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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Total Disregard

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During the past months, celebrities exerted effort, spent time, risked reputations, and joined rallies to show support for their candidates. From declarations of not receiving any payment to rumors of overwhelming talent fees, celebrities and their followers were polarized. No one was spared from bashing and endless exchanges filled social media. Other celebrities reported losing followers for their stand.  

All the work led to election day when Filipinos trooped to their respective voting centers. As always, voters braved the heat, lined up, and filled their ballots. The difference this time is that voting centers added a waiting area given that only a few voters can be allowed in the voting room. That measure was part of Covid protocols.

Politicians and celebrities were pictured lining up to wait for their turn. The waiting lasted for an hour or longer for many. However, when Popular Celebrity (PC) arrived at the voting center, PC disregarded the line and went ahead of others who had been standing for hours. Most were stunned as PC is highly influential and no one called PC’s attention. People could not believe PC was insensitive and thick-skinned given the attitude of having to be first and way ahead of the masses.  

‘The culture of comfort, which makes us think only of ourselves, makes us insensitive to the cries of other people.’ − Pope Francis
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  1. Sa dami ng sikat na artista ang hirap hulaan ni popular celeb

  2. Si S ata, nakita ko sa YT tapos may mga comments sinisita sya.

  3. Siempre lead by example. Kung yung ibonoto nila ganun ang ginawa, de ganyan din gagawin nila! Tsupii…tabi kayo lahat. Dadaan ang poon!

  4. Baka si T. Sama ugali then and now.



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