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Sunday, June 6, 2021

Drop or Not

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While many talents are scrambling for work, Preferred Talent (PT) uses her non-acting talent and social media platforms to earn for her family. Whenever she is asked how she remains afloat without network projects, PT would answer that she manages with her revenues from her business and shout-outs.

However, times are tough and PT realized she needed another means to earn. A good talent can never be turned down and PT was offered a project. There’s a catch. The producers wanted PT not to gain weight and trimming down a bit was better. The role required a certain look and TV usually adds more weight on screen. PT agreed and subsequently asked for initial payment.

A few weeks later, the producers called for a meeting as the project was about to start rolling. They were shocked, as PT no longer looked the part. She was advised to get in shape according to the role that was offered if she did not want to be replaced. PT said that the time given to her was insufficient given the circumstances. The producers were very disappointed and aggravated as PT had no plans of returning her advance pay. Now, the production is mulling that PT might suddenly exhibit an attitude in the middle of production if they continue the project with her.  

‘Think logically, and you have a chance to solve a problem. Reacting emotionally to it prolongs and worsens your dilemma.’ ― Stewart Stafford

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  1. si B ba to? help naman

    1. Pumayat si B, i dont think xa to

  2. A kaH. Happy June day!

  3. Help classmates ang girrafe row four ata ako ngayon 🤣

  4. malabonh si M ito, in shape naman sya

  5. Is this B of KaH

  6. Who gained weight lately?

  7. K. Yung big K not the small K hahahah

  8. starlet ba ito? naku sino naman kaya yan? o baka elderly na?

  9. Mukhang si M ito na walang ambag sa t.

  10. Ahhhh si C ito kaya pala nawala sya sa project. hahahahaha Di na ako nag taka na di binalik ang downpayment.

    - Baklang manicurista



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