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Sunday, June 6, 2021

Unmindful Act

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The production team could only feel disappointment when the announcement of the delay was made. The team was relying on the revenues of the project and the delay would affect the corresponding revenue had the schedule been followed. When the reason for the delay was revealed, most were disappointed as Lead Talent (LT) was highly involved.

During the planning of the project, everyone in the team was reminded to follow strict guidelines to prevent the possibility of contracting the virus. These days, extra precaution is needed as the virus can hit anyone who has yet to be vaccinated and is negligent of protocols.

While everything was set in motion, LT did not realize that his innocent action would unleash a consequence. LT invited A Friend (AF) over for dinner. His Assistant (HA) served dinner and went home afterwards. LT and AF were talking into the evening and HA had no idea as to what transpired when he left the two alone. A few days later, AF informed LT that he had the flu and had a positive swab result. Thus, HA and LT had to quarantine themselves just to make sure they would not spread the virus in case they caught it. The production team was in disbelief that LT was unmindful. Meanwhile, as HA was not privy into LT’s private activities, the buzz is that the producer has theories, which cannot be made public.

‘Every flaw you have or lapse of concentration can cost you a goal, so you have to be on your toes every minute of the game.’ − Edwin van der Sar

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  1. LT - a kah
    AF - t kaf

    happy storm night.

    1. wrong. sunod sunod work ni a. before any work starts need itest so kung nagpositive sya sana si natuloy endorsement shoots and his lockin taping for tv projects.

  2. Replies
    1. 12:19 Wrong ka. Tuloy tuloy ang taping ng show ni A at walang delays. Every day may updates yung production staff sa IG niya ng mga ganap sa tapings nila kasama mga casts.

  3. LT - A
    HA - T ( si A lang naman ang palaging may alalay noh! )

    1. 12:50 Hello?!? Taga bundok ka ba? Halos lahat ng artista lalo pag sikat may mga alalay. Sikat lang rin kasi yung alalay ni A kasi sikat yung amo niya.

  4. LT - A sure na! AF - not sure HA - T

  5. da who ang friend?

  6. I think this is K of KaH



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