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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Unexpected Behavior

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Sometime ago when traveling was not restricted and overseas shows were done without much hassle, OFWs managed to see how favorite celebrities behaved towards their fans at the foreign airport.

First Celebrity (FC) was chilling when she was approached if the OFWs could have a photo with her. FC was a highly admired personality because of her hit movies, competent hosting, and amiable attitude on the screen. The group was taken aback as FC stood up and expressed displeasure with her non-verbals. They realized that whatever they thought FC should be was merely a projection.

Meanwhile, Second Celebrity (SC), who was well-loved for his hosting and comedic skills, was hard to pin down. Literally. SC kept moving around to the point that his walking to and fro seemed to show the group he did not want to pose with them. The group was puzzled at SC’s avoidance, as no one wanted to have a photo with him anyway.

Third Celebrity (TC)’s behavior was most unexpected. TC, who is a favorite versatile actor, is known to be aloof, not opinionated, and often shies away from the public. However, he proved to be very different compared to FC and SC. He agreed to have a photo but had one request. The group understood and agreed. TC requested politely and carefully if they could have a group photo instead of individual shots.

Although all three might have the same level of popularity, their attitude towards ordinary Filipinos made the difference as to who is kept in a fan’s heart

‘A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.’ − Wade Boggs

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  1. Clues pa more mga classmates, ang jirap

  2. At least consistent c fc sa mga fans haha kala nmn maganda

  3. FC - M
    SC - J
    TC -A


  4. FC - T SC - L TC - is this J?

  5. natawa ko dun kay SC hahaha

  6. I don’t FC is T, parang wala naman hit movie to. Mas iniisip ko si K, though can’t say kung competent host sya.
    SC - T?
    TC - no idea.

    1. Girl madami naman hit movie si T, hindi lang kasing hit ng kay K

  7. So obviously si SC is not sikat and siguro sinama sa show para pampabuhay kase nga diba host-comedian daw.

    FC - M
    SC- J
    TC - A

  8. Isip ko si TC si P.

  9. FC - T
    SC - L
    TC - D (kaH)

  10. Pakopya po. The hu sila o.kht frm what station

  11. Sometime ago daw sabi ni FP. So siguro before pandemic pa 'to. FC - T SC - J TC -V Out of the country/town show itey.



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