on the modem but unfortunately they did not bring a replacement unit so they told us they would be back the following day. Days past and they never came back.

We called to follow on the status of the modem but and we were instructed to start the troubleshooting process all over again. This time around, they sent technicians to check on the main box in area. They mentioned that the main box might be the issue and not the modem since our account is appearing as online in the system.

A few days after the visit of the technicians, we still did not have any internet connection so we did another follow up. We were told that they were having issues requesting for the permit from the barangay where the box is located. They got our contact details and told us they would be calling us back for an update. Nobody ever called us up again.

Last week we called almost every day to do a follow up. We even got to talk to a supervisor named Mayann, who told us that she would be escalating our concern and will make sure it would be prioritized. A few days after our phone conversation with Mayann, we called again and asked if we could speak with her. We were surprised when the customer service representative who took our call told us that we were connected to a different outsourcing company.

Is it our fault that we were automatically connected to a different outsourcing company? Our main concern is to have our internet connection back. It has been almost a month now and we still have no clear answer from Globe. We no longer know what to do next. This is also not the first time that we have encountered such an issue. Months back, we asked for a rebate for the 2 weeks that we did not have any internet connection at all.

It is just very frustrating and exhausting to call them up and go thru the same cycle again and again. It is useless to answer the same list of questions knowing that the customer representatives will not be able to help you solve the problem.

When will this ever be addressed? When are we going to get our internet connection back? Why does this issue keep happening?

We sure hope we will be given the service that we are paying for. We regretted that we cancelled our subscription from another telecommunications company to subscribe to your company because of the promised internet speed and the convenience of Wi-Fi.

We would like to hear from you and hope that our problem will be given a solution as soon as possible. Thank you Fashion PULIS for posting my story.

Yours truly,
Mary Kathryn Sotto

Wedding Gown by Puey Quinones

 Images courtesy of John Mateos Ong

My client, Mrs. Rachel Valerie Go-Chua, was terrified when she came across the Fashion Scam article involving her wedding gown designer, Puey Quinones. After reading the story, she made it a point to check on the development of her wedding gown week after week. Yesterday, she finally marched down the aisle looking radiant in her wedding gown by Puey Quinones. Apart from the unavoidable zipper malfunction, she was totally satisfied with the final product. 

Richard, the groom, wore a beige tuxedo by the same designer. This time I assure you that the tuxedo did not have a Danzen tag in the inner pocket. 

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Rachel Chua! Best Wishes!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Singer's Diva Manager

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A few months ago, a mall's marketing manager booked this female singer for a show in his mall. Upon going through the singer's contract, he discovered an absurd clause that states that the client has to provide the artist with "Class A Food". In his years of booking celebrities, it was the first time that he had encountered such a clause in a contract. Based on his previous experiences, the mall's celebrity guest is always given the best possible treatment even without being told. It has been the mall's practice that when a celebrity is still waiting for his/her turn to go on stage, he/she is invited to a nearby cafe or restaurant and is served with anything that he/she wants to order. It is common sense that the guest artist is never given lunch boxes just like the rest of the production crew.

On the day of the show, it started to rain cats and dogs. The heavy rain made the marketing manager decide to cancel the show that was supposed to take place in an open area. Upon making this decision, he immediately rang the manager of this singer informing him not to proceed to the mall anymore. When the manager heard this, he started yelling at the marketing manager and insisted that he should still pay for the singer's talent fee.

It has always been a practice of this mall to just reschedule a celebrity's performance in the event of a show cancellation due to acts of God. This was the very first time that the he had to pay an artist in spite of her inability to perform because of a fortuitous event. After this untoward incident, the marketing manager has vowed that he will never ever deal with the diva manager of this singer. It is just too bad for them because this marketing manager is in charge of several malls all over the city.

Do you know who this singer with the diva manager is? If I am not mistaken, she performs rather regularly on a variety show every Sunday. If you still do not have an idea, I suggest that you follow micsylim on Twitter to get extra clues. Keep emailing your stories to

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Juicy Chika Behind the 1st Belo Blogger's Night

DJ Angelicopter sharing her breast enhancement experience

Dr. Vicki Belo explaning the best technique 
for breast implant placements

Last night, I was invited by the Belo Medical Group to attend its first ever Belo Blogger's Night. It was held at Myron's Place in Greenbelt 5. The food was good but the company was even better. 

I was seated across Belo Medical Group's latest endorser for breast enhancement, Angelika "Angleicopter" Cruz. Have you seen her giant billboard along Edsa? I was very flattered when she told me that she and her friends are avid readers of  Fashion PULIS

During dinner, I asked Angelicopter as to what was her ultimate worry prior to having her breast enhancement procedure. She told me that she was scared that she might end up with breasts that are too round and too unnatural. She said, "I don't want to have duckpin bowling ball breast like those of __________."

I could not control my laughter when I heard Angelicopter's statement. I had to turn to Dr. Caparas, the breast expert of the Belo Medical Group, and asked him if the young actress that Angelicopter was referring to really had her breast enhancement. He told me that it would be impossible for someone as skinny as she is to have breast as full as hers. He even shared that he strongly believes that the young actress also had parts of her face fixed. 

Do you know who the young actress that Dr. Caparas and Angelicopter was referring to? She has repeatedly denied on the family network TV interviews that she had her breast and face done. I guess she can not fool an expert board certified plastic surgeon and someone who has actually had her breast enhancement.

If you do not have any idea, I suggest you follow micsylim on Twitter. Please continue to email your stories to

Friday, June 17, 2011

Please Spare Me

Image courtesy of

This veteran action star would always wait for this congressman from the south to arrive in the casino. Every time he sees him there, he would stick to him like a leech and sweet talk his way into asking him for a few pieces of casino chips. Being the generous high roller, this congressman would always hand him a few pieces and wish him good luck. Instead of gambling all of the casino chips away, he would wait for the congressman to leave the gambling area, exchange the chips for cash, before disappearing from the casino.

The bodyguards of this congressman hate the guts of this action star because he treats them lowly and yet he only begs for chips from their boss. This is why whenever the bodyguards see him winning, they would do what he does to their boss, suck up to him and ask for “balato”. Left with no other choice, the action star would unwillingly hand them a 1,000 PhP bill for them to share.

Do you know who this veteran action star is? He is the father of the son of a very talkative TV personality. If you are still clueless, look at the title or follow micsylim on Twitter. Please continue to email your stories to

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Really Just 12 hrs

Image courtesy of

The contract of this female celebrity endorser strictly states that she can only work for 12 hours in a day, from 10 am to 10 pm. For the shooting of TV commercials, this time frame is unrealistic because unlike TV series, commercials require better quality and therefore need more takes. She usually comes to the set late in the morning and spends between two to three hours for her hair and make-up to be done. During the day, she is normally pleasant to everyone but when the clock strikes 10pm, the director, the producer, the crew and even the clients see her sudden mood change. She becomes grouchy and makes it clear to everyone that her husband has been calling her and insisting that she goes home as soon as possible.

Her husband is no different. He comes to the set late and when the 12 hours have been consumed, he tunes out without providing any leeway. It seems like the couple has this drama of calling each other on the final hour so that everyone on the set is aware that they have one last work hour remaining for the day. A veteran production guy noted that this male celebrity endorser was very easy to work with prior to him marrying the female celebrity endorser.

This husband and wife pair has signed numerous endorsement contracts lately. It is obvious that they are doing it for the money. I do not see anything wrong with that, but at least they have to feel for the brand. One time during a commercial shoot, a brand manager was on the set sharing his sentiments about this male celebrity endorser with the production team. He mentioned that the past celebrity endorsers of his brands were warm, easy to talk to, and would always project their affinity for the product. Without being told, they would mention the brand that they are endorsing when they appear on TV shows and would even offer to attend  promotional events. This male celebrity endorser is nothing like that. He is distant, cold and appears to be uninterested in the products that he is endorsing. The client feels that it is just pure business for him and his wife.

Some production people have professed that the two of them are two of the most difficult celebrities that they have ever worked with. If you do not know who they are, follow micsylim on twitter to get more clues. Please continue to email your stories to

My Favorite Restaurant in HK: Peking Garden - Alexandra House, Central

Peking Garden - Alexandra House, Central, Hong Kong

Last night, we had dinner in Peking Garden - Alexandra House. This is our favorite restaurant in Hong Kong so whenever we are here, we try our best to drop by this place. Look at the menu and you will know why. It is a bit pricey but it is all worth it. 

Peking Garden's Foyer Area

Peking Garden's Main Dining Room

Set Menu = 1,280 HKD per person

Pickles with Beancurd

Smoked Vegetable Roll with Sliced Pork 
in Garlic and Chili Sauce

Braised Supreme Shark's Fin Soup with Crabmeat

Braised Whole Yoshihama Abalone and Sea Cucumber
in Oyster Sauce

Deep Fried Prawn in Chili Sauce
(instead of Barbecued Peking Duck)

"Tan Tan" Noodles

Sweetened Bird's Nest in Almond Juice

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Time Giver

I will be in Hong Kong for the next few days so expect my stories to be brief in the meantime. Despite being tired from all the walking and shopping, I just could not go to bed without writing a blind item for you guys. I hope you can be more understanding. =)

Do not even dare to ask this actress/TV host about the call time because she is bound to give you the wrong information. She does this on purpose so that she will be the only one in the group who will come to the shoot on time. She wants to make the others look unprofessional so that she will be favorite of the of the production team. Now I know why  is the favorite girl of this certain director.

Do you know who this dubious actress/TV host is? She projects a sweet and sincere image on TV but in real life she is the exact opposite. Her fellow celebrities are all very wary of her after discovering her true color.

I will give you two clues since I will not be able to tweet because the internet connection in our hotel room is very slow. The first clue is she hosts not just one show in the family network. For the second clue, you have to look closer at the title for you to find it. Happy guess guys!

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao
Located at the Arrival Area of the
Hong Kong International Airport

My aunt and I arrived in Hong Kong yesterday around one in the afternoon. Before heading to our hotel, we stopped by Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao for lunch. 

Beancurd with Preserved Egg = 40 HKD

This is the favorite dish of my aunt. She loves the soft texture of the beancurd topped with pork floss and century egg.
Steamed Pork Dumplings "Shanghai" Style = 30 HKD

For me, this is one of the best xiao long paos in Hong Kong. It has a richer flavor compared to the version of Ding Tai Fung. The xiao long paos that they serve in the Greenhills branch is nothing compared to the ones they serve in Hong Kong. If you are craving for xiao long paos in Manila, I suggest you go to Peking Garden in Greenbelt 3 instead.  

Wanton in Chili Oil = 38 HKD

If you like your dumplings spicy, then I suggest this over xiao long pao. It also has a stronger flavor because of the chili oil. 

Assorted Vegetable Wrapped in Deep-Fried
Beancurd Sheets = 48 HKD

I personally love crispy beancurd skin so this is a dish that I always order every time I visit this restaurant. 

Taro Pastry = 28 HKD

If you like desserts that are not too sweet then I recommend these pastries with taro filling.

Sesame Cream = 22 HKD

I am not a fan of black sesame but my aunt loves it very much. I guess it is an acquired taste.


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