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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fashion Scam

Fashion Tweet of Kat de Castro:
"The designer asked 30k for this suit. Pero bakit may Dansen tag? Sa SM ito di ba? Napeke kaya yung friend ko?"

A client went to the designer to have a wedding suit custom made. He paid 30t for the suit only to find out that the designer bought the suit from DANZEN (SM?)

Message from BOBON's Management:
Spoke to the owner of BOBON (the store), he explained that the said designer is no longer a partner but apparently still uses the tags/labels left with him. I feel bad for the owner of BOBON.

Message from the CLIENT:
To the owner of Bobon... just want to let you know that the transaction was between the couple and the designer. So don't worry. You're out of this. By the way, I just hope that we'll be the last couple to be treated like this.

The supposed owner of this suit will be wearing Francis Libiran to his upcoming wedding on March 5.

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  1. Wow! Eto pala first post mo hehehe. Astig! Wish ko lang maging ganito ka-sikat ang blog ko :)

  2. Glad I found your very first post. Walang comments? Or comments were not yet a feature when this blog first came out? Nevertheless, feels good to be reading this. Lavet!

  3. wow baguhan din po akong blogger at idol ko po kayo



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