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Sunday, June 27, 2021

Special Treatment

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To save cost and time, the production staff opted for lock-in taping. From the crew to the involved celebrities, everyone had to endure missing their family, or so they thought. One night, Lead Talent (LT) was seen leaving the compound. The Production Manager (PM) reprimanded the guard, who said that LT had clearance from Higher Up (HU) and was just going to the parked car of Troubled Boyfriend (TB). PM kept quiet when HU was mentioned.

The next night, LT was seen escaping by A Staff (AS). AS then told PM, who said LT was permitted by HU. However, AS was talkative and raised the point that LT might be compromising the health of the production. Besides, the rule must be applied to all. Furthermore, technology was available if LT and TB needed to talk unless they were doing something else in the car. Subsequently, the word spread among the production.

The tension was high and the displeasure among staff and actors reached HU. The guard was called and he said that LT had HU’s blessing. HU denied the claim. HU then talked to LT, who said that TB was undergoing a moment and she needed to be with him. LT was told to undergo a swab test, which turned out negative. She was reminded to stop sneaking out as the shoot would be done soon.

Later, AS found out that LT was not reprimanded. AS was instructed to keep quiet, as LT’s test came out negative anyway. If the story reached the press, social media would be zeroing in on LT and the show. While the staff was disappointed, LT remained stoic and unapologetic for using HU’s name and endangering everyone with her escapades.

‘In life there is always one special person, so special that no matter what that person does to you, you just can't let go.’ − Unknown

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