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Monday, February 21, 2011

Wedding Gown Trend: The Battle of the Bottoms (Pabonggahan)

The modern Filipina bride is becoming more daring.  Nowadays, very few brides will opt for a gown with the a classic bottom.

In an attempt to be different, they collaborate with designers to come up with different inspirations for the bottom part of their wedding gowns.

Gown # 1's inspiration:  Feather Duster

Gown # 2's inspiration:  Royal Curtain

Gown # 3's inspiration:  Icing on the Cake

Which one do you like most?  I would love to hear your thoughts.  Perhaps you can send some photos to add up to the inspirations that I have mentioned.    Good luck to all the brides to be out there.

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  1. I go for the first :) It's timeless :)

  2. i like the first one... i think she's my client!!

  3. I'd still go for the classic bottoms.

  4. You should see the one with who likes putting horrendous frou frou on the back...And to think she's "top rated". No thank you.

  5. busy busy busy busy busy!

  6. nako, fp, the simpler the better talaga



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