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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Insta Scoop: Gardo Verzosa Hopes to Return to Dancing After Knee Procedure

Image courtesy of Instagram: gardo_verzosa



  1. Trip lang ba nya mag heels at bakla baklaan? Just curious po

  2. Pagaling ka cupcake.

  3. medyo na over na rin kasi ang sayaw nilang paulit-ulit at naka heels

  4. Oa naman mga dance vids nya to be honest. Corny. get well soon gardo!

  5. Ingat brod..kakatuwa mga moves mo..

  6. tanda na cupcake pa tawag eews

    1. 3:17 forever young ka ghorl? Tatanda ka din noh

  7. I had the same problem, because of accidental fall in Dec.2012, that resulted torn meniscus on my left knee. Every time tumatayo ako, eh may tumutunog sa tuhod ko. After my MRI, my orthopedic surgeon, advised me to have an arthroscopic knee surgery. I had the operation last Feb 2013, that took 25 minutes. I'm awake, though I don't feel the pain. I could see from the monitor how my doctor is cutting ang napilas na meniscus around 25 percent. I used crutches for 2 days. Kahit nakakalakad na ko, but I can't climb up and go down the stairs the normal way, umtil 2015. I stopped wearing footwear with heels. I need to maintain my weight, because if you're heavy, the pain will occur on your knees. Yearly I'm having injection of lubricant-fluid-like. Ang meniscus kasi ang dahialn why we could bend, move our knees freely. Sakripisyo talaga.



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