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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Moving On

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Circumstances usually dictate the outcome of one’s feelings. The lovestruck can be blinded by the constant companionship of the love interest amidst the walls of confined space. Thus, when Lovestruck Guy (LG) met Cool Female (CF), their togetherness made him feel she was the one.

Prior to meeting LG, CF had her own life path, which paved the way for her to amass followers. She recognized LG’s interest, and the pair eventually gained their own avid fans. Fans subsequently expected a forever and the two ought to end up together for real. That was not the case and the fans were unhappy.

Over time, CF has denied she had done something wrong to sabotage the frail reel relationship she had with LG. LG realized his feelings were real and did what he could for CF. By contrast, CF was not so keen on LG after all and placed him in the friendzone.

Sometime ago, CF had a thing with Male Friend (MF). They went separate ways but met up a few years later. Sparks were apparently rekindled when they did. When fans found out about MF, CF was grilled and labeled a ‘cheater.’ MF was blamed as the reason why CF and LG could not work. LG was the boy who needed sympathy as he was supposedly cheated on.

With a career that is being built in the industry, LG had to accept CF was not into him. LG continues to be linked with other female talents, but he seems to be focusing on establishing a niche in the competitive world of showbiz and far away from the family reputation.

‘One of the happiest moments in life is when you find the courage to let go of what you cannot change.’ − Debbie Peterson

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  1. Replies
    1. parang sila nga.. pero super old tea naman ito kung ganun

    2. Mali ang J & J. Clue for LG - he is establishing a niche in showbiz and far away from the family reputation. Ibig sabihin kilala ang family nung guy. Baka from politics o business ang family ni LG.

  2. Halu! Marites Club members, sino mga etetch?

  3. starlet or big star?

  4. CF is H

    The other two mga boylets ni H, idk sino sino na nga ba

  5. LG - A and CF - M?

  6. K and G And the MF is K

  7. LG - R CF - J MF - P

  8. LG - R
    CF - J
    MF - P
    Ok lang yan LG you will find someone better than CF. Marerealize rin ni CF na mali pinili nya. Based sa track record ni MF d rin magtatagal sila



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