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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Disagreeable Behavior

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Public figures try hard to project an image that keeps them well-liked by the community. The good persona leads to gaining trust, loyalty, and other positive behavior. Inevitably, the popularity of a personality expands to the people often seen with them. Thus, people within the circle are recognized and sometimes share into emulating the endearing behavior of their celebrity friend. Sadly, that is not often the case.

Ordinary people who had to deal with a Showbiz Relation (SR) were shocked the moment they realized her attitude was a far cry from that of Pleasant Personality (PP), who was her showbiz connection. Given that SR was always around PP, her face became familiar to the public.

During past overseas travels, SR would take everything she possibly could from the hotel room where they stayed. The sponsors were shocked as they had to pay for the items. At one point, SR’s luggage seemed heavier than usual and when it was opened, the contents comprised hotel items from the fridge.

Other personal experiences of people SR encountered attested to negative encounters, such as being hard in paying for services rendered and going behind the back of a previously dealt with contractor for beautifying outdoor spots of the house. Worse, the way SR allegedly treated people who provided services was unbelievable. It seemed like SR thought that paying for labor included the right to malign one’s person.

Hiding behind the excuse that she’s not a public figure, SR opted to remain quiet regardless of the fact that her behavior impacted on PP’s reputation.

‘Appearances can be deceiving, but the true colours of your soul remain.’― Angelica Hopes    

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  1. Replies
    1. Ay, baka nga. Kaloka, pati hotel items, hinarbat?! Kala mo walang kinikita eh ano?

  2. The design is very patay gutom. Kung sino man to, makarma ka sana ng bongga.

  3. Naku parang pagnanakaw ang ginagawa niya ha

  4. SR: K
    PP: H

    Si K ba to na nasa team ni H at laging nasa overseas ganap ni H

    1. Kaya inayawan na ni h

    2. I doubt na si K eto. Sobrang layo naman sa personality niya ang pagiging hoarder at buraot. Mukhang si D pa yan.



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