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Thursday, October 20, 2022

Daniel Answers: 'Kailan daw mag papakasal si Daniel Padilla?'

Alliance Global Group Inc. (AGI) CEO Kevin Tan plays TV host in latest vlog with Daniel Padilla

"Kailan daw mag papakasal si Daniel Padilla?" was among the intriguing questions thrown by Alliance Global Group Inc. (AGI) CEO Kevin Tan to Daniel Padilla in the former’s latest vlog, which is about to come out very soon.

Based on the teaser shared on Tan’s official Facebook page, Padilla seemed to be at ease and composed in responding to the question, which was also among the questions asked during his most recent interview along with Kathryn Bernardo during their anniversary party.

“11 years is not a joke” was Padilla’s response back then and the upcoming vlog is expected to shed more light on the couple’s plans to tie the knot, if there are any, and when.

The video is also something KathNiel fans can look forward to especially since this is the first time that Padilla is addressing the one question that a lot of them are asking for the longest - if the two stars of the hit Netflix drama 2 Good 2 Be True are taking their onscreen romance to the next level.

Aside from the burning question, Tan was also seen asking Padilla questions about his drunkest moment and the last person he searched for.

Daniel Padilla, Emperador Coffee’s brand ambassador, previously appeared in the first part of Tan’s vlog, where the two were seen playing a fun “Guess the Emperador” drinking game inside the Brandy Museum in Iloilo Business Park. 

Padilla visited the property in Iloilo City for the shoot and a quick tour, which immediately became viral as soon as news and photos of his visit made the rounds in social media.

Mapapa shot puno kaya  si Daniel Padilla? Find out Daniel’s answer and more on Kevin L. Tan’s Official YouTube Channel for part 2 of their Brandy Museum Tour in Iloilo this coming Saturday. 


  1. Sana sila na talaga ang end game pero sa tingin ko d siya seryoso kay Kath. Parang reel lang sila.

    1. napansin ko naman, parang si Kath yung mas clingy. si DJ, wala lang

    2. Inulit mo lang yung comment 8:59! Hahaha Kala ko naman iba yung opinyon mo.

  2. Ang lakas maka marites ng tanong hahaha

  3. He will stay single wala sa aura nya na magsesettle down soon

  4. Mas ok na hindi magsettle down. Padilla yan. Kath isip / takbo pwede pa umalis. Wag patalo sa sunken cost fallacy. Hindi ko sila kilala lol pero I rly don’t see them as endgame. Hindi lang sila makaalis sa isa’t isa because siguro close na families and business relationship na din. A lot is banking on their “relationship”

  5. Me too i don't see them as endgame, parang kino-continue lang nila relationship for business. Pero ang hot, hot at anlakas ng dating talaga ni Daniel. Mwuahh



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