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Friday, February 18, 2011

Promising Young Designer: Vee Jay Floresca

A friend's daughter is celebrating her 18th birthday on June 11. When she consulted me for a possible theme, I suggested "Secret Garden".  She loved the idea so our next agenda was to look for a designer. Filipinos designers should realize that there is money in social events (life cycle events).  For weddings and debuts, clients would always set aside an amount for the gowns' budget.

Last night, I brought my friend and her daughter to one of my favorite young designers, Veejay Floresca  I fell in love with his work before when I saw one of my clients/brides wearing his gown.  I always use everyday people (brides, mothers, entourage members, ninangs or guests) and not celebrities as a basis for evaluating the work of a designer.

For the said June 11 event, Vee Jay will be creating 2 ball gowns and 1 cocktail dress for the debutante. After finalizing the fabric and the colors, we were surprised Veejay charged us 50t Php for the 3 pieces. It was such a good deal that my friend decided to add another 10t Php to the budget for the Swarovski beads. She liked Veejay so much that she handed him the full payment after the meeting.

This is what happens to good people. Next Thursday, my friend is bringing her other daughter, niece and sister to Veejay for their gowns. Keep up the good work Veejay and I know blessings will continue to pour your way. I admire you for your creativity, sincerity, honesty and enthusiasm.

To all brides-to-be out there, I asked Veejay as to how much he charges for wedding.  Here are his rates as of February 18, 2011 which I believe are very fair:
between 60t Php to 70t Php  for a beach themed wedding gown
between 70t Php to 110t Php for a couture wedding gown depending on the design and the material
110t Php up for a Filipiniana wedding gown because of the price of the material

To clients who want to get in touch with Veejay, his mobile number is 0917 501 3535.
By the way, he requested me to tell everyone that he is very much single too.

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  1. hi sir mike, im just wondering if Vee Jay is in any way related to a certain Raoul Floresca?

  2. good for veejay! I'm sure he will far because he is honest and doesn't overcharge!!I'll tell my other friends about him!

  3. I like Veejay's design. I follow his blog, so I am always amazed how good the details of his gowns are. More success to him!

  4. I loved,loved Veejay's work at Project Runway Philippines (his design aesthetic was my fave), and this was what prompted me to approach him to create my wedding gown. With a time span of less than a month, he was able to create a beautiful dress, which was every inch the dress I envisioned it to be. It's a huge plus that he's such a darling. He truly deserves all the accolade he's been getting :)

  5. I was in a Maldita store and I saw Veiejay there. I don't know if he designs for the store. I was so surprised at how friendly he was! He immediately smiled at me. Knowing how famous he already is, I was so pleased at how nice he was. People like Veejay have nowhere to go but up. Mabuhay ka! You deserve all the blessing that have come your way. Btw, you're truly extremely talented!

  6. di ba sya yung beki sa Ms. Universe video+project runway philippines? I knew he will go places. Love his work!



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