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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bongga Ka Day? (Are you Fabulous?)

"Bonnga Ka Day" or "Bongga" for short is one of my favorite Pinoy expressions.  The best translation I can think of is "You're Fabulous" or "Fabulous".  I can use "bongga" to describe the pieces of this furniture designer but not his business ethics.

The showroom of this furniture/interior designer used to be located somewhere in Makati.  Apparently, he and his business partner owe the landlord two years worth of rental fees amounting to millions.  The landlord eventually lost his patience, decided to evict them and filed a legal complaint.  I think this is one of the reasons why their showroom was moved to Taguig.  

This designer also reserved several slots in one of the malls but could not pay for the reservation fee.  Mall could not wait any longer.  It had no choice but to give the spaces to other interested parties who are willing to pay.

My "bongga" friend, Satcha Mitchell is an avid fan of this furniture/interior designer.  We visited their impressive showroom in Taguig a few months ago.  It seems like their firm has many big time projects.  They were charging me a design fee of 1M Php for a town house with a floor area 140 square meters .  If they are making so much money, why don't they want to pay for their obligations?

Look for the answer of this blind item in the title:  Bongga Ka Day.  Thank you for reading. Follow me on twitter: micsylim.

P.S.  Thank you to Satcha Mitchell for suggesting the title.  I love it!!!


  1. More clues please!!! :)

  2. ano meron sa title para makuha yung answer? - Chris Jalandoni

  3. Please lister to Hot Dog's album. Sing and dance to the tune.

  4. kilala ko ito! diba si JC and owner ng lot? hehe. at si BL ang pretentious designer? heard he ran away with his client's 7-9m worth of moolah intended for purchase of materials

  5. Dear Manni,
    I wrote something about Satcha Mitchell. I hope you enjoy reading it. Thank you for the support.

  6. hello, I FP! I'm backreading this blog hehehe

    for once I found an BI where I happen to know some information. In Fairness to desginer B, it was not his fault on the deliquency of payments, rather it was his brother who squandered the money. That is because it is his brother who manages that company, all B does is design.

    Also from what my mole told me B's partnership with R is separate from the furniture company. B and R only does design, while the brother of B makes the furniture (if the clients decide to have them made under the furniture manufacturer with B's name).

    But it is true that B's brother is soooooooooo delinquent. Both with the payment of the rentals and with the salaries! Tsk! Tsk! Bad!



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