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Sunday, June 27, 2021

The Presumptuous Performer

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Presumptuous Performer (PP) overheard the plans for the presentation of a new take on a song of Seasoned Celebrity (SC). The plan was to make Busy Performer (BP) sing the new version. BP and her management approved the idea and were waiting for the final details.

However, PP did not want the opportunity to slip and she went to A Head (AH) in charge of the project. PP told AH she was willing to be the second choice in case BP would not be available. AH replied that Young Singer (YS) was already the second choice, as the new version would fit her image. PP begged AH to try her version and he said he will.

While waiting for the response of BP, PP presented her demo recording. The deadline was nearing and BP sent word that her schedule could no longer fit the plan. YS was told to sing the new version. AH and the team found the version of YS better sounding than that of PP.

The decision was yet to be revealed, but PP already made her moves behind the scenes. She talked to YS and told her to let her have the song. She even said that she had asked permission from SC, who gave her blessing. YS was cornered and PP got her way via her dramatics.

On performance day, SC was surprised that PP was singing the song. SC anticipated YS to be the one performing. The question that was worth pondering was if PP lied and used SC to convince YS.  

‘...even a tiny bit of deceit is dishonorable when it's used for selfish or cowardly reasons. − Mr. Penderwick’ ― Jeanne Birdsall

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  1. Replies
    1. Agree. Na sad ako for Z. Laking opportunity yun eh pero grabeng nag give way sya.

    2. Clue kay Z pls classmates

  2. Z! Sad naman pinalampas nya.

  3. Maldita talaga itong si M.

  4. Never liked PP - M talaga ever since

  5. sinong M ito? Yung older o younger?

  6. BP - S
    PP - M
    SC - R
    YS - Z

  7. Eh diba kahit naman mag yes si YS hindi naman sya ang masusunod kundi management nya? Ano nag yes lang sya nakakanta na agad si PP ng hindi alam ng management? hindi nalaman ni AH?

    1. baka may ginawang fishy si PP

  8. It's a small win for PP but that's all she'll ever have - small wins. She'll never reach the status of R or S, even if personally I think she is the better singer compared to these established ones. Talent opens doors to opportunities but it's the attitude that leads to success.

  9. There's no much clue on this one

  10. what song is this?



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