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Monday, January 9, 2023

Kyle Juliano’s Rendition of 'Everything You Do' Gets An Emotionally Moving Music Video!

Kyle Juliano is once again ready to melt his listeners’ hearts with the release of his single “Everything You Do” under Universal Records Philippines.

Produced by Mr. Ito Rapadas, Kyle’s rendition of this 2006 OPM hit song thrives in its swooning beat and rhythm. It showcases his remarkable vocal chops while staying true to the song’s genuinely romantic lyricism. “Everything You Do” proves the avid listeners of the young singer that he can always deliver anthemic tunes if he wants to.

Supporting this release is a romantic music video starring Kyle himself and TikTok content creator Andrea So as his leading lady. 

The four-minute visual is simply a tender depiction of romantic love. Wherever he goes, he feels the presence of the person he loves the most. He’s so madly in love that he sees her face even in the most mundane scenarios. (WATCH HERE)

Kyle Juliano’s numbers on a streaming platform like Spotify has been consistent, with close to half a million monthly listeners. He aims to sustain or even surpass it with this new single. Stream “Everything You Do” right now!


Instagram: @iamkylejuliano
Twitter: @Iamkyle_juliano
TikTok: @iamkylejuliano

Twitter: @universalrec_ph
Instagram: @universalrecordsph
TikTok: @universalrecph

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