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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Generous Hearts

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As celebrities utilize the services of many hotels, they have developed relationships with staff to make their transactions smooth and free-from red tape. When Popular Celebrity (PC) needs a room, she usually gets one of the most expensive and receives VIP treatment. PC would just inform Staff Friend (SF) that she wants the room for the night and SF will make sure of its availability. From the parking area, PC would receive the key, take the elevator, and go straight to the room. She can skip the checking-in routine, thanks to SF. 

Usually PC bonds with her female friends, but there are times when male visitors come. Such moments occur when PC arrives near midnight and leaves before sunrise. After an hour of her arrival, Male Celebrity (MC) would arrive wearing shades, jacket, and cap. MC does not want to be recognized and thus, the disguise. One time, Actor Politician (AP) arrived, but unlike MC, AP was not into disguises. Besides, AP arrives earlier and leaves later than PC. To ensure her secrets are kept, PC leaves a large tip for SF and the rest of the staff. 

Like PC, Unwavering Talent (UT) has his secrets that SF knows as well. UT often brings His Partner (HP) to enjoy the privacy and facilities. When UT is alone, female and male visitors come over. The staff is not surprised when females ask for UT’s room. However, one time, Buffed Male (BM) visited UT. SF wondered why BM would come over to UT’s room, but that was not his business anymore. 
After a significant event, UT asked SF for a room, as booking rooms were becoming difficult due to pandemic protocols. SF did his best and reserved a room for UT. SF thought UT needed the room for HP, but was amused when he saw a man following UT and HP was nowhere in sight. 

However, the pandemic has hit the hospitality industry hard and many hotel staff have shifted to other areas of work or remained jobless. When PC and UT found out that SF’s workplace was implementing measures that had displaced him, he was assured that they and other celebrity friends would help him get by. Of course, SF’s lips will remain sealed and the secrets of PC, UT, and other patrons will not be spilled in detail. PC has given a generous cash gift, while UT still has to make good his promise to SF.
‘When you are entrusted with a secret, you become irrevocably accountable for what you do or don't do after your mind is colored by the knowledge of it.’ - Joyce Rachelle

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  1. K & X
    A & D

    Tologan na mga beshys

    1. 2:05 AM di ka ba nag iisip? ang layo maging K & X yan noh.

  2. ang swerte ni sf!!

    1. SF gets the job done kaya he is rewarded. The who kaya ang AP?

    2. Ang babaw mo naman. Paano naging swerte yun ginagamit niya lang yun.

  3. Sana all SF! Hahaha

  4. Magandang pang-tide over yan, paging hotel chains! I-hire nyo si SF para may instant clientele na kayo, charot!

    Anjirap naman ng quiz, pwede po bang more clues?

  5. Are they entertaining friends or plainly entertaining.



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