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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Snitch and Consequence

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During a party after the end of their lockdown for a project, Cast Member 1, 2, and 3 (CM1, CM2, and CM3) along with the production staff played a round of Truth or Consequence. As alcohol and food overflowed, the talents loosened up and the intriguing questions started.

Predictably, the questions focused on sexuality. CM1 was asked if he was turned on at any time during his intimate scenes. CM1 said he was not. The partygoers did not accept his answer and he was given a consequence. He was told to kiss CM2 on the lips. As CM1 was game, he obeyed the instruction. Meanwhile, CM3 was drinking at a corner, observing what was happening.

Soon, almost everyone retreated to their rooms. CM1, CM2, and CM3 and a few others stayed on and continued drinking. From out of the blue, CM3 kissed CM2 on the lips. The actions stunned the onlookers, who laughed after a few seconds. CM2 was shocked and asked CM3 why he did that. CM3 said he did it for fun, like CM1. Teasing started and CM3 was kidded into admitting he had a thing for CM2. CM3 replied he kissed without malice and he just really wanted to try to kiss a boy.

Drunk and all, CM2 took the response as an insult. He did not want to be known as someone who will entertain fellow males beyond the roles assigned to him in projects. CM2 felt he was taken advantage during the stunt of CM3.

Come morning, the effects of alcohol waned. CM3 immediately apologized to CM2. CM2 accepted the apology. CM2 and CM3 were okay and placed the incident behind them. However, CM1 was not fine with the incident. CM1 told a Production Head (PH). PH called and reprimanded CM3 for his antics. PH said that if what he did reached the media, his being groomed to be a leading man and partnered with a female talent might be affected.

CM3 subsequently confronted CM1 and questioned why he had to snitch despite everything was already resolved. CM3’s handler got into the picture later and said a piece to the talent. As a result, CM3 will miss out related events for the project.  

‘When you choose an action, you choose the consequences of that action.’ ― Lois McMaster Bujold

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  1. CM1 = R
    CM2 = K
    CM3 = E

    hula lang naman dont worry

  2. A, D, T. Sleep night.

  3. CM1-T CM2-J CM3-P

    Kung okay naman pala yung dalawa bakit kailangan pa ichuchu ni CM1 yun e hindi naman na nya business yun. Kaya pala echapwera si CM3 sa lahat ng event nila kahit sa mga interview di sya minemention.

    1. Because it’s the right thing to do?

    2. Nagselos si CM1

    3. Dahil 2021 na at hindi na dapat tinotolerate yung ganyang bigla na lang manghahalik

    4. May consent kasi yung kiss between cm1 and 2, yung kay 3 wala. Still, si cm2 dapat magdecide kung gusto nya isumbong yung nangyare or hindi

  4. CM3 is really in the wrong here. Dapat talaga may financial consequences yan. What he did to CM2 is sexual assault. Di porquet lalake yan, may pa simple na kayo.

  5. Ay buti di tinorture or hinarass si CM3.

  6. CM1 - T
    CM2 - M
    CM3 - J

  7. CM1 - J CM2 - T CM3 - P

  8. Hays mga clositang beks!! Kaloka. 😂

  9. T, J and P. Kahit sino sa 3 na yan pwede nila akong halikan. Choosy pa ba si vetla?

  10. The only person on the wrong here CM3. I think CM1 is just protecting CM2. Masmagandang ngayon palang alam na ni CM1 to respect boundaries.

  11. kaya ba wala na sa promo nito si cm3? i thought sa ibang project siya nagkalat

  12. Points to discuss:
    CM3 is either curious and took advantage while under influence of alcohol, or closeted and was envious. CM2 has the right to be angry but with how CM2 has already forgiven CM3, CM1 should have not intervened. CM1 should understand how one could be potentially fluid or curious with the same sex.



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