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Sunday, August 8, 2021

Remaining Relevant

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Limited opportunities have made celebrities rethink their status. As weeks pass, many celebrities feel that the lack of exposure might lessen their following. The cliché, ‘Out of sight, out of mind,’ often prevails among local fans and not having a regular show can diminish popularity.

For Reserved Figure (RF), staying relevant became a problem. The pandemic and other issues have lessened her exposure. Unfortunately, networks might not have space for RF given that her skills are not in demand these days. RF subsequently tried her hand at being a content creator, which is the career option for many jobless talents.

RF produced content that had a fair share of viewers. However, RF was not satisfied with the performance. Her content was hardly talked about, and consequently, she was not given much attention by media. RF then turned to Popular Vlogger (PV) for help on gaining more interest.

PV, who made vlogging a successful career, suggested several ideas. RF has to be unique and not imitate what popular vloggers are doing. Viewers can get saturated with similar content and dismiss RF’s work as mere imitation. In addition, PV pointed out that shock value could be injected in content to gain interest. If RF needs to change her image, then she should answer this challenge. For the sake of remaining relevant and staying in the limelight, RF went for the dare and she got what she needed.
‘We cannot change what we are not aware of, and once we are aware, we cannot help but change.’
― Sheryl Sandberg

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  1. PV - A
    RF - no clue. just another cheap artista turned “content creator” kuno.

  2. Si J yung wala na offer kaya vlog na lang

  3. Una kong naisip ay si R. Siya lang naman 'yung trying to be relevant eh.

  4. J & A
    infer umaariba na mga views and subs niya ngayon.



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