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Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Major Change

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As the adage says, sexuality is fluid. Hence, even if one initially identified as straight, he/she can change to a sexual preference later on in life. Believing that sexuality is indeed fluid has already relieved many of their unhappiness with having to conform with biology.

These days, members of the LGBTQI are more accepted than before. However, the coming out of celebrities in the local showbiz industry is still a very dangerous decision. The stigma is still rampant. Consequently, many celebrities remain in their closets and stay quiet when questions of their sexuality are asked openly.

Meanwhile, the showbiz grapevine is abuzz about a rumored Member of the LGBTQIA Community (MC) reverting to her heterosexual roots. Apparently, MC fell for the charms of Dashing Actor (DA).

Both MC and DA have been with the industry but during the early times of their careers they were not matched as love interests. Also, MC and DA had separate paths that have resulted in their families and kids who tried to stay away from the industry. However, fate has its way of making hearts find their way to each other.

What puzzles friends of MC is that DA has many responsibilities and that MC has many rivals. He never was a one-woman man and this reputation is well-known. Besides, MC was in a long-term relationship and apparently gave her up. What could have made MC fall and agree to be part of his ‘harem’?

Allegedly, MC knows that DA is awashed with cash and assets that are more than enough for his families. So, having her with him will be to her advantage.

‘You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.’ — Roy T. Bennett

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  1. Hala! Hirap! More clues mga classmates­čśâ

  2. Wow ang juicy nito! Wait ako sa mga guesses sana present ang ating mga with high honors!

  3. Could this be L and L?

  4. Hula lang pero not sure.
    M and P

  5. MC - R
    DA - J

    Hay ewan ko sayo gurl. Walking red flag tong si J.

    1. I meant R ang towering Red Flag.

  6. si A ba si girl?

  7. MC seems to be A na isang maganda at magaling na aktres who is known to have a female partner. Di ko knows sino si DA. Could it be J?



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