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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Stop It

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Intriguing Personality (IP) seems to be creating controversy and the family of the people of her narratives are not liking her actions. Over the years, IP has gained many followers due to her merit and added more when she was given various actors as partners. Her followers have remained loyal and typical of showbiz personalities, IP has her share of bashers.

The ups and downs of having stayed in the industry have not dampened the spirit of IP as far as her career is concerned. She continues to bounce back, which her followers look forward to. Any project with IP answers the need for good acting, which is hard to find these days.

However, IP can stir up the past whenever she talks about significant persons in her life. When the family of one of these personalities saw her social media, A Kin (AK) could not resist but to give IP a call. AK requested IP to let go of the past and move on already. Then, AK reminded IP of her not so good influence. IP replied that AK and the rest do not know anything at all. AK was shocked as they had pleasant experiences together. The response of IP was uncalled for, and arguing was useless. After all, no one has control over another’s actions. Hence, AK could only think that IP might still be bothered by her past and her conscience might be trying to appease the present.

‘When people are rude to us, even if we didn't do them any harm, we may feel awful, but we must try to not let our awfulness create hatred in us towards them, because once we give in to hate, it won't stop there.’ ― Abhijit Naskar  

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