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Sunday, August 8, 2021

Not Interested

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The meeting of Withdrawn Personality (WP) and Goal-oriented Talent (GT) is always anticipated and their fans like seeing the two together. Their followers are energized when WP and GT pose for photos or make videos. The chance came when the two were in the same vicinity at the same time.

GT made the effort of contacting WP, but the latter said commitments were taking much time. Then, many friends of GT told her that WP was seen in various places, going clubbing, and hanging out with a Male Friend (MF). Someone even claimed WP was sleeping at MF’s home.

Although MF is close to WP, GT was not too keen on that friendship initially. Time passed and GT accepted that MF will always be with WP and vice-versa. However, GT asked An Intermediary (AI) to schedule bonding time with WP. AI then contacted WP and was shocked at the response.

WP stressed that she was unwinding and wanted to get away for a moment. AI felt WP was not interested in spending time with GT. WP allegedly said that AI should tell GT to return home so their paths would not cross. Instead of telling GT the truth, AI said that WP was just too busy to go out with GT.

‘I am not interested in the past, except as the road to the future.’ − Gianni Versace

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  1. Both girls? Sino kaya?

  2. GT-H
    AI-A or S

  3. H
    A or S not sure kung sino kila A and S.

    1. Sila rin hula ko. Nakaka-sad, from bff to strangers. Si S siguro yung AI, wala na rin sila interaction ni L sa IG e. Si A, matagal na nila hindi nakakasama, pero both active interaction sa IG.

    2. ahh kaya pala hindi na sila naglalike sa pic ng isa't isa. friendship goal pa naman sila. sana maayos pa nila

    3. Clues naman pls

  4. J and N. Kawawang N.



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