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Sunday, February 27, 2011

What is BOBON?

When I first saw this photo, I thought that BOBON is the men's line of Puey Quinones.  I posted it on my Facebook page to show it to my friends.  Soon enough it proliferated on the Internet and I received a private message from Ulysses King, Jr., manager of BOBON.  He gave me a ring and explained to me what is BOBON.

BOBON is a retail brand located on the 4th level of the Podium that allows buyers greater accessibility to creations made by skilled Filipino artists. It started as a collaboration with Puey Quinones in 2008.  Puey left the brand eventually and now BOBON is a collective effort of several Filipino designers.  Here are some of the featured designers:

Arnold Galang

Eric delos Santos

Estien Quijano

Roland Lirio

Ulysses King

Yako Reyes

Please drop by the Podium to check out the latest collections of these designers.  BOBON also features guest designers from time to time.

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  1. Pero feeling ko te kay puiqui(peke) ito before, kaso waley na anda si PQ kaya cguro binenta kay ating Uly at niretain na lng ang name.kc if u think of d brand its a hometown name of PQ. So cguro sumikat ito na brand at niretain na lang pero sana d sha malugi dhil coincide na sa brand na ito ang Pangogoyo chinelyn etchus at of cors ang mahaderang PQ.

  2. According to a reliable source:
    BOBON shop is actually a property of Urban Lifestyles,Inc. a company that Uly majority owns-they gave Puey a full privilege to give the store a name and operate it as his own --but then -- they finally decided to discontinue the one year contract with Puey-- that's then the shop was reshaped into collective collaboration with different designers. Also, BOBON has been a registered brand of the company so they have the legal right to use it..BOBON is on it's 4th year but ofcourse, changing the store name is not a bad idea :-)

  3. Hi Fashion Pulis. I have a horror story regarding one of the designers mentioned here. Whats your email?

  4. Dear Anonymous,
    Please email your story to I will be waiting. Thanks.



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