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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Plausible Source

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While other talents are at a loss on keeping afloat and ensuring a viable financial situation, Hard Worker (HW) seems to be a different case. Her friends have become curious on how HW manages her lifestyle even if she has had limited work opportunities since the pandemic started. Moreover, HW has been exploring options that could enhance her showbiz career.

The standard answer of HW is that she is spending from the savings she accumulated when her assignments were coming one after the other. Still, the friends asked why HW has not been posting about her new purchases on social media. HW answered that she is sensitive to the plight of the majority and posting something about luxury would place her in a bad light.

Her friends, meanwhile, heard about a rumor that they think is a plausible response to their curiosity. Allegedly, HW has Influential Visitor (IV) in her life. When he is around, HW drops everything to entertain him. If HW is on location, she would be excused so she can attend to IV. She and IV would lock themselves in the van. IV is believed to have influenced HW’s pursuit of her possible alternatives out of the entertainment industry. What IV wants, IV achieves and HW is part of speeding up this journey.

‘I have a lot of things to prove to myself. One is that I can live my life fearlessly.’ – Oprah Winfrey

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  1. HW - B
    IV - G

  2. Naku! Mejo mahirap ha? Clue naman mga ka-FP!!!

  3. Wow kakaintriga na namam ito FP. Sadly again row 4 ako huhuhu lagi na lang ah

  4. Replies
    1. Huh may asawa na yun si M e

  5. Sana all. Lol, sino kaya to?

    1. Eeew.. kayo lang, wag kang mandamay.

      Blowing yourself to the top, or to stay afloat, ganoirn?

      I'd rather work my @$$ off and spend based on my paycheck than maintain a lifestyle sa pagiging Magda.

    2. 204 ti nman sinabing may mga asawa sila. 😂 Jusko po ang pagkarighteous nakakaloka. Lol

    3. Haha! Kadiri naman ito. Ganun ka na talaga kapalit ng pera te? Hala.

    4. to each his own 2:04; u only say that coz you have not tasted the finer things in life. who knows, baka naman gusto din ni HW si IV so its a win-win. dont judge what u dont know.

    5. @ jun 16 3:45am Haha! Mahina ata comprehension mo. Sa B.I it’s obviously implying na pineperahan nga yung guy in exhchange of …
      Paka righteous your face. 😂

  6. HW - K of KaH
    IV - M husband of J

  7. Gusto ko din ng sugar daddy hahaha pero pwede bang date date lang ganun lol

  8. Friends ba talaga nya yan??
    “the friends asked why HW has not been posting about her new purchases on social media.”
    So socmed basehan? Dapat isocmed ang mga yaman? Kaloka!

  9. Si E ng Kaf yan



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