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Sunday, March 7, 2021

The Threat

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Enraged Actor (EA) used to benefit from hanging around Influential Personality (IP). Aside from showbiz commitments, EA allegedly earned much from IP. Although EA has kept a low profile, observers have been quick to react to his having a beautiful house and other material stuff. They felt that EA’s career might not have been lucrative enough to support his present assets.

Times were happy with IP until Hunk Talent (HT) asked EA for help. HT wanted to get into business and IP had the contacts for the introductions. EA helped HT and thus began HT seeing IP often. IP invited HT frequently, while invitations to EA lessened. Then, EA was told to focus on his family rather than hang around with IP.

Later on, EA found out that his work with IP was taken over by HT. EA could not confront HT or IP. Worse, EA’s benefits from IP were cut; after all, every task he did was based on the discretion of IP. Meanwhile, HT has been reaping what could have EA’s. EA suspected HT might have said something against him that made IP drop him.

With HT beaming with his finances despite having no projects, Close Relation (CR) asked what he was doing. HT said he was working with IP and benefitting from his contacts. CR, who is feeling the effects of the pandemic, asked HT if he could also be introduced to IP. CR needed work, as the pandemic has displaced a lot of people. HT responded negatively and gave the excuse that IP wants to keep his relationship with HT private. Thus, if CR needed financial help, he’ll make sure he gets it. Perhaps, HT felt that CR might do what he did to EA once introductions are made to IP.

‘Those who are made can be unmade.’ ― Hilary Mantel

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  1. Replies
    1. 1:10 AM resident basher of X, ang layo sa clues...gamitin din ang utak. if u don’t use it, you’ll loose it

  2. EA is A
    HT is D

    Both KaH

    1. 2:11 Puro ka A wala ka na ibang alam sabihin. Paano naging si A yan eh sobrang yaman na nun ngayon siya pa nga inuutangan ng friends niya?! Siya rin pinaka maraming trabaho sa lahat ng artista even during pandemic.

    2. Etong si Anon 2:11 obsessed kay A ! Araw araw sa BI yan kino- comment nya lagi si A! Hater na hater ang peg!

    3. hindi si A yan. ang dami nyang projects like tv shows, endorsements at movies so madami syang source of income na pinagtrabahuhan nya ng matino.

  3. Kawawa naman si IP sa mga manggagamit na yan



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