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Monday, January 10, 2022

The Reprimand

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Social media is a must for celebrities these days to ensure visibility and reach. Given that fans are all over social media, a celebrity must make sure he/she is actively engaging and maximizing the opportunity to be with them. Others have a social media manager who takes charge of posting as well as reading and replying to comments and direct messages, but other personalities take to the keypad themselves.  

For example, Network Talent (NT) is among the celebrities who have a wide social media reach. Moreover, NT is among the top talents on the station’s list and the recipient of various important projects. His roles are marked and his projects are well-marketed by the management. Like a typical celebrity, NT has his social media accounts for his activities and endorsements. NT is active in his engagement to the delight of his fans. That is the problem.

NT is eager to respond to comments on his social media. One time, NT responded to an insinuating invitation. While NT might have thought his response was nonsense, his management thought otherwise. Allegedly, NT was reprimanded for his reply, which could affect his image as netizens can quickly interpret him and evolve stories based on his words. Thus, the exchange was taken down to prevent NT being branded an unsavory reputation.

‘Mindfulness means being awake. It means knowing what you are doing.’ − Jon Kabat-Zinn

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    1. Wrong ka girl, mahina signal mo😂

  2. Nabasa ko yun! It's D-kah

  3. Medyo papansin ang dating ni NT sa socmed kahit dati pa. Yung mga totoong may talent di kailangan ng mga ganyang gimik

  4. D KaH. Buti nga sa kanya.

  5. It's D, he used to be my crush before he entered showbiz. Sana di na nagpapaka low ng ganito just to prove your stand. Let's talk later baby! Char!

  6. Clues for D ng kaH pls

  7. I read it before it was taken daw lol. Si D nga. Medyo short fuse si Kuya sa mga ganong comments.

  8. Sinong D? Yyng laging nililink kay A? And ano ang post na yun about?

  9. Yung newbie na ggss din sa kah.

  10. Sinong D ng kaH? Dalawa kasi ang D

  11. Si D na laging may kababalaghan with E.

  12. si D na clout chaser din ��



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