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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Awkward Silence

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Virtual connections strengthen relationships by providing creative means of communication. These days, family and friends who live far away can join gatherings via the web. Longing to see other people is, at the very least, eased by such means.

One time, Young Man (YM) was invited to join His Friend (HF), Older Woman (OW), Older Man (OM), and Male Colleague (MC) in a virtual dinner. YM had other commitments that prevented him from being physically present then. YM put on his best and impressed OW and OM. MC noticed that YM seemed to be interested in HF and started the teasing. OW said that YM is not doing anything wrong as he’s just going through the usual life process in case he is indeed interested in HF.

Meanwhile, HF said that YM makes sense during conversations and he seems nice. The laughter and teasing continued until MC said something spontaneous. MC said HF should be careful, as she might end up choosing someone in the closet. HF was speechless. MC realized his lack of tact and profusely apologized. The moment was awkward, but OW broke the ice by saying that had it not been for that realization, none of them would be around. OM added words of support and the dinner went on.

MC continued to apologize even after dinner. Other people in the venue overheard the conversations that transpired and they could not help but laugh.

‘If you choose your words as you choose your shoes then they would always be soft, comforting, supportive, and would always fit the occasion.’ ― Wyatt Allen

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  1. Replies
    1. Haha kahit di connect basta si A parati guess mo 1:01 Kudos to you!

  2. ym- d
    yung kunyaring jowa ni b. lels

  3. YM: D HF: C OW: C OM: Z MC: M

    1. perpek ka bes pers onor ahahah

    2. Waaa, na gets ko na except si MC. Clues pa please Kay "M"

    3. Ok... pero sino si M?



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