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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Lesson in Humility

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During the peak of her career, Humbled Talent (HT) slowly eased out the activities of her humble beginnings. For instance, her visits to the local market became infrequent. As she became a familiar face, her rare visits were welcomed by the sellers. They asked her for selfies and HT indulged them. However, those moments came with remarks. HT complained about the hot temperature and told sellers to have a bath as they already smelled unpleasant. The stench of the market became an issue to her and someone overheard her saying that she will never shop there again. Whether she was kidding during those moments, no one cared as HT was a celebrity.

Years later, the pandemic struck and HT was not spared. Competing for jobs was hard, as new and young talents emerged. Moreover, management prioritized their talents over unsigned ones. HT had to face reality that jobs will not come to her on a silver platter. The current situation was not a time for complacency and waiting. HT was resilient and lived up to her family responsibility as a provider. Allegedly, HT had to sell some of her assets to be liquid and have cash to spend.

Prioritizing wise spending, HT skipped trips to the mall for groceries and returned to the market she once vowed never to return to. Her old sellers were still around and the same excitement prevailed when they saw her. Instead of commenting about their hygiene while taking photos with her, HT asked for discounts. The sellers obliged, as HT was a customer of long ago. However, they still remembered her comments then. One time, a seller laughed while watching a video of HT claiming getting the best products from the mall. The seller knew where HT bought them.

‘The principles of living greatly include the capacity to face trouble with courage, disappointment with cheerfulness, and trial with humility.’ − Thomas S. Monson

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  1. P
    walang permanent network now

  2. kaya it always pays to be humble

  3. A- kaF... very vocal. kumikita ang media sa kanya.

  4. The vendors were and probably still are wealthier than her.

  5. 1:22am lagi ka na lang M may galit ka? Marunong ka bang umintindi? Basahin mo paulit ulit ng maintindihan mo gg.

  6. As a fan of N, the clues definitely fit her. I don't know kung sya talaga tho.



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